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Easy Sudoku for 25/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
I enjoyed traveling down the Oregon coastline to visit the light houses. I also like to travel to St. Joseph Michigan, to visit The coffee shop in town but also to look at the lighthouse there
25/Jan/17 12:04 AM
Every summer we went to Long Beach Island in New Jersey and saw the Barnegate Lighthouse.
25/Jan/17 12:06 AM
1:54 Good evening one and all!
25/Jan/17 12:06 AM
And welcome to page two.
25/Jan/17 12:39 AM
The ghost is back.
25/Jan/17 12:42 AM
25/Jan/17 1:14 AM
Wha ... who ... where?
25/Jan/17 1:14 AM
Great minds ... & all that.
25/Jan/17 1:16 AM
Our snow is descending -morning to all; not sure how 'good' it is quite yet!
25/Jan/17 1:45 AM
Good morning to all! The light that keeps sailors safe.
25/Jan/17 1:47 AM
Happy birthday Peter!
25/Jan/17 1:48 AM
We finally have sunshine!
25/Jan/17 1:55 AM
Hubby needs to get on my computer and try and figure out why my e-mails have vanished.
So, without further ado.... it's poozle time!

A spoonerism is a pair of words that can have their initial sounds switched to form new words. The pairs need only sound the same, not necessarily be More...
25/Jan/17 1:59 AM
Dishwasher fixed, leaky roof fixed, hand almost healed, hubby feeling better, off to Zumba and Pilates ... life is good again.
25/Jan/17 2:34 AM
I thought that light was the one at the end of the street where beckons the sea port pub.
25/Jan/17 2:37 AM
Timing is everything! I stayed up late last night finishing a David Baldacci book, One Summer, that focuses on a LIGHTHOUSE! A real tear-jerker! So different from his other novels that I thought Nicholas Sparks had written it!
25/Jan/17 3:07 AM
Still dreary outside.
(Good thing I have such a bright personality!)
If one suffered from SADD in this area, they'd better consider relocation to someplace where the sun shines occasionally in winter!
25/Jan/17 3:14 AM
Good Maen, good people. Yes, Shiela, I long for sunshine, even if it means the groundhog sees his shadow.
25/Jan/17 3:59 AM
Ah, the clock tells me I must now say good mAen.
25/Jan/17 4:02 AM
Anne, that's a beautiful photo of Albany behind today's Tough puzzle.
25/Jan/17 4:02 AM
Cathy, glad to hear things are returning to normal for you.
25/Jan/17 4:04 AM
Joyce- we had snow return to us today, too. Michigan's lighthouses are famous when coated with winter spray turned to ice. They attract lots of bundled up photographers.
25/Jan/17 4:06 AM
And without fanfare I managed to deliver my cp onto the 22 space. My work here is done.
25/Jan/17 4:08 AM
No, it's not. Peter.
25/Jan/17 4:11 AM
Yes, awake awake, Peter - time's a wastin' for celebratin'! Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
25/Jan/17 5:03 AM
I'm pretty confident that Peter started celebrating last night ...
25/Jan/17 5:08 AM
25/Jan/17 6:11 AM
25/Jan/17 6:17 AM
25/Jan/17 6:17 AM
Happy Birthday, Peter!
I have never been to a lighthouse - maybe it is time to rectify that.
25/Jan/17 6:42 AM
Love lighthouses, and visit them whenever possible.
25/Jan/17 6:49 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Lighthouses are one of my favorite photo ops.
I have one of the lighthouse in Lake Michigan just outside Chicago (as seen from the Lake and River boat tour)
25/Jan/17 6:49 AM
Morning all, I've never seen the lights outside on a lighthouse before.
25/Jan/17 7:08 AM
Peter, enjoy your day !
25/Jan/17 7:10 AM
25/Jan/17 7:33 AM
I've visited this lighthouse in Kauai. Really loved driving through this neighborhood and the surrounding beaches!!! Think I have some pics of this place, too.
25/Jan/17 7:36 AM
Well, look where we are! Ready to go to the next page
25/Jan/17 7:38 AM
I'll just push us along.
25/Jan/17 7:39 AM
Guess I better hurry us along.
25/Jan/17 7:40 AM
25/Jan/17 7:40 AM
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