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Easy Sudoku for 21/May/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people. 😊
21/May/18 12:00 AM
Perhaps a photo from Tasmania will beckon Peter back?
21/May/18 12:04 AM
21/May/18 12:05 AM
The rain has stopped! The sun is out! There is the sound of clogging lawn mowers all over the neighborhood!
21/May/18 12:37 AM
The empty house next door doesn't get mowed regularly in the best of times, with all the rain, it looked like an unkempt pasture over there. Thankfully, some the clogged lawn mower sound is coming from there.
21/May/18 12:42 AM
''some of''

Hubby is waiting for it to dry out a little longer, then he'll be out there to join in the cutting brigade.
21/May/18 12:44 AM
21/May/18 12:53 AM
Morning all. Still dry here.
21/May/18 2:44 AM
I noticed today that my green tiles in the shower are stained red by the high iron content in the water whereas the exterior red brick on the north side of the house has green moss and lichen growing in it, turning it green about knee high up from the ground. Nature seems to be no respecter of human color schemes.
21/May/18 3:05 AM
Nice green field with mountains behind.
21/May/18 3:13 AM
Overcast today, with possible showers.
Will have to seek sunshine from within!
21/May/18 3:19 AM
Hey! The was supposed to be a !!!
21/May/18 3:21 AM
Morning all,Bruny Island,another place in Tassie we didn't get to see. Has anyone heard from Peter ?
21/May/18 6:58 AM
Kathy, our friends in Dallas have also had a lot of rain as there was a four hour delay to the golf .
21/May/18 7:00 AM
Just a reminder that I posted a 3&4 puzzle yesterday. Why don't you give it a go.
21/May/18 7:25 AM
That's a ghost post, but it isn't too late to post an answer, even if incomplete.
Amelia, Peter and I have exchanged a few PMs and he has submitted responses to puzzles from Arachnid and myself. I'm sure he will return when he feels well enough.
21/May/18 7:38 AM
1:42 Tasmania is a beautiful place to visit.
21/May/18 10:05 AM
Wombat, I'm still planning on having a go at your puzzle. I'm finally at a good place to sit back in my recliner and treat myself!
21/May/18 10:39 AM
1:37. Good afternoon everyone.
21/May/18 1:25 PM
21/May/18 1:38 PM
My time has come. Gallump.
21/May/18 1:59 PM
21/May/18 2:00 PM
Just spent the last two hours climbing up and down a ladder cleaning my garage gutters out.
I am buggered!!!
21/May/18 2:26 PM
Here are the results of last Saturday's poozle. The numbers were down a bit this week with only eight responses, all of which were correct. So we obviously weren't lacking in quality though we were somewhat lacking in quantity. The eight were Judy, Peter, Kathy, Sarah, Snowbird, Arachnid, Amelia More...
21/May/18 6:00 PM
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