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Easy Sudoku for 24/June/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Maen all Y'all...
24/Jun/17 12:01 AM
See Y'all in a couple of weeks! Off to Italy with husband, daughter, and granddaughter! Take care of things here, eh? Arrivederci!
24/Jun/17 12:15 AM
Hope you get to Pompeii. It's amazing. But, then, so is everything else! Have fun!
24/Jun/17 12:43 AM
I have an exciting day planned. I am going to caulk a bathtub and stain a shelving unit.
24/Jun/17 12:48 AM
Good morning & safe travels, Judy! Hope you have heavy-duty rubber gloves, Kathy, for both your jobs!
24/Jun/17 1:10 AM
I'm off to continue deadheading our hedge of ever-blooming Josee Lilacs; after last summer's drought they were overly-exuberant bloomers this spring! I've already crossed this chore off my list 3 times, but every time I pause to admire my handiwork, I pause too long and ..........spy MORE !!!!!

24/Jun/17 1:23 AM
Good morning, everyone.
Have a safe and fun trip to Italy, Judy.
24/Jun/17 1:25 AM
24/Jun/17 2:08 AM
Judy, think I can fit in your suitcase??? You won't have to carry it, just cut 2 holes
24/Jun/17 2:11 AM
Ooooh, got my fav post and didn't know it!!!
24/Jun/17 2:13 AM
Lovely photo with that big tree in the foreground.
24/Jun/17 3:18 AM
Thanks for the good wishes! Pompeii was a given, Kathy! Thus I will be able to cross at least ONE thing off my Bucket List!
24/Jun/17 4:29 AM
all. Back home again; had three fun days in Charlotte.
Have a good trip, Judy.
24/Jun/17 6:08 AM
Morning all,I wonder if they caught any fish.
Have a wonderful trip , Judy.
24/Jun/17 6:24 AM
Merlin is happily chewing a bone while squashing the herbs. He's missing the garden at Sandy Point and resorts to this one flower pot
24/Jun/17 6:56 AM
what I should be doing and what I am doing are 2 different things - someday, I will get on a schedule!
24/Jun/17 7:13 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
24/Jun/17 7:17 AM
Thanks for the Merlin update.
24/Jun/17 7:38 AM
What a great dog.
24/Jun/17 7:38 AM
While I'm here ...
24/Jun/17 7:38 AM
24/Jun/17 7:39 AM
24/Jun/17 7:39 AM
1:58 Good morning one and all!
24/Jun/17 11:06 AM
Oh those poor Italians - they don't know what they're in for.

None the less, have a good trip, Judy et al.
24/Jun/17 1:35 PM
Thanks again everyone! Just a few hours until the shuttle picks us up! Yippee! If you believe that I am going to bring disruption to Italy, Peter .......... you should meet my daughter! I will take all of you with me in my heart.
24/Jun/17 1:52 PM
Have a wonderful trip Judy.
24/Jun/17 2:54 PM
My sister took me out to lunch today. To an area called The Spit. A part of Sydney Harbour called Middle Harbour. A lovely sunny winters day. Millions work of beautiful yachts moored at the foreshore. Unfortunately I did not take my camera. We had beer battered flathead with chips and salad.
24/Jun/17 3:01 PM
Judy, bring an extra camera for a backup.
24/Jun/17 10:34 PM
There is a photo of Merlin on dino's old page.
dino from sth Gippsland
25/Jun/17 9:31 AM
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