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Easy Sudoku for 20/July/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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friends of Sudoku!
Need 'em again today!
Hot, hot, hot...again!
Storms later to cool it off a bit.

20/Jul/13 12:00 AM
Good Maen
20/Jul/13 12:01 AM
Hello, John! How ya doing?
20/Jul/13 12:15 AM
Interesting picture. He looks exhausted.
20/Jul/13 12:17 AM
I've been staying off my ankle and it's feeling better, but how long can you just stay off your feet? Doc is making an appointment with an ankle specialist, but I hope soon enough so that it gets better before I go to Wales in September!
20/Jul/13 12:18 AM
(That was for Shosho's luck!)
20/Jul/13 12:19 AM
20/Jul/13 12:24 AM
When I right click to try to put a possible number in a square, I get a drop down menu that is totally irritating. (Also, I don't like the lines between comments)
20/Jul/13 12:26 AM
Number 5 is Vici's number, not Shosho's!
20/Jul/13 12:41 AM
Slow morning.

Big Lizzy.
20/Jul/13 1:04 AM
Sandra, try unclicking 'Clicking the playing grid places the current number' and use the method of choosing an empty square and tapping the correct number on your number pad. Once you get used to it, that goes much faster.
20/Jul/13 1:07 AM
Good morning from beautiful sunny Portland, Oregon.
20/Jul/13 1:10 AM

Good morning fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.

Keith had me puzzled for a while with his comments, until I realised he was referring to the picture!! after todays easy
20/Jul/13 1:18 AM
Oops ... sorry Lizzy.
20/Jul/13 1:25 AM
What a handsome Iguana!
20/Jul/13 1:50 AM
Still trying to catch up on sleep after two 16 hour all-night drives. I may need a few more days.
20/Jul/13 1:53 AM
Coulda done that when I was young. No way now.
20/Jul/13 2:00 AM
Am I going to have to make a run for it?
20/Jul/13 2:00 AM
Interesting experiment to see if anybody interrupts me.
20/Jul/13 2:01 AM
On a slow day like today ...
20/Jul/13 2:01 AM
maybe not.
20/Jul/13 2:01 AM
20/Jul/13 2:01 AM
Nope, nobody did.
20/Jul/13 2:07 AM
Good morning people of the world.
20/Jul/13 2:13 AM
Flitch Day
20/Jul/13 2:13 AM
Awww, missed it by 13 minutes. What a bummer.
20/Jul/13 2:14 AM
20/Jul/13 2:40 AM
No problems Keith, you just got the old grey cells moving.....which isnt such a bad thing either
20/Jul/13 2:41 AM
Had a good run this morning before the sun comes out. I like the brisk breeze on my face as I run.
20/Jul/13 2:42 AM
Yikkees, Karen, what is that avatar??? At first it looked like a strip of bacon until the pair of eyes wink at you!
20/Jul/13 2:43 AM
Heidi, ger a boring book, try to read it and you'll be asleep in no time flat!
20/Jul/13 2:44 AM
Hi, everyone!

Update on Kathy's (Valrico) and my 2014 trip to Australia: Kathy and I will be getting together in a couple of weeks to start our serious planning for the trip. In the meantime, I have set up a blog so we can keep everyone informed as we go along. I actually created the blog a More...
20/Jul/13 2:47 AM
Yes, Shosho, that is bacon and it is winking at you.
And because, from what I know about you and hubby, you should have bacon.
20/Jul/13 3:14 AM
Keith, I think Sandra was trying to place 'possibles', not a definite number.
20/Jul/13 3:20 AM
That little critter seems at peace with the world.
20/Jul/13 3:39 AM
I'm late but still on page 1 so I'm calling that on time. The answer to yesterday's puzzle is iron. A lot more room in the today. Canuk Greg and Mr Cee can share these fabulous prizes.
20/Jul/13 3:42 AM
Super busy morning here. I finally sucked it up and went to the grocery story. Dish liquid was the final motivating factor not food. After that I took the two youngest to an appointment. We went shopping at another store. Then we came home an put it all away. Gave all the little people some lunch and that brings us up to now.
20/Jul/13 3:47 AM
Is it time for a page change?
20/Jul/13 3:59 AM
20/Jul/13 3:59 AM
20/Jul/13 3:59 AM
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