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Easy Sudoku for 26/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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1:43 Good evening all!
26/Jan/17 12:05 AM
Hello all - have a god day!
26/Jan/17 12:16 AM
Happy Australia day. Hope all the Aussies are having their prawns on the barbie or their lamb roast! (Come on down Keith and I will put some lamb chops on the BBQ just for you)
26/Jan/17 12:26 AM
Good morning and Happy Australia Day.
26/Jan/17 12:41 AM
26/Jan/17 1:09 AM
Ghost post Hal......or a real one? Come on now, I don't know whether to do a ghost post or not.
26/Jan/17 1:33 AM
Haha - That earlier post was a very quick one for me - GOOD, it should have read good!
26/Jan/17 2:03 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
26/Jan/17 2:13 AM
The sun tried to shine this morning!
Didn't last long, though!
26/Jan/17 2:15 AM
Personally, Joyce, I would rather have a God day than a good day anytime ...
26/Jan/17 2:18 AM
Absolutely gorgeous day here. Lots of sun and temps will be in the 60's.
Unfortunately, my afternoon will be spent at the doctor's office. Nothing wrong, just a check up. But, I'd sure rather be out and about enjoying the weather.
26/Jan/17 2:39 AM
to our friends Down Under!
26/Jan/17 2:42 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle:

1) fat beaver & bat fever 2) sea floor & flea sore 3) frying pan & prying fan 4) man of the times & tan of the mimes
5) gas and bar & bass and gar 6) light wizard & white lizard 7) fly chute & shy flute 8) great Dane & date grain
(There were several More...
26/Jan/17 2:47 AM
And, for today.....

When the blanks below are properly filled, the result will be a palindrome (it will read the same forward and backwards.

Since you gained so much weight, your shoe doesn't fit any more. You must have _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Hint: Reading forward, More...
26/Jan/17 3:04 AM
Happy Australia Day from Texas!!
26/Jan/17 4:01 AM
26/Jan/17 4:21 AM
Judy, there is a photo on the Hard today entitled 'Judy's dog, a Viszla' .....might this be yours???
26/Jan/17 4:39 AM
1:20. Good morning everyone.
26/Jan/17 4:54 AM
A real closeup of Floss, taken by someone who loves her.
26/Jan/17 5:06 AM
I do believe that is Judy's dog, Joyce. She has two of those gorgeous creatures.
26/Jan/17 5:10 AM
On to Keith, and, I'm off to the doc's!
26/Jan/17 5:11 AM
Good afternoon to all! Up close and personal with Floss.
26/Jan/17 5:20 AM
Well, we got off lucky by not receiving another 30 Cms. of snow yesterday. Some freezing ice pellets and about 3 Cm. of snow only. Still made for slippery roads.
26/Jan/17 5:23 AM
The Netherlands' reaction to Donald Trump's presidential victory.
26/Jan/17 5:24 AM
Yes, that is my Sadie! Thanks for letting me know, Joyce!
26/Jan/17 5:35 AM
Morning all, not a bad photo for a four year old.
HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to all Aussie's no matter where you live .
26/Jan/17 5:45 AM
26/Jan/17 6:05 AM
Well Happy day to all - enjoy your festivities.
26/Jan/17 6:23 AM
Got to get some lesson plans ready for tomorrow classes - stretch and tone - running wet and deep blue - I have lesson plans - idea - I need to tighten the flow of the class and get comfortable with the class
26/Jan/17 6:27 AM
CG - I had seen that video - it is hilarious!
mymare - your class sounds like one that would be a lot more popular than my algebra and geometry classes!
26/Jan/17 6:56 AM
Busy day here today - Gorgeous dog, Judy!

I've been neglectful with wishes -

26/Jan/17 6:58 AM
Uno Hu - real post this time.
26/Jan/17 7:31 AM
Happy Australia Day!
26/Jan/17 7:32 AM
RIP Laura Petrie, aka Mary Tyler Moore, 80.
26/Jan/17 7:34 AM

Have a great day everyone doing what you love most. May the weather be kind to you where ever you live. Off to enjoy my Australia Day out in the garden, it sure needs some attention!
26/Jan/17 7:48 AM
Hello, HalT!
26/Jan/17 9:29 AM
Gig 'em, Jamie.
26/Jan/17 10:28 AM
26/Jan/17 1:51 PM
Well, my timing is great!
26/Jan/17 1:52 PM
26/Jan/17 1:53 PM
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