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Easy Sudoku for 2/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hallll? Where are you?
Hi Everybody
02/Sep/16 12:04 AM
2:01 Very slow tonight.

Good night one and all! Hello there old friend, BYOM!!
02/Sep/16 12:07 AM
Hi Anne.
02/Sep/16 12:08 AM
Morning. . . . Not the usual suspects.
02/Sep/16 12:10 AM
Yep they have all done a runner. But then you are here Keith.
02/Sep/16 12:13 AM
I'm here, but will be going sightseeing shortly.
02/Sep/16 12:21 AM
I'm here, too.
02/Sep/16 12:52 AM
02/Sep/16 12:52 AM
Thank you, Kathy, for pushing me onto my fav number post!!!
Here's flying your way!!!
02/Sep/16 12:53 AM
I have come down with the dreaded summer cold. WHY does a cold always seem worse in the summer???
I once asked my doctor if taking cold meds really helped. He said ''Sure. It can shorten the duration. With meds it can be 3 days coming, 3 days here, 3 days leaving''.
I asked him what More...
02/Sep/16 1:00 AM
Thanks for the thanks and good luck, Shosho!
02/Sep/16 1:01 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: fever, queue, zoo, mat, speaker, person, backgammon, house, wax, jury, diligent

Judy, Wombat, ANNE!, Joyce, and Sarah win the ''Triple Crown'' today.
02/Sep/16 1:07 AM
I say George but then I'm thinking name literally.
02/Sep/16 1:39 AM
Complete the 3-word queues by finding a word that comes between the two given, in alphabetical order. The missing word has the same number of letters as its neighbors.

No plurals are used, and obscure words will be avoided. Alternative solutions might be possible.

2-letter: IF, More...
02/Sep/16 1:43 AM
Good morning.
02/Sep/16 2:32 AM
Serena, I'm puzzled.
02/Sep/16 2:32 AM
Id there only 1 word between the start and end words no matter how many letters in the words?
02/Sep/16 2:34 AM
I say the car's name is Einstein - since it is a Smart car.
02/Sep/16 2:36 AM
I'm off to lunch today with friends, looking forward to it . The cafe we're going to has a simple menu, not too hard to make a choice.
02/Sep/16 2:40 AM
Might as well keep going.
02/Sep/16 2:40 AM
Will Keith be back?
02/Sep/16 2:41 AM
02/Sep/16 2:41 AM
No, not in time anyway.
02/Sep/16 2:42 AM
Sorry Keith.
02/Sep/16 2:43 AM
Too late today.
02/Sep/16 2:59 AM
CP, You are look for a word that alphabetically falls between the two given words. I have answers but there may or may not be multiple possibilities. They will have the same number of letters as the given word.

Example: 3-letter: HAM, ____, HAT
Answer: HAS
02/Sep/16 3:15 AM
Thanks, Serena.
02/Sep/16 3:17 AM
DotCom - That was a little risky, (Risqué) BUT I liked it - A Lot
02/Sep/16 3:25 AM
Thanks DOA. I didn't create it. It's from Dorothy Parker. She has written a lot of good witty and wise things.
02/Sep/16 3:42 AM
OK Here's one more joke but that's it. This one is from Red Skelton. Two seagulls are flying over Coney Island Beach on the 4th of July and one says to the other, 'Boy! Look at that crowd. What a lot of people!' and the other one says, 'Yes, kind of takes the fun out of it.'
02/Sep/16 3:53 AM
Morning all, we had one of these cars overtake us in the 100 k zone , had to be doing 120k.
02/Sep/16 4:54 AM
It might be a smart car but I wouldn't like to be in a pile up in one.
02/Sep/16 5:23 AM
02/Sep/16 6:00 AM
A late afternoon hello to all.....
02/Sep/16 6:19 AM
A slow one this morning, 1:54. Good morning everyone.
02/Sep/16 7:26 AM
Well lookee here! I'm back in time to turn the page!
02/Sep/16 8:59 AM
I shall mosey us along . . .
02/Sep/16 9:00 AM
And slowly get us there . . .
02/Sep/16 9:00 AM
MAybe I better hurry before HalT or Karen get here . . .
02/Sep/16 9:01 AM
02/Sep/16 9:01 AM
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