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Easy Sudoku for 2/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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02/Nov/15 12:03 AM
haven't done that for a while... time for bed..
02/Nov/15 12:03 AM
Good morning to all! We fell back an hour here, but I woke at my normal time (old time) so I've been up for quite a while.
02/Nov/15 12:05 AM
02/Nov/15 12:58 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
02/Nov/15 1:00 AM
Rather a dismal, rainy day here.
Hubby went around and changed all the clocks this morning....except for the one up over the kitchen window. That's always my job because I am short enough to stand on the counter to reach it. At least, that's his excuse.
02/Nov/15 2:06 AM
Only Lizzy put her Halloween thinking cap on and answered all the questions on the quiz yesterday. She doesn't have to share the Crown with anyone! It's all yours, Lizzy!
02/Nov/15 2:09 AM
02/Nov/15 2:12 AM
Woohoo, got my fav post!

Where are my manners?
02/Nov/15 2:13 AM
Awww! Cute! Got three of them here! Can hear them now, even after I've fed them!!!
02/Nov/15 2:19 AM
We're suppose to go walking down the beach but hubby is still asleep! He is definitely not a person! Last night was very quiet, guess all the kids went to the park where there was a huge carnival. Sigh!
02/Nov/15 2:21 AM
Now I have all that candy which I don't want to consume myself! Guess the kids at school are going to be very happy!
Now with a CP, I'll bid you adieu!
02/Nov/15 2:22 AM
Kathy can I put the crown under my foot instead of on my head?!?!?! I dont mean to seem ungrateful but I hope you get my drift.
02/Nov/15 2:27 AM
Good morning all.
02/Nov/15 2:34 AM
I understand your meaning, Lizzy.
02/Nov/15 2:35 AM
That's where a spiider that big would go for me too.
02/Nov/15 2:36 AM
Actually that would be Mr P's foot - I'd be standing on a chair screaming!!!
02/Nov/15 2:37 AM
Saw some hand size spiders in a glass box one time at the zoo - almost vomitted!!
02/Nov/15 2:38 AM
world, from a beautiful OK. The sun is shinning brightly and a cool 49F, high is to be a pleasant 72F later.
02/Nov/15 2:41 AM
Drizzle here too,
02/Nov/15 2:43 AM
which is wonderful news for us,
02/Nov/15 2:43 AM
02/Nov/15 2:44 AM
with our drought problems.
02/Nov/15 2:45 AM
We'll take all the rain we can get.
02/Nov/15 2:47 AM
Hope you're feeling better, Keith.
02/Nov/15 2:47 AM
Had to put the witch away for another year, although some would say it is really me.
02/Nov/15 2:50 AM
We had the rain 2 days ago guess it has made it to the east coast.
02/Nov/15 2:51 AM
I'm not scheduled to see my cardiologist for another couple of weeks, but I'll see my regular Dr. next week. I suspect the cardio version reverted back to A-Fib again, but won't know for sure until I meet with them.
02/Nov/15 3:00 AM
02/Nov/15 3:01 AM
It's raining, it's pouring here.
02/Nov/15 3:08 AM

For the first time ever, I think, I forgot to set my clocks back last night. But not a problem since I didn't have to be anywhere at a particular time this morning. I think it slipped my mind because of the little Trick-or-Treaters last evening.
02/Nov/15 3:40 AM
This is from a cat lovah with 3 cats in the home.
02/Nov/15 4:48 AM
Oooohhh...gorgeous puddytad...
02/Nov/15 5:19 AM
For those who (possibly) remember: Some time back (around July or August, I think), I won the 'Car Talk Puzzler'. So long ago, I don't remember what the Puzzler WAS.
At any rate -- YESTERDAY I got my 'prize': a 'Car Talk Plaza' PARKING DECAL!
I'll try to post a picture on my page.


02/Nov/15 5:34 AM
I won't admit how long it took me to figure out what the second word was supposed to be.
02/Nov/15 5:50 AM
Football is over. Yeah!
It was a longer season this year because the 8th grade team does playoffs. They played the championship game yesterday but lost 12 - 14. It was the same team that creamed them earlier in the season. This was a much better game and they played it well.
02/Nov/15 5:54 AM
Today is our 18th anniversary. We are going to ditch 75% of our children and go eat somewhere that doesn't have a play structure or toys in their meals.
02/Nov/15 5:56 AM
Wow, Lonewoof! What a great prize!
Just think: the next time you're in Boston, you can park free.
02/Nov/15 5:56 AM
18 years! Good start, Serena. Next year will be our 55th.
02/Nov/15 5:59 AM
02/Nov/15 5:59 AM
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