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Easy Sudoku for 19/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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And a to all.
19/Jul/16 12:00 AM
Busy making out a lecture for my Fall class.
19/Jul/16 12:20 AM
Good morning.
19/Jul/16 12:29 AM
Woke up at 23.58, but decided there wasn't enough time to get out of bed and race for FPOTD.
19/Jul/16 12:31 AM
I have nothing to add to the conversation this morning so I'll leave and see you later.
19/Jul/16 12:33 AM
Quiet this am!
19/Jul/16 12:36 AM
Angelic photo. Wish I could sleep like that (and look so cute doing it ...)
19/Jul/16 2:03 AM
19/Jul/16 2:43 AM
Woohoo!!! Got my fav number post!!!
19/Jul/16 2:43 AM
Sweet photo! She looks so peaceful and content.
19/Jul/16 3:31 AM
We can get the parents page again today. Missed two lovely photos of my grand daughter the last couple of days.
19/Jul/16 3:47 AM
My sister came for dinner last night and brought a nice bottle of wine. I had a glass and now I wish I had not indulged.
19/Jul/16 3:52 AM
Good morning everyone, slow puzzle today for some reason, 2:06.
19/Jul/16 6:26 AM
Good afternoon to all! Very slow on the site today. Where is everybody hiding?
19/Jul/16 6:29 AM
Think I will travel the site today - between books and the new one is not to my liking. Finished ' memoir of an imaginary friend'. Fast read with a different outlook.
19/Jul/16 6:31 AM
I remember that my 'horse' wasn't put up in our garage during a storm and my Dad had to go out and hitch her up for me. I remember he just walked out and I directed him to where was my horse was standing. He got wet
19/Jul/16 6:34 AM
Morning all, sweet baby girl.
Going to the shops early to miss the rush.
19/Jul/16 6:41 AM
Sleeping Beauty
19/Jul/16 7:32 AM

1. abundant: a fish orchestra (tuna band)
2. benefit: a monetary punishment for gambling (bet fine)
3. pleasure: gorilla laws (ape rules)
4. constable: regal felines (noble cats)
5. poltergeist: troll drool (ogre spittle
19/Jul/16 7:42 AM
Happy Monday!
19/Jul/16 7:43 AM

If you purchased some games (costing a total of £27.80) plus 32 cans of cola, 88 postcards and a large amount of 12p sweets, why would your suspicions be justified if the total cost was £64.78?

Answers to my ‘’shopping’’ inbox please.
19/Jul/16 8:03 AM
19/Jul/16 8:03 AM
My stepsister is almost on her way home. Her plane is delayed but she is at the airport.
19/Jul/16 8:04 AM
The site seems well and truly broken.
19/Jul/16 9:57 PM
Over 12 hours since the last post.
19/Jul/16 9:58 PM
I'd attempt Serena's puzzle nut my brain isn't up to the maths.
19/Jul/16 9:59 PM
BUT my brain - or but my nut - isn't up to the maths.
19/Jul/16 10:01 PM
19/Jul/16 10:02 PM
MathS isn't a typo - it's what we say in Australia instead of math.
19/Jul/16 10:03 PM
Hi Meg. I'm off to bed. Cya.
19/Jul/16 10:03 PM
Night CP
19/Jul/16 11:49 PM
G'day all.
19/Jul/16 11:58 PM
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