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Easy Sudoku for 20/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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and maybe the first?
20/Aug/15 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
20/Aug/15 12:00 AM
Good Maen!
20/Aug/15 12:00 AM
20/Aug/15 12:00 AM

Now for manners.

fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world, and if not may it be on the improve soon (especially poor Greg!)
20/Aug/15 12:01 AM
That was fun.
20/Aug/15 12:01 AM
Guess I spent too much time getting LPOTD?
20/Aug/15 12:03 AM
It's a sunny summertime day ere!
Have a great day wherever you are!
20/Aug/15 12:03 AM
Only 5 days to go before the school will accept my darlings back. Will I survive till then, is the question.
Our friend, Jill, children returned today and I have not heard from her. I am fearing for her life at the moment. Scared her darlings may have rebelled and tied her up and stuffed her in the closet.
Then again she maybe out partying.
20/Aug/15 12:05 AM
I was reminded again yesterday why it is a rarity to take both my girls out in public alone. Oh, getting our hair done was a pleasant experience, but then shoe shopping happened. ACK! I fear for my future. One child could not get enough shoes and the other took forever to decide on one pair. We More...
20/Aug/15 12:10 AM
Good morning looking for more today.
20/Aug/15 12:11 AM
Oh, dedicated to our dear friend.
20/Aug/15 12:11 AM
I had to hunt for the bee.
20/Aug/15 12:15 AM
A lovely summer photo. Almost September here but not the season for sunflowers.
20/Aug/15 12:15 AM

I always had mixed feelings when school started. I liked the more relaxed life during summer vacation, but I was happy go get back to doing what I wanted to do during the day. I guess it helped that I wasn't juggling a job outside the home.
20/Aug/15 12:16 AM
Happy day to all, and hoping the sunflower brings good cheer to those who need it.
20/Aug/15 12:16 AM
Our first two stops were really not that bad. But then the third stop. Girls were excited since I dragged them out of the house without feeding them in the morning and it was now midafternoon. I had 5 things on my list and only had to get three, since Man picked up some items earlier in the week. More...
20/Aug/15 12:18 AM
Yes, Kathy it is a mixed feeling time. Love my girls and having them around, or maybe it is that the alarm does not have to sound off, but also cannot wait to shove them out the door.
20/Aug/15 12:20 AM
Poozle time!

Which word is the odd one out:


Answers to my ''At seventy you don't brawl'' inbox, please.
20/Aug/15 12:20 AM
WOW! A four way race for FPOD. Is that a record?
20/Aug/15 12:21 AM
The plan today was to go down to the community pool for the day. Nothing like swimming in a community pool.
But MIL has called and is going to take them to the swimming park. Nothing like swimming in water park.
So guess, we will start labeling school supplies and one girl wants to prepare cookies.
20/Aug/15 12:22 AM
But first.
Good morning dear.
20/Aug/15 12:22 AM
Going to meet the new doctor today. Hope I like him better than the last one. This makes 3 doctors in one year. No, it's not me, the last 2 have quit.
20/Aug/15 12:28 AM
That is one sunflower!!!

Its still winter here for another 11 days but I saw our first lot of native ducklings waddling along with Mum and Dad ducks last week, the weather sure has gone mad
20/Aug/15 12:37 AM
Wow! Before the first hour is over, it's gone. I might have suspected who ...
20/Aug/15 12:43 AM

Just wait till next week darling and I have 7 to 8 hours all to myself.
20/Aug/15 12:50 AM
On yesterday's topic. Studies show that chocolate is a food group. It comes from a plant and is a bean, so therefore a vegetable.
20/Aug/15 12:51 AM

I cant let Karen take all the blame Keith
20/Aug/15 12:54 AM

This lively banter sure beats sitting on the first page for 5 or 6 hours as is sometimes the case...
20/Aug/15 12:58 AM
20/Aug/15 2:16 AM
20/Aug/15 2:28 AM
Wish you could have seen hubby's face when I told him I had signed the both of us up for Prime of Life Yoga classes! Just the other day I was extolling and demonstrating the different exercises we do and told him I think these exercises would help his back. He said he wouldn't mind joining me in classes. I remembered, he sort of. giggle!
20/Aug/15 2:31 AM
Gorgeous Sunflower, and the bee just makes it better.
20/Aug/15 2:53 AM
, y'all! I too had to hunt for the bee. Goes to show you just how big the flower itself is.
20/Aug/15 3:09 AM

Good for you Shosho, now to get him to attend those yoga classes!
20/Aug/15 3:10 AM
So... I wonder if it'll be possible for the same poozler to get both the LPOTD (previous day) and the FPOTD (current day) *if* there are two or more poozlers duking it out?
20/Aug/15 3:13 AM
First day back to school for Silverteen - 11th grade now. She had a study hall scheduled for her second class in this first semester (she has a required course second semester not offered in the first), but she texts: 'I am DEFINITELY switching study hall to be a Teacher Assistant for (Mrs.P). The More...
20/Aug/15 3:15 AM
So music with headphones isn’t allowed in study hall, but nothing is done about the talking. Ain’t gonna be a whole lot of studying getting done.
20/Aug/15 3:16 AM
If S'Teen hits a roadblock in getting switched to being an assistant to her Journalism teacher, I'll go to bat. The way I see it is if she’s in study hall, she should be able to study, and if she CAN’T study because of talking, I don’t see the point in having her in there at all.
20/Aug/15 3:17 AM
BOPP and CP....
20/Aug/15 3:17 AM
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