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Easy Sudoku for 20/January/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
20/Jan/20 12:02 AM
1:54 Good night all.
20/Jan/20 12:25 AM
20/Jan/20 1:45 AM
Wolf, HalT and all who follow. Sleep well Anne!
20/Jan/20 2:14 AM
2:23. Luna Park - one attraction we neglected in our visit to Sydney. I've always since wondered, if that was a mistake... Good Morning, all!
20/Jan/20 2:31 AM
20/Jan/20 3:26 AM
20/Jan/20 4:24 AM
20/Jan/20 4:24 AM
20/Jan/20 4:31 AM
20/Jan/20 5:10 AM
Kate for a lovely photo of Luna Park.
20/Jan/20 5:32 AM
Lightly snowing.
Kinda pretty outside.
20/Jan/20 6:12 AM
Morning all,great photo and a reminder of when Keith and Lynne were visiting!
20/Jan/20 6:27 AM
Good afternoon - we've finished removing our 8-inch accumulation of yesterday's snow, now we keep returning to maintain what we've cleared as more continues to blow in from Lake Erie... actually different kind of snow - tiny flakes, light & fluffy - cold temperatures do that!
20/Jan/20 6:38 AM
Have a good day - bet it will be better than poor
Sarah's - she tripped & broke her right arm late yesterday; story at end of yesterday's posts.
Smile, Sarah - we're all thinking of you!
20/Jan/20 6:40 AM
Joyce - For light & fluffy snow, a 'Leaf Blower' works well...
20/Jan/20 7:30 AM
1:22. Good morning everyone.
20/Jan/20 8:03 AM
HaHaHa - Good one, DoA - I've seen my neighbor do it while he waits for us to REALLY do the job for him!
20/Jan/20 8:33 AM
Good mAen, good people. My favorite snow removal service is the month of April!
20/Jan/20 8:50 AM
Hi Sarah, I'm sorry to hear the the ground has come up and hit you once again, those Washington sidewalks need to be taught a lesson. Probably a jackhammer is the best solution.
I don't know if you will still want to edit puzzles, is not too painful or otherwise distressing or would it act as a distraction from what has happened to you.
20/Jan/20 9:36 AM
Dear hubby gave me flowers and took me out to my favorite restaurant to celebrate the anniversary of when we met. Fifty-two years ago his first words to me were 'Would you like to dance?' - and we've been dancing ever since! He's a 'keeper'!
20/Jan/20 12:17 PM
That is sooo cool, Shiela! A keeper for sure!
20/Jan/20 12:34 PM
49ers to the Super Bowl!! Yes!!
20/Jan/20 2:04 PM
They deserve it, Denny!
20/Jan/20 2:29 PM
I've been a 49ers fan my whole life, though I've pretty much stopped watching any kind of sports in my dotage. I'll keep their helmet as my Avatar until after the game.
20/Jan/20 2:58 PM
Congratulations, Shiela - Happy dancing! What a marvelous way to pass 52 years along!
20/Jan/20 3:02 PM

Monday 20th January.
The day starts with the usual crowd of wafflers.
Tom – Went to Sydney and never ventured to Luna Park. Nah! It wasn’t a mistake, you didn’t miss a lot.
Amelia – Remembers Luna Park with Keith and Lynne. Keith probably posed with More...
20/Jan/20 4:36 PM
Luna Park looked like it would be fun, but we only saw it from the boat on the way by. I would have posed with a clown if I'd gotten the chance.
20/Jan/20 5:15 PM
Good afternoon fellow sudokuists. Greetings and felicitations.

I am away from home next week so I intend to publish a BIG quiz (something the size of Phantom's ego) on Saturday which will last for two weeks. You will have two weeks to solve. It is challenging as I found out when More...
20/Jan/20 7:04 PM
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