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Easy Sudoku for 3/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I don't believe it, 12:20am (9:20 my time) and still no comments.
03/Mar/15 12:20 AM
Good morning people of the world.
Good evening Anne.
03/Mar/15 12:23 AM
03/Mar/15 12:24 AM

A magic wish-granting rectangular belt always shrinks to 1/2 its length and 1/3 its width whenever its owner makes a wish. After three wishes, the surface area of the belt's front side was 4 cm2.
What was the original length, if the original width was 9 cm?

Answers to my ‘’magic’’ inbox please.
03/Mar/15 12:27 AM
A little snowy hear but warmer than it has been.
03/Mar/15 12:28 AM
hear = here
03/Mar/15 12:28 AM
Exciting, nervous day, today.
Man is applying to another company. Night life is not working for him, with the current company. New company does not have the guidelines as Budweiser does, but it is closer to home. Other than that, I do not see much difference. Oh, this company does send overages More...
03/Mar/15 12:29 AM
good morning
03/Mar/15 12:29 AM
Girls tried to give me heart failure yesterday. It was a lazy day. Great for movies and a nap, which I did. M and I were home alone, for a while, so while she was engrossed in the exciting world of Bikini...SpongeBob, I told her I was going to lay down. Few minutes later heard the backdoor open. K More...
03/Mar/15 12:33 AM
When I got up, went on the hunt for youngest. I could not find her. I did not care who was sleeping, I yelled out. I was yelled back that M was in my bed. Really?
Sure enough, my two lovelies were snooze away, during daylight hours, on a Sunday afternoon.
03/Mar/15 12:35 AM
By 6:30, two hours till bedtime, I still had a sleeper. I had woken her once, and she went on a nature call, then switched beds. I was going to let her sleep the night through, since she is my child who enjoys her sleep, but Man believes children should not miss a feeding. This worried me about going to bed on time.
03/Mar/15 12:37 AM
I worried for no reason. By 8:30-ish, I had three sleeping, deeply people and I was yawning myself.
Monday morning arrived, way too soon, and we all had a hard time starting the day. Matter of fact, one person, who should be getting ready, crawled back into bed. He may have an interview later, More...
03/Mar/15 12:41 AM
OK, off to get ready for my favorite men of the week. I wish I could give them more, but some people must hold onto every little thing.
03/Mar/15 12:42 AM
Karen, on the job change. I've been telling hubby he needs a day job for years. So far, no go.
03/Mar/15 12:45 AM
Who are these happy, but cold, people?
03/Mar/15 1:05 AM
Sunny!!! Yesterday, it was not.
I've found that sun makes all the difference on chilly days.
(I can take the cold, but not dreary, I guess!)
03/Mar/15 1:31 AM
You can sometimes 'hear' the snow, Serena...
(When it's howling outside your window!)
03/Mar/15 1:34 AM
Morning all,happily waving goodbye to someone.
I've been to bed ,couldn't sleep so here I am.
03/Mar/15 1:35 AM
Karen, fingers crossed for Man's interview.
03/Mar/15 1:39 AM
Judy and Mads, hope you both have a wonderful day.
03/Mar/15 1:41 AM
Where's Keith?
03/Mar/15 2:05 AM
Hello, Keith! How are you this fine Monday morn?
03/Mar/15 2:05 AM
, y'all! Silverteen slept in after waking up with a headache. She's fine after sleeping it off, so I'm waiting for her while she gets ready for school.
03/Mar/15 2:06 AM
to hubby, Karen. Job change is always stressful time.
My hubby is facing a job change in July... but it'll probably be me that will be stressed out... he's retiring!
03/Mar/15 2:11 AM
Good time as any to present the WINNER's CIRCLE for the weekend Rebus puzzle. For those of you trying to figure out the EOM-BOM acronym, EOM is End of Month... but it's also the Beginning of Month for our Aussie half. Anyway, answers:

split level (or bilevel)
first More...
03/Mar/15 2:15 AM
I'll also share that we had 3 excellent cookie booths with strong sales. Two had over 200 in 3 hours each, and the third on a rainy chilly Sunday, we were on pace for 200 in 3 hours, but since the store only has 2.5 hour slots for vendors, we sold 174. That was one miserable booth weather-wise.
03/Mar/15 2:19 AM
Amelia, same here. My problem is I had a coffee after the movies. One cup all day and now I cannot get to sleep.
03/Mar/15 2:35 AM
to Judy & Mads!
03/Mar/15 3:27 AM
Thank you, for the well wishes. Even though, for the last 8 years, Man went to work at 1 AM, he has not adjusted to going in at 5 AM, very well. He says he would rather drive over night, not a lot of traffic and less crazies out there. Also, when he went in at 1 AM, he said he had more girl time, More...
03/Mar/15 3:30 AM
Before children, I loved my overnight job. I could go in and get my work done, without interruption and management. My schedule was easier to manage since I worked from 11 PM, to 7 AM, so I went home and had an evening and was able to accomplish stuff.
Really don't know if I could do that now. More...
03/Mar/15 3:35 AM
Silvergal, I am still getting the evil eye for not purchasing the purple box. Man attempted to appease, by attempting to purchase Grasshoppers, though he did not hear the Grasshopper part and just purchased a shortbread cookie with fudge drizzled over the top. Good, but not the purple GS box.
03/Mar/15 3:38 AM
Kitties are playing Chinese Checkers again.
I could put the game up, but if you have never realized, I am a little bit stubborn. When the game was brought out, by Man, I said, 'Don't bring that out, now.' Then I said, 'You need to put the game up before the kitties take over.' 'Then I said, More...
03/Mar/15 3:42 AM
03/Mar/15 4:00 AM
Hubby woke me up about 1 AM this morning to tell me that Nemmy went to the bathroom in my office. Asked me, 'Do you want to clean it up now or in the morning?' I mumbled, 'Now' and got up. Oh the stench! I'm glad I got up! Hubby helped and between the both of us we managed to get it cleaned up and left the windows and door open to air out the room. I was back in bed at 1:30.
03/Mar/15 4:03 AM
I don't know where Nemmy slept but at least my office is clean and smelling nice. But I thought, if I were up and hubby asleep, I wouldn't have waken him for the clean up! Ugh! His excuse is that he wouldn't have known what to do!
03/Mar/15 4:05 AM
Now I'm back at my desk, delaying the inevitable chore of doing my dad's income tax. Problem is that being the trustee is who is responsible for the income producing estate after the death of my dad. Both brothers are saying I am fiscally responsible. Soooo, ACK!
03/Mar/15 4:11 AM
Also another important matter which Karen will fully agree with, turning the page!
03/Mar/15 4:12 AM
Getting close . . .
03/Mar/15 4:12 AM
Getting set . . . and on the mark . . .
03/Mar/15 4:13 AM
03/Mar/15 4:13 AM
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