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Easy Sudoku for 2/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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poor puppy... he looks like he's ready to attack somebody's throat for putting him into such an embarrassing situation...
02/Mar/15 12:06 AM
1:55 Good night one and all!
02/Mar/15 12:12 AM
Hello Chayote - nice to see you back on the site.
02/Mar/15 12:14 AM
, y'all! Fast puzzle even though it's not sequential. 1:55 for me.
02/Mar/15 12:40 AM
And I agree, the pooch looks a bit put off by being in that outfit!
02/Mar/15 12:40 AM
Anybody know what the status is on avatars? I've got 3 waiting review - usually approval is pretty quick. Is there a limit on the number of avatars for us folks in the cheap seats?
02/Mar/15 1:25 AM
02/Mar/15 2:18 AM
I'm not aware of any limit on Avatars, but then it's been so long since I wasn't a supporting member. I've had Avatars take days to get approved, and suspect whoever was responsible for that task was otherwise occupied.
02/Mar/15 2:48 AM

Yes, sometimes it takes quite awhile for smilie and avatar approval. But, I've submitted several at a time with no problem.
02/Mar/15 3:13 AM
Happy Sunday!
02/Mar/15 3:25 AM
It's BATDOG!!!!!
02/Mar/15 3:48 AM
02/Mar/15 4:27 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!
02/Mar/15 4:28 AM
Day One of your celebration, Kathy.

to all. We are still at Fripp Island waiting for the sun to come out! Haven't seen it all week!

June, did Grant Balfour's dad make it to the baseball ceremony to accept Grant's award for him?
02/Mar/15 4:42 AM
Dreary & snowy.
Think I'll just snuggle up with a book!
02/Mar/15 4:57 AM
Kathy, it'll be rainy or at least cloudy INland in SC most of this upcoming week. Hopefully the coast will get a break - it looks like it might.
02/Mar/15 5:11 AM
Kathy, Grant's mother accepted the award. Grant and his sister were at David's bedside at the hospital. The Gala evening was being telecast (special channel) for them to watch. Apparently David is the longest survivor of pancreatic cancer in the world, but the end is near.
02/Mar/15 5:13 AM
02/Mar/15 5:16 AM
02/Mar/15 5:18 AM
02/Mar/15 5:18 AM
02/Mar/15 5:18 AM
02/Mar/15 5:18 AM
Well, that gallumping took half the day!
02/Mar/15 5:35 AM
CP, the 3 Layer Magic custard cakes were a hit (as was the white chicken chili). They turned out well, though looking at the watery batter you'd never guess the center would set. Nearly all the chocolate one eaten and half the vanilla one. We're enjoying what's left today.
02/Mar/15 5:38 AM
beautiful day in OK.
02/Mar/15 5:40 AM
About 3 inches of snow, makes it appear bright outside.
02/Mar/15 5:41 AM
We're back to wet/rainy and chilly after a few sunny days. Cold rain is getting a little tiresome.
02/Mar/15 6:10 AM
To the Bat kennel Robin.
02/Mar/15 6:26 AM
1:25. Good morning everyone.
02/Mar/15 6:57 AM
Morning all,poor dog being treated as a toy.
Kathy,enjoy your two day celebration.🎂🍷
02/Mar/15 7:08 AM
Good morning.
02/Mar/15 7:35 AM
As Judy would say, Happy Birthday, Batty.
02/Mar/15 7:36 AM
I'll say - Happy Birthday Kathy.
02/Mar/15 7:37 AM
Mr P and I have been up for an hour and a half.
02/Mar/15 7:38 AM
I' go back to bed but I've got places to go at 0900.
02/Mar/15 7:40 AM
Are you headed for a page change, CP?
02/Mar/15 7:43 AM
If you are, I'll give you some competition.
02/Mar/15 7:44 AM
Hmmm. Looks like I'm alone.
02/Mar/15 7:44 AM
Karen? Keith? Kathy ( )? Anyone?
02/Mar/15 7:46 AM
OK, I'll do it.
02/Mar/15 7:46 AM
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