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Easy Sudoku for 20/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
20/Feb/15 12:01 AM
1:33. Good night all.
20/Feb/15 12:03 AM

20/Feb/15 12:05 AM
, y'all! 2:10... VERY cool pic, would love to be a spectator at such an event.
20/Feb/15 12:17 AM
Woke up to about 15ºF this morning. VERY cold for our area of SC. Not more than 10 days ago, we had temps in the 70s....
20/Feb/15 12:19 AM
Silverteen depressed that our school district isn't on a 2-hour delay like neighboring districts. Schools usually delay citing the students who have to wait on buses... as if 18º at 10am is so much more tolerable than 15º at 8am.
20/Feb/15 12:20 AM
What's interesting is buses take longer to run with school delays because work traffic is not delayed, so kids wait longer than they would at the earlier hour.
20/Feb/15 12:21 AM
One nearby district has heating issues at several of their schools which is why they delayed last time. Apparently two months is not enough time to get those issues addressed?
20/Feb/15 12:23 AM
The districts which are delayed still expect their employees to come in on time... never mind that many of them have children whose schedules were delayed! I feel for the parents who are scrambling to rearrange their schedules because of the delays. Icy conditions shut us down, but I just don't More...
20/Feb/15 12:25 AM
My early morning work here is done... time to get ready for my day!
20/Feb/15 12:25 AM
20/Feb/15 12:50 AM
C-c-chilly, too! Brrrr!
(Several schools in the area are closed due to negative wind chills. That never happened when I was in school! The wind chills were probably there, but they never closed school because of them.)
20/Feb/15 1:02 AM
Has anyone ever heard of 'error 310'?
I could not get on the site yesterday because it would go to a screen that said 'error 310' instead.
Today, no problem. Whew!
Glad you are all back again!
20/Feb/15 1:07 AM
Yea, I like the picture, too. I've never made a model rocket, but have watched launches of rockets made by friends a number of times. Good fun.

Shiela, Easy was broken yesterday until 8 1/2 hours into the day, but the rest of the site was working fine.
20/Feb/15 1:30 AM

The answer to the poozle was SIX. Each of the words, names, or phrases contains a number from ONE to TEN except the number SIX.

Step into the Judy, Hal, lonewoof, and Serena!
20/Feb/15 2:11 AM
That looks huge.
20/Feb/15 2:26 AM
I have no recollection of school being closed or cancelled purely because of cold. They will keep the kids inside but school goes on.
20/Feb/15 2:27 AM
See if you can figure out the words in this 'pyramid' using the hints given below. Each new word contains the same letters as the previous word, plus a new letter. Order need not be preserved.

1) Twenty-second letter of the English alphabet
2) Eleventh month of the Jewish calendar
3) More...
20/Feb/15 2:27 AM
Serena moved us along to the point where I can jump in.
20/Feb/15 2:40 AM
Anybody up for a race?
20/Feb/15 2:40 AM
One last look around.
20/Feb/15 2:40 AM
20/Feb/15 2:40 AM
20/Feb/15 2:42 AM
Good morning to all! Up, up and away to the stars!
20/Feb/15 2:57 AM
beautiful day in OK
20/Feb/15 2:59 AM
Sunny but still cold here. The sun coming in through the windows makes one think that it is warmer than it is, also the heat coming on destroys the image.
20/Feb/15 3:07 AM
Serena, on the Jewish month... is that civil or ecclesiastical?
20/Feb/15 3:14 AM
Never mind - I backed into it. I wasn't sure if there was an abbreviation I needed to consider.
20/Feb/15 3:18 AM
11th civil, 5th ecclesiastical
20/Feb/15 3:22 AM
20/Feb/15 4:14 AM
Fly me to the moon! Rockets, and space, are very interesting subjects.
20/Feb/15 6:21 AM
Morning all,how far up do they go...wouldn't want to be a plane going over there.
20/Feb/15 6:32 AM
The rocket looks like fun but could be dangerous with the chemicals used if a home manufacture.
20/Feb/15 7:21 AM
20/Feb/15 7:22 AM
A big day for me today. I should get this cast off my arm and life will start to get back to normal. Looking forward to being able to drive the car again!
20/Feb/15 7:23 AM
Good morning.
20/Feb/15 7:24 AM
You have been good, June, to put up with the no driving restriction.
20/Feb/15 7:26 AM
It would drive me insane.
20/Feb/15 7:26 AM
Friend with recent broken R arm started driving after a week or so.
20/Feb/15 7:27 AM
Mr P headed off to play golf this morning. First game for years and years. Hope he enjoys his day.
20/Feb/15 7:29 AM
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