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Easy Sudoku for 2/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everybody!
02/Oct/16 12:00 AM
Busy marking tests left over from being away on the nice trip. We had unusually good weather everywhere!
02/Oct/16 12:02 AM
Hi Wolf!
02/Oct/16 12:05 AM
02/Oct/16 1:03 AM
I have used a ''sun'' smilie just so I can see some sunshine. We have had rain for so long I've forgotten what sunshine looks like.

Note to self: When printing out Wombat's puzzle, be sure to include ALL the clues. I left off the last clue and have spent most of the morning tearing my hair out.
02/Oct/16 1:31 AM
I am going to take a couple aspirin and go fix lunch now.
02/Oct/16 1:32 AM
02/Oct/16 3:02 AM
02/Oct/16 3:02 AM
my little granddaughter, Rain, showed up about 8AM!!! (darn son sent a picture of the placenta and said, 'It's a blob!') And grandson and I were out having breakfast!
02/Oct/16 3:04 AM
Wonderful news Shosho. You will enjoy having a special little grand daughter.
02/Oct/16 4:06 AM
Morning all, we don't have to guess where this wedding photo was taken.
Congratulations Shosho , a granddaughter for you to treasure.
02/Oct/16 4:22 AM
Good afternoon to all! That's a nice photo for that couple to have for great memories!
02/Oct/16 5:24 AM
Lovely wedding photo! Congratulations to the bride and groom.
02/Oct/16 5:48 AM
to you and your family, Shosho!
02/Oct/16 6:16 AM
Happy Saturday!
Congrats Sharon and family on Granddaughter #1 Rain!
Looking forward to photos on TOS...
02/Oct/16 6:23 AM
We are home
Had a great time with the boys, the little one did not want us to leave.
02/Oct/16 6:29 AM
I was a bad girl, got me a box of these.
02/Oct/16 6:30 AM
Sharon & family, nice to have a granddaughter.
02/Oct/16 6:38 AM
I have nearly finished unpacking always seem to bring back more than I took.
02/Oct/16 6:39 AM
02/Oct/16 6:40 AM
...looks around to see if Keith is around...
02/Oct/16 6:42 AM
HAPPY 22!!!
02/Oct/16 6:42 AM
Just got back from watching Sheep dog trials. Fun.
02/Oct/16 7:12 AM
... A half hour too late.
02/Oct/16 7:13 AM
1:50. Good morning all. After miserable weather here for a few days we're going to have a cracker of a day today, the Bureau's predicting 20°C, which is fantastic - both bands I'm a part of will be playing at Floriade today so hopefully that'll mean we have good crowds to listen!
02/Oct/16 7:40 AM
I was hoping to get down to floriade this year but unfortunately we cannot make it.
02/Oct/16 8:22 AM
🌦did get up and out of the house between rain showers- had a coupon that expired today - got a free bundt cake - white chocolate raspberry
02/Oct/16 8:43 AM
Treadmill day today and weight lifting - if only my patients were under 25 lbs
02/Oct/16 8:44 AM
Posting on medium and it books me here - tossing my thoughts and comments up in the air
02/Oct/16 9:00 AM
Today's puzzle is a H*M*PHONE puzzle. If I was to replace the *s with O, the censor would reject it. These 10 groups of words or phrases consist of A. a word or phrase, B. a synonym of A., C. a h*m*phone of B. and D. a synonym of C. For example:
A. COMPLETE........B. WHOLE.........C. More...
02/Oct/16 10:30 AM
IT's the first day of daylight saving here, so everything here is a bit confused (or more confused than usual). I'll leave it until at least 1 pm site time to post the results of yesterday's problem.
02/Oct/16 10:40 AM
The answer to Saturday's puzzle is:
02/Oct/16 3:32 PM
Good morning all, from Boston, Mass.
02/Oct/16 11:50 PM
Wet and cold here.
02/Oct/16 11:51 PM
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