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Easy Sudoku for 21/July/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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maam all!
21/Jul/13 12:00 AM
Good Maen
21/Jul/13 12:00 AM
21/Jul/13 12:00 AM
21/Jul/13 12:02 AM
Good Maen, all! Hal, I love your Hawaii photos! That's one state I've never visited. I see you did a cruise. Would you recommend it as a good way to see the islands?
21/Jul/13 12:03 AM
Who says cats and dogs don't get along?
21/Jul/13 12:09 AM
Good Maen!
21/Jul/13 12:34 AM
Sweet old dog and best buddy.
21/Jul/13 12:35 AM
Precious! This looks like Suzy's kitty.
21/Jul/13 12:37 AM
Greetings fellow sudokites! It has been a few months since I visited the land of Sudoku. Am expecting to be rather slow tonight. ;)
21/Jul/13 12:51 AM
Hello, everyone!
(Slept in today! Lazy, aren't I?)
Need 'em today!
Storms during the night, it's finally cooled down a bit.
21/Jul/13 12:57 AM
Good morning people of the world.
21/Jul/13 1:05 AM
A Redneck passed away and left his entire
Estate to his beloved widow . ....
But she can't touch it 'till she's 14.
21/Jul/13 1:06 AM
How do you know when you're staying in a Redneck motel?
When you call the front desk and say,
' I gotta leak in my sink, and the clerk replies ........
'Go ahead.'
21/Jul/13 1:07 AM
Did you hear that they have raised the minimum
Drinking age for Rednecks to 32 ???
It seems they want to keep alcohol out of the high schools.
21/Jul/13 1:07 AM
A new Redneck law was just recently passed
When a couple gets divorced, they are STILL cousins.
21/Jul/13 1:08 AM
Did you hear that the Redneck Governor's
Mansion burned down?
'Yep... Prit'near took out the whole trailer park.. The library Was a total loss too. Both books went poof . Upin flames And the Governor hadn't even finished coloring one of them.'
21/Jul/13 1:08 AM
Toss Away All the, 'Could Haves' and 'Should Haves' Day


National Lollipop Day
21/Jul/13 1:08 AM
A State Trooper pulls over a pickup on Highway 16 And says to the driver, 'Got any I..D. ? ' . .
and the driver replies 'Bout wut?'
21/Jul/13 1:09 AM
Oh, DorA, is making a run for it. It that other one about?
21/Jul/13 1:09 AM
You may have got it, my computer is running at a different speed than what I want it.
21/Jul/13 1:10 AM
Oh, there is hope.
21/Jul/13 1:11 AM
I am in total shock.

Now, it is going to take me all day to recover.
21/Jul/13 1:12 AM
That a first on the site...
A Texan and a Redneck race to Keith's 22!
21/Jul/13 1:17 AM
Waited too long.
21/Jul/13 1:30 AM
I did not know DorA was a Texan?
21/Jul/13 1:38 AM
Hi fii. Nice to see you return.
21/Jul/13 1:41 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.....

Wish I could say my night is slow but on the other hand when your busy the time just flys past...almost 2am and the shift is half done already.
21/Jul/13 1:48 AM
21/Jul/13 1:50 AM
now back to Cees poozle, still have to find two answers
21/Jul/13 1:50 AM
Golly Lizzy, I've never had to do a night shift. Here I'd complain about having to work until 8 on Back-to-School Night and Open House. Don't know how I'd be able to stay awake all night!?! And be accountable, too!
21/Jul/13 1:52 AM
Lollipops were never my thing, much too sweet and invariably my tongue would end up a strange color! That and you get tired of holding the darn thing up all the time it took to lick away all the candy! I'd end up rewrapping the lollipop and somehow losing it.
21/Jul/13 1:55 AM
Karen! You actually said that???
21/Jul/13 2:21 AM
Yesterday afternoon I finally got an appointment with an orthopedic doc and today I have a new swelling on my ankle. But... my appointment isn't until Aug 14th! By then, I'll either be crippled or healed completely!
21/Jul/13 2:25 AM

Lets hope for the later Shiela!
21/Jul/13 2:31 AM
Lizzy! Hope you are right!
21/Jul/13 2:40 AM
Good maen from sunny beautiful Portland, Oregon.
21/Jul/13 2:42 AM
That's the idea, Shiela. Either they won't have to bother with you, or they'll get to make some serious money.
21/Jul/13 2:51 AM
Heidi - We'll see, won't we?
21/Jul/13 3:07 AM
Glad you are back home safe and sound, Heidi!
21/Jul/13 3:08 AM
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