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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
24/Oct/11 12:00 AM
 |  |

Answers to the "Froggy" inbox.

My electronic world atlas has developed another fault, I did a listing of miles from England to particular countries and here is the result:

Australia - 500 miles
Peru - 8,000 miles
India - 4,500 miles
Scotland - 9,500 miles

How far away did it list France as?
24/Oct/11 12:00 AM
 |  |

G'Day John.
24/Oct/11 12:01 AM
 |  |

Correct answers to yesterdays poozel were from CP, HalT,Dave CO,Old hickory, Jamie,Chris, and Grumblebum with NONE all are 720.
But made you check all three though didn't I.
24/Oct/11 12:05 AM
 |  |

Mate only you and me this morning.
24/Oct/11 12:05 AM
 |  |

And a CP this early in. Amazing.
24/Oct/11 12:06 AM
 |  |

Knock Knock HellllOOooooooo
24/Oct/11 12:10 AM
 |  |

Well, hello again, Mr Cee!
24/Oct/11 12:19 AM
 |  |

Anne can you send me a can of deodorant please and better make it a big one eh.
24/Oct/11 12:22 AM
 |  |

Okay, Mr Cee! It's in the mail.
24/Oct/11 12:36 AM
 |  |

Good Maen all!
Hey John! Welcome back to the #1 post.
No smell here, Mr. Cee...just getting coffee to get going. We are headed out to spend a couple of days in Oregon visiting a friend in Grants Pass and staying along the Rouge River!
24/Oct/11 12:38 AM
 |  |

2:25 Good evening one and all.
I thought it looked like an echidna from Tassie. Saw a couple there myself years ago.
24/Oct/11 12:40 AM
 |  |

24/Oct/11 12:40 AM
 |  |

Wow, Wendy! How did you get such a great close-up? Were you at a sanctuary? I didn't get a glimps of these guys when I visited Oz. They remind me of our porcupines, only with a more interesting nose.
24/Oct/11 12:41 AM
 |  |


When the photo came up I thought it was a shell on a beach. I may need new glasses.
24/Oct/11 1:08 AM
 |  |

I guess we have to thaw out before we post, starts off with a frost, but then the sun is out and all is good with world again - Good Maen to you
24/Oct/11 1:10 AM
 |  |

Straight 1-9 today
24/Oct/11 1:10 AM
 |  |

and if I'm going to ride my bike to Church today - I better get going
24/Oct/11 1:11 AM
 |  |

Kathy - LOVE your "Bat Cat"!!!
All my cats are "tuxedo" colored...and none related to each other.
24/Oct/11 1:15 AM
 |  |

The answer to yesterday's puzzle: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I think I may have a record # of answers!!

Lots of comments about how easy this was, sooooo, for a more More...
24/Oct/11 1:19 AM
 |  |

Thanks, Vici. I thought of you and your tuxedos when I found it.
24/Oct/11 1:26 AM
 |  |

Good morning people of the world.
24/Oct/11 1:31 AM
 |  |

Must go back and read and see how I got that number.
24/Oct/11 1:31 AM
 |  |

MIL Day.

I am blessed with a good one.
24/Oct/11 1:32 AM
 |  |

I am told I am a good one. My secret is to keep my mouth shut.
24/Oct/11 1:39 AM
 |  |

And for today......

topS, a trams god no a loots, was net evil star tips no wets stop, tub did ton part a tar.

What is the secret message?

Answers to the "What the he!l is she talking about?" inbox, please.
24/Oct/11 1:40 AM
 |  |

Happy Sunday!
24/Oct/11 2:07 AM
 |  |

The jigsaw looks like a little hedgehog - but I think it is really an anteater...
24/Oct/11 2:09 AM
 |  |

Why did the game warden arrest the ghost?

... He didn't have a haunting license!
24/Oct/11 2:21 AM
 |  |

What does a skeleton order at a restaurant?

... Spare ribs!
24/Oct/11 2:21 AM
 |  |

What instrument do skeletons play?

... Trom-BONE!
24/Oct/11 2:21 AM
 |  |

What happened when the skeletons rode pogo sticks?

... They had a rattling good time!
24/Oct/11 2:21 AM
 |  |

What type of art do skeletons like?
... Scull-tures!
24/Oct/11 2:21 AM
 |  |

I think there should be a medal cut for the way the French accepted their defeat. Rugby is a game for gentlemen and having spent several hours in a bar with them after the match their loss was treated by gentlemen even if not everyone agrees with several referee decisions they were great. As a brit I say Viva la France
24/Oct/11 2:23 AM
 |  |

Good afternoon to all! I like the way this fellow spiked his hair!
24/Oct/11 3:23 AM
 |  |

G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. The art of screwing up several things at once.
24/Oct/11 3:27 AM
 |  |

Mo, I agree with you, but I am more inclined to lean towards Mr. Cee's comment on yesterday's page, that "France reached the final winning a game they deserved to lose." At any rate, well done for both teams, and All Blacks!
24/Oct/11 3:28 AM
 |  |

24/Oct/11 3:29 AM
 |  |

Gannie Mo and Fiona,
We'll hire a runway at Charles de Gaulle airport for the chartered 707 with luxury beds. Could you remember to bring a few bottles of champagne on board with you please?
24/Oct/11 3:33 AM
 |  |

I slept in later than usual today. I have a rash on my forearms that now has a satellite on my abdomen. I think it is poision ivy I got from cavalierly clearing brush from under a tree. TM keeps giving me antihistamines (I won't let him overdose me) so I am tired. I itch soooo bad! I have applied cortisone cream and spot bandages, then a long sleeved shirt to keep from sctatching.
24/Oct/11 3:33 AM
 |  |
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