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Easy Sudoku for 20/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day all.
20/Jul/16 12:00 AM
Just took my wife downtown to the courthouse for her Jury Duty.
She hopes she won’t be picked for a jury and can come home soon.
20/Jul/16 12:01 AM
Quickly this morning....poozle time!

Fill in the answers to the clues using the syllables at the top. All the syllables will be used, and used only once. The number of syllables in each answer is in parentheses.
20/Jul/16 12:24 AM
20/Jul/16 1:26 AM
I showed up for jury duty one year and was placed in a group for selection. One lawyer kept asking me what my feelings for the police force was and I answered that for almost thirty years I've taught my students to respect the police officers and that they were there for our protection. Then he More...
20/Jul/16 1:30 AM
Another time when we were told that the trial would have an possible execution, I panicked. I didn't know if I could sentence someone to death. So I wrote a letter to the judge stating my feelings and please put me back into the jury room for another trial because I wanted to fulfill my constitutional responsibility. He excused me for the year.
20/Jul/16 1:34 AM
What a wonderful face.
20/Jul/16 1:35 AM
Another time when the lawyers asked what my profession was. I told them I was a teacher and if it was legal to take notes to help me make a fair judgement during the trial because I didn't want to go by emotional reasoning. They excused me.
20/Jul/16 1:36 AM
Oh thank you, Keith! You pushed me into my fav number post!!!
20/Jul/16 1:37 AM
I've been a lifelong member of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Since many offenses involve alcohol or drugs, I have been quickly excused from most but not all juries.
20/Jul/16 2:01 AM
I have completed the answers to Kathy's puzzle. I must remember to send them in later when I have had some more sleep.
20/Jul/16 2:18 AM
Good morning.
20/Jul/16 2:39 AM
Typical. I get up just as June goes back to bed.
20/Jul/16 2:40 AM
Today might be a non-appointment day - yay!
20/Jul/16 2:41 AM
It's raining outside. Just as well the clothes came in off the solar dryer last evening.
20/Jul/16 2:43 AM
And rain means there is not a frost, so I don't have the heating on at this stage.
20/Jul/16 2:44 AM
Love the baby lamb!

I've never been called for jury duty, but wouldn't mind the experience. Rumour is that around here, they never pick people who are in the education profession, so as a former teacher, I may never get chosen. Go figure.
20/Jul/16 3:17 AM
What happened to the Tough Sudoku
20/Jul/16 3:19 AM
Good maen from beautiful Portland, Oregon!
20/Jul/16 3:41 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice day with no humidity for a change here in Ottawa.
20/Jul/16 4:09 AM
Cute lamb Sandra!
20/Jul/16 4:10 AM
A beavertail for Keith.
20/Jul/16 4:11 AM
Hoping that Lizzy and Graham are back safely and have started to adjust their body clocks.
20/Jul/16 4:12 AM
20/Jul/16 4:12 AM
Lovely lady with a cute lamb.
20/Jul/16 4:21 AM
Happy Tuesday!
20/Jul/16 5:16 AM
I was on a Grand Jury - every Tuesday for 3 months - job sure hated that - it was interesting.
20/Jul/16 5:58 AM
Had X ray of my hip today - slight shift noted - not what we wanted but still okay - go again in 2 weeks - so hoping for proper healing - worst case scenario- total hip.

If you do prayers - please think of me - thank yoy
20/Jul/16 6:01 AM
Off to the next round 🏄🏼
20/Jul/16 6:02 AM
1:42 this morning. Hi everyone.
20/Jul/16 6:15 AM
All the best with it mymare. I hope you get the result you need soon.
20/Jul/16 7:24 AM
Good morning every one.
20/Jul/16 7:25 AM
I've never done jury duty, but wouldn't mind having a crack at it.
20/Jul/16 7:25 AM
Enjoy you day folks. Off to town with a loooong list.
20/Jul/16 7:26 AM
Morning all, cute lamb Sandra has.
Had to throw the blanket off the bed last night, the rain has taken the chill out of the air.
20/Jul/16 7:26 AM
I got selected once, but the trial fell apart when the key witness was a no show.

Parent's Page works again. Thx Gath.
20/Jul/16 7:32 AM
Turns out my wife was not even sent to possibly serve on a jury since enough people showed up that she was not needed. I got her by noon!
20/Jul/16 8:04 AM
Now imagine if her name was Mary.
20/Jul/16 8:43 AM
Am I going to make it???
20/Jul/16 8:49 AM
20/Jul/16 8:49 AM
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