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Easy Sudoku for 20/May/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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20/May/18 12:00 AM
Good morning Hsl, and all others who come!
20/May/18 12:02 AM
TftD: It takes years to build up trust. But only suspicion, not proof, to destroy it.
20/May/18 12:03 AM
Hal, Greg, and all to follow!
20/May/18 12:29 AM
I didn't get up to watch the wedding. I don't do 4:00 AM. I did set the recorder, though.
20/May/18 12:30 AM
Now I have to try and avoid reports/photos until I can watch it. Perfect time to attack Wombat's puzzle. Thinking cap on....
20/May/18 12:35 AM
Rainy today.
Hope your day is sunny!
20/May/18 1:21 AM
for Shosho!
20/May/18 1:22 AM
I don't normally get up early, but today I got up at 5 AM to watch the wedding. It was easier than Kate & William's wedding day. That day I got up at 4 AM and didn't get back to bed until almost 24 hours later - because that was the day the grand-twins were born.
20/May/18 1:23 AM
Everybody!! Overslept today. Did not even consider getting up really early for royal wedding.
20/May/18 1:41 AM
Morning ... royal what?
20/May/18 2:18 AM
Happy Saturday!
20/May/18 2:53 AM
Aground in blue waters, under a blue sky.
20/May/18 3:39 AM
Oops is right. This should be a medium comment.
20/May/18 3:41 AM
20/May/18 4:44 AM
all. Wow! What incredible colours!
20/May/18 5:37 AM
I got up to watch the wedding, which was both lovely and interesting, then went back to sleep when the commentators ran out of things to say that were worth hearing.
20/May/18 6:36 AM
Now for the Preakness, running this evening.
20/May/18 6:37 AM
1:40. Good morning everyone.
20/May/18 6:41 AM
Back in time.
20/May/18 7:24 AM
20/May/18 7:24 AM
20/May/18 7:24 AM
Morning all,at least the time for the wedding was better for us, 9pm, I saw them take their vows and exchange rings before going to the golf in Europe.
20/May/18 7:31 AM
Great photo, shame about the boat.
20/May/18 7:37 AM
Disgusting excuse for a race track at the Preakness. After over a week of rain, it is more like a river of mud. Too bad they can't cover the track with a tarp, as is done for baseball. The people partying in the infield are halfway up their shins in mud. The drainage is better on the track, but even so, it is not good for anything but ducks.
20/May/18 7:39 AM
My turn to cook Sunday morning breakfast, better get started.
20/May/18 7:41 AM
Nice to see Anne is back on site. Welcome back Anne!
20/May/18 11:13 AM
2:04 Thank you Amelia. I went up north to visit family and have been flat out since getting back. Slept in this morning for a change.
20/May/18 12:17 PM
While I was away they had some very windy days here and a huge branch was blown off of my gum tree. I've had a couple of chaps working during the week on cutting the tree down to ground height so that it will hopefully grow again.
20/May/18 12:20 PM
Just a reminder that I posted a 3&4 puzzle yesterday. Why don't you give it a go.
20/May/18 1:21 PM
Anne , not a good thing to come home to, hope it didn't do any damage to the house.
20/May/18 1:30 PM
No, Amelia, it went across the neighbours paddock fence but still attached to the tree, so no damage done. The neighbour took the logs of wood for their fire, so only have the scraps to clean up now.
20/May/18 2:54 PM
I won't make it to midnight, so I will wish you bonne ne..., bonne nutt.. Oh bloody hell goodnight
20/May/18 11:23 PM
Also I had a Guiness for Peter
20/May/18 11:25 PM
Good Maen, good people. I've been working on Norway and business stuff and I've been forgetting to do my normal stuff. I think I had better clean out the fridge and do laundry today. I have a day trip to Detroit Monday then Tuesday I'll have more computer work and phone calls to make.
20/May/18 11:39 PM
Wednesday Burl gets the last of his teeth removed. What in the world do I feed him for 15 days while his gums are healing and the lab is finishing his dentures? Since the back teeth were removed I've been trying to make nutritious foods but liquids don't satisfy his hunger. He keeps complaining of More...
20/May/18 11:48 PM
LPOTD? Well, no use putting off starting the chores. Let's see what I can do in 10 minutes....
20/May/18 11:50 PM
Rats. I took off my glasses to see my screen without glare and I can't find them now. I'm going to need to get one of those chains around my neck. This happens too often.
20/May/18 11:54 PM
Faun found them. But now we are so close to the calendar turn. The laundry can wait.
20/May/18 11:58 PM
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