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Easy Sudoku for 19/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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19/Aug/15 12:07 AM
19/Aug/15 12:07 AM
As this is my first puzzle I will try to make sure the instructions are clear. Thanks to Kathy of Maryland for giving up her spot and for her assistance.
I have taken the name of ten animals with six letters in their names and divided into three lots of two letters. I have then randomly More...
19/Aug/15 12:11 AM
Morning Keith. I hope all is well in California. Long way to go to the magic number. Our not so magic number today is minus 4 degrees C.
19/Aug/15 12:16 AM
I got the first one with no hints.
19/Aug/15 12:23 AM
Phantom got LPOTD yesterday. Is the ghost who walks an early poster from the Western Hemisphere or a late poster from the Eastern?
19/Aug/15 12:24 AM
Well done Keith. Only nine to go!
19/Aug/15 12:26 AM
I am confused, I thought you were referring to the puzzle, I now realise it was the first post you were referring to. But I'm sure you'll get all ten if you try. Back to sleep. Zzzzzzz
19/Aug/15 12:33 AM
Bean - I sent you a P.M.
19/Aug/15 12:35 AM
''Weight Watchers'' pills. They 'brand' them with a ''W'' on each pill.
19/Aug/15 12:42 AM
Doesn't make me hungry. Could be because I just ate.
19/Aug/15 12:55 AM

Minimum - 7 matches
Maximum - 9 matches
Bonus: Minimum – 4 matches, Maximum – 9 matches

I'm borrowing lonewoof's explanation.

11 sets would be 33 cards. Four are missing. So you could have 2 sets with 2 card missing More...
19/Aug/15 12:59 AM
After more cleaning. I'm now up to 34 cards. Not nearly as fun of a puzzle. Psychic question, which 2 am I missing?
19/Aug/15 1:01 AM
You were right the first time.
19/Aug/15 1:14 AM
Good morning.
19/Aug/15 1:15 AM
Seems Wombat went to bed just as I got up.
19/Aug/15 1:18 AM
Not into the minuses yet - it is 2 segrees C.
19/Aug/15 1:20 AM
Time I went back to bed.
19/Aug/15 1:21 AM
Keith, want to race or do you prefer to gallump?
19/Aug/15 1:23 AM
Having helped Keith along to his favourite number.
19/Aug/15 1:23 AM
Or maybe I'll just see if he's around.
19/Aug/15 1:24 AM
19/Aug/15 1:25 AM
19/Aug/15 1:25 AM
19/Aug/15 1:25 AM
CP got it. A race but with the wrong person.
19/Aug/15 1:25 AM
A fun puzzle from Wombat! Give it a try, folks. As some can attest, it's a lot of work making these up. Wombat!
19/Aug/15 1:42 AM
all. Fortunately I had some M&Ms handy. Red, white and blue ones... must have got them for Fourth of July, 2014.
19/Aug/15 1:43 AM
I love having Phantom back! Perfect LPOTD!
19/Aug/15 1:45 AM
I think Keith was talking about your puzzle, Wombat.
19/Aug/15 1:46 AM

An actual race and I wasn't there.
19/Aug/15 2:17 AM
, y'all! Successful Girl Scout get-together last night at Starbucks. It's going to be a laid back year, some work, some service, but less stress and more fun. Already planning a game night with no purpose whatsoever besides fun!
19/Aug/15 2:22 AM
Answers to the 2-for-1 Summer Wrap-Up and Start-Up Logic puzzles:

Greg – 2 kids – Cynthia’s brother – salmon
Ralph – no kids – Mark’s brother – watermelon
Sara – 1 kid – Cynthia’s sister – cookies
Wanda – 3 kiddos – Mark’s sister – potato salad
19/Aug/15 2:27 AM
I tell ya... with the dateline currently at 10am EST stateside and this thing called a 'job', there are days it's difficult for me to get here. Easy solution is to quit work , but not practical.
19/Aug/15 2:31 AM
to all.
19/Aug/15 3:09 AM
Wombat great poozle.
19/Aug/15 3:10 AM
A rainy day here, we sure can use the wet.
19/Aug/15 3:11 AM
have done all the domestic stuff this morning, now time for reading.
19/Aug/15 3:13 AM
Here is my
19/Aug/15 3:13 AM
I have just spent the last hour helping hubby change a burnt out bulb in his truck's break light.
Pretty straight forward, except we were in the sun and it's 95° out there! Blech. I am off to take a shower!
19/Aug/15 3:19 AM
19/Aug/15 3:36 AM
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