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Easy Sudoku for 25/January/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:49. Good Morning, all.
25/Jan/20 12:08 AM
Tom, and all to follow!
25/Jan/20 12:47 AM
We are waiting to hear when the electrition is showing up today. A bathroom light is being contrary. Sometimes it won't turn on, sometimes it will, sometimes it comes on then goes off....this last is somewhat annoying when you are in the shower. Hubby thought maybe it was the switch, More...
25/Jan/20 12:57 AM
1:49 Quickest I've done for awhile.
I think I've worn out my TV Remote tonight as I've been flicking between the Tennis and cricket, and then sometimes checking up on one of my favourite shows. I feel worn out. Better go and do my then off to Good night one and all.
25/Jan/20 1:02 AM
tom, Kathy & all who follow!! Nitety, nite Anne!
25/Jan/20 1:54 AM

25/Jan/20 1:59 AM
25/Jan/20 1:59 AM
Just a tiny bit more colourful that a bunch of sparrows at the feeder!
25/Jan/20 2:25 AM
Well, another solar orbit is complete. That makes 82 of 'em.
25/Jan/20 2:26 AM
Overcast, gloomy and rainy.
Hope your day is better!
25/Jan/20 2:31 AM
I've never posted in this section before, and I seldom read it, so I hope I'm not repeating old business.
I heard of a strange case in which a guy unwisely drank 8 Cokes, ... and burped 7 Up!
25/Jan/20 2:46 AM
Thanks for your funny contribution, rwm! Nice to see you here!
25/Jan/20 2:49 AM
Oooohhhh ... a naked Batty ... in the shower ... in the dark ... crashing around ... the vision is burned on the back of my eyeballs!
25/Jan/20 2:51 AM
Good Maen, good people. What do you feed rainbow lorikeets? Gum drops?
25/Jan/20 3:14 AM
25/Jan/20 3:18 AM
Happy Birthday, HalT! You have become quite the expert at circling the sun. Congrats. Celebrate. πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸΎπŸŽˆ
25/Jan/20 3:22 AM
Happy Birthday, Peter! Is that why you're in Toronto? Have many delightful celebrations while you're there!
25/Jan/20 3:43 AM
...and Hal - how did you slide in with an unannounced birthday … you must have forgotten to reveal it waaaay back when you became a member?
25/Jan/20 3:45 AM
Happy Birthday to another venerable old man, Peter!

You know, methinks these two codgers have even more experience circling a bar than circling the sun. Cheers to you both! 🍺🍺
25/Jan/20 3:46 AM
Have a grand day everyone - hope it compares to Peter's & Hal's birthday celebrating season!
25/Jan/20 3:47 AM
, Hal! , Peter! Love and best wishes to two of our absolute favorite Old Guys!
25/Jan/20 3:49 AM
25/Jan/20 4:21 AM
What gorgeous birds! Wish I could have them at my feeders.
25/Jan/20 5:46 AM
Morning all,grow a grevillea in the garden and you will have lots of lorikeets without buying feed.
25/Jan/20 6:42 AM
Hal, Peter
25/Jan/20 6:46 AM
Hal & Peter.
25/Jan/20 7:48 AM
all! Happy birthday to the oldies, Hal & Peter. My oldie is just a couple of years behind you Hal.
25/Jan/20 8:24 AM

Moving Daughter today and tomorrow.

Well supplying the truck and driving it.
25/Jan/20 8:51 AM
Hal Peter. Two of the stalwarts of this site
25/Jan/20 9:14 AM
Here is this weeks quiz. Totally different from the usual. Don't forget that this quiz last two weeks as I'm away so no need to rush.
This quiz comes in two posts - it is too big to accept in one
Below is a list of 50 Books/Plays/Musicals/Films/TV Series. They are numbered 1 to More...
25/Jan/20 9:18 AM
These are the characters to match with the first part
AAnne ShirleyBArthur Dent
CAugustus GloopDAtticus Finch
EBig Brother FBlind Pew (Pugh)
GClarice StarlingHDon Vito Corleone
IEdmond DantesJEdward Rochester
KElizabeth More...
25/Jan/20 9:19 AM
Just looked at the pagination which is horrible - sorry. Will have to learn how to do better.
25/Jan/20 9:20 AM
Just in time, again, and I AM Thirsty. My Shout. I'll have 'the usual'...
25/Jan/20 9:46 AM
Re the Quiz and the horrible pagination.
If anyone wants to pm me their email I will send the Excel formatted quiz to them
25/Jan/20 10:56 AM
I think this is what Arachnid is trying to achieve - never send a boy to do a man's job.

In the second post are names of 50 characters who appear in one of the above.
They are listed A through to XX
Your task is to match the character with the Book etc.
Eg. If you More...
25/Jan/20 11:26 AM
Thank you Phantom. Much appreciated.
The Boy
25/Jan/20 12:19 PM
Happy Birthday to Peter and Hal. I wish I could shout you both a drink, but the computer refuses to co-operatre. I've already drowned two computers trying to send them.
25/Jan/20 2:23 PM
I'm a bit late with the answers to Wednesday's puzzle. As Arachnid has given us two weeks in which to do his latest puzzle I thought I could give people an extra day to post an answer. Numbers are down a bit this week with only 7 responses to date. They were Sarah, Judy, Peter, Kathy, Mr Cee, More...
25/Jan/20 3:25 PM
And here are the questions and answers:

A – First of 26
As - Conjunction, adverb and preposition
RSA - Most southerly country in Africa (acronym)
Saar - German State
Arias - Operatic songs
Sarina - Town on Queensland coast with a woman’s name
Marinas - Places that service More...
25/Jan/20 3:28 PM
1:26. Good afternoon everyone.

25/Jan/20 4:54 PM
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