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Easy Sudoku for 3/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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....and here we are!
03/Sep/16 12:00 AM
Good maen all!
03/Sep/16 12:00 AM
Hello to Hal, Wolf, Denny, Keith, Anne, BYOM, hmmm where are all the early posters??
03/Sep/16 12:02 AM
Enjoy your day folks - bye-bye
03/Sep/16 12:03 AM
03/Sep/16 12:04 AM
....and with every post, my keyboard become slower & slower - a CP & so long.....
03/Sep/16 12:04 AM
Busy making up a test for my class. I have to get it ready now since I leave for Copenhagen next Thursday. After a day there with relatives, off on a cruise to Norway, Scotland, Ireland, and back across the Atlantic to disembark in NY.
03/Sep/16 12:18 AM
Just back from Medium puzzle. Today it was almost in the class of 'Easy'! Good for ego though!
03/Sep/16 12:24 AM
Woohoo! Broke my two minute barrier! 1:57
03/Sep/16 2:35 AM
Morning. Wonderful trip, Wolf. Have a great time.
03/Sep/16 2:39 AM
Cute photo today. Gentle little girl, with baby chick!
03/Sep/16 3:31 AM
Good morning.
03/Sep/16 3:44 AM
I agree, cute photo.
03/Sep/16 3:44 AM
Sounds like a fantastic trip, Wolf - enjoy!
03/Sep/16 3:45 AM
Nothing planned for today, maybe a movie if we can find one we like!
03/Sep/16 3:47 AM
I can hear a cup of tea calling my name.
03/Sep/16 3:48 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice photo. Young life holding even younger life.
03/Sep/16 4:10 AM
Thank you to all who have expressed thoughts and well wishes concerning my sister. Three doctors are still trying to determine the cause of her problems, but she has had the catheter removed and is scheduled for more tests. Pureed food diet still, which she hates. Still waiting and hoping.
03/Sep/16 4:13 AM
With apologies to all in advance....

Two old Jewish men, Sid and Abe, are sitting in a Mexican restaurant one day.
Sid asks Abe, 'Do you know if any people of our ancestry were ever born and raised in Mexico ?'
Abe replies, 'I don't know, let's ask our waiter.'
When the waiter More...
03/Sep/16 4:18 AM
I'm going for it.
03/Sep/16 4:21 AM
03/Sep/16 4:21 AM
03/Sep/16 4:21 AM
Just back from a few days at our friends' cottage ... in time to wish everyone a great weekend!
03/Sep/16 4:37 AM
Greg....saw that coming a mile away. Still brought a little smile to the face, though. Thanks for the chortle!
03/Sep/16 5:08 AM
Wolf, sounds like one of the trips my parents took spending our inheritance money. Hope you have a wonderful time! Enjoy!
03/Sep/16 5:12 AM
Taking a break from all the work today.
03/Sep/16 6:01 AM
Wolf, the trip sounds great. I have been to Denmark but not Copenhagen.
03/Sep/16 6:04 AM
The trip I want to do is Denmark, Finland, Sweden & Norway. One tour I found has a train ride, cruise & air travel.
03/Sep/16 6:07 AM
Morning all, cute photo.
Greg,I received that joke in a email from London . lol
Wolf,sounds like a great trip, have fun.
03/Sep/16 6:49 AM
1:44 Good early morning one and all!
03/Sep/16 6:51 AM
Good morning all.
03/Sep/16 7:34 AM
Another alphabet puzzle, this time with extra clues. I have listed in columns the beginning and ending letters of 24 words, column 1 starting with A and column 2 beginning with D and then proceeding in alphabetical order in both cases. I could not find GJ or NQ words.
Column 3 is a meaning for More...
03/Sep/16 9:15 AM
Still thinking of your sister, Greg - hope they discover a solution. She'll need many of your little jokes to keep her smiling throughout her frustrating ordeal!
03/Sep/16 9:18 AM
...also I enjoyed it too, Greg!
03/Sep/16 9:18 AM
Wow - another Wombat challenge; guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend.........
03/Sep/16 9:24 AM
Glad to hear your sister is a little improved, Greg.
03/Sep/16 9:25 AM
There were spaces between the columns before I sent it. Is there any way of making columns that works? The last column will always
have only one group of words in it. Cheers Wombat.
03/Sep/16 9:25 AM
Todays tough sudoku (20-8-2016) was so hard for me. I only got one number. I don't like to guess.
03/Sep/16 9:32 AM
Too close to the bottom of the page to ignore the chance.
03/Sep/16 10:18 AM
Someone could still sneak in, but here goes. BOTP
03/Sep/16 10:19 AM
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