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Easy Sudoku for 25/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A spam free day yesterday.
25/Feb/15 12:01 AM
Cute little ballerinas.
25/Feb/15 12:03 AM


If it is 8 o'clock, the clock will chime 7 times after the first chime is heard.
Since the time gap between any two chimes is 2 seconds, this will take 7 × 2 = 14 seconds.

Now, to know what time it really is, you More...
25/Feb/15 12:05 AM
It's -13F here right now. Maybe I should have passed out instead.
25/Feb/15 12:08 AM
Good morning people of the world.
25/Feb/15 12:13 AM
So Serena, no discussion on the added time for the actual length of the chime?
25/Feb/15 12:14 AM
I may have kept certain information away from certain people. Like, school is delayed, you can sleep in.
25/Feb/15 12:15 AM
Really, really wish I had shared that information. Since, at 6:30, the normal time to put my lovelies on their yellow limo, I had two panic girls yelling, as they jumped on my slumbering body, 'Mom, MOM! we missed the bus.'
25/Feb/15 12:18 AM
I would think normal children would go back to bed and enjoy that extra sleep...not mine.
25/Feb/15 12:19 AM
BYOM, since the amount of the time it takes for the clock to chime isn't given, it is not taken into consideration in this puzzle. In real life, it would matter, but with puzzles you just have to work with what is given to you and go from there.
25/Feb/15 12:29 AM
The sun's trying to come out!
Still c-c-chilly.
A bit warmer than yesterday... above zero, anyway. (3F)
25/Feb/15 12:49 AM
Yesterday was not my day...
My car was left in gear the night before (not by me, guys) and with a keyless start, that drains the battery down to zero. They finally came - 5 hours later than they said! (The towing company had a power outage and lost our order.) So, no car yesterday.
25/Feb/15 12:58 AM
Nope, it was not my day...
While I was waiting for the tow truck, I seemed to be feeling cold all day. (I am nevvvver cold!) So I looked at the thermostat. It was set on 64 F, so I raised it to 66 F, then 68 F. Still cold, I finally looked at the actual temp and it said only 60 F degrees, then More...
25/Feb/15 1:16 AM
No snow today. Did you get any, S'gal?
25/Feb/15 1:17 AM
(Seems only appropriate that post landed on #13!)
25/Feb/15 1:19 AM
, y'all! Yep, HalT, a light dusting of the fluffy stuff. It's sticking to leaves, grass and natural areas, but not driveways and roads. We've had intermittent freezing rain. It's right at freezing, not as cold as it's been.
25/Feb/15 1:37 AM
I use SilverTeen's delayed school as an excuse for delayed work ! Just an old-fashioned Mom preference - I like seeing her off, even though she's quite capable of locking up the house herself.
25/Feb/15 1:39 AM
During a lady's medical examination, the doctor says:- 'Your heart, lungs, pulse and blood pressure are all fine. Now let me see the bit that gets you ladies into all kinds of trouble.'

The lady starts taking off her underwear but is interrupted by the doctor.

'No! No! Don't remove your clothes... Just stick out your tongue!'

25/Feb/15 1:47 AM
Good morning to all! She is one cute little ballerina!
25/Feb/15 1:48 AM
Good one Neil! Now watch out for the backlash from our ladies on the site!
25/Feb/15 1:50 AM
I guess I'll pretend I'm Keith and gallop on....
25/Feb/15 1:51 AM
Hello 22!
25/Feb/15 1:52 AM
A CP and I'm out of here.
25/Feb/15 1:52 AM
Something a little different today.....

Riddling questions!

1. Why can't a man living in the USA be buried in Canada?
2. Is it legal for a man in California to marry his widow's sister? Why?
3. If there are 3 More...
25/Feb/15 2:12 AM
Good morning! Beautiful ballerinas. It's a cold one here at 7F, with about a foot of snow on the ground. We've had no new snow since Sunday, and what is here is really pretty!
25/Feb/15 2:13 AM
I hope I don't spoil the puzzle for everyone but here are a few of my answers.

1. Cause the Canucks hate dem Yankees?
2. In California....probably!
4. All the way or... as far as it wants to before it stops to sniff a tree.
5. In Canada he probably bribed the referee!!!
6. As an More...
25/Feb/15 3:00 AM
Oops. I hope nobody noticed an accidental correct answer in my poor attempt at humor. Sorry for both.
25/Feb/15 3:05 AM
So Shiela, you had one of those days that you should have crawled back into bed, it seems. I did.
25/Feb/15 3:08 AM
Silvergal, I like seeing the girls off in the mornings and seeing their beautiful faces when they get off the bus in the afternoon. Man is home on Monday mornings and every afternoon, which I could let him have the enjoyment, all to himself, but we are both pushing them on in the morning and with wide open arms in the afternoon.
25/Feb/15 3:11 AM
Kind of liked this school start day. Girls were able to play a little outside for a few minutes, before they realized playing in ice is cold and wet. I actually, prepared them a warm breakfast, that once was Man's Sunday morning duty and they liked it. And ate it. There was time for a little pick More...
25/Feb/15 3:14 AM
Came back in, de-germed the toothpaste room, aka the girl's bathroom, laundry, prep work for dinner, and cleaned out the fireplace.

Strange the only thing I had planned for this morning was a shower. Which after I finish my last cup, I will do.
25/Feb/15 3:17 AM
Daryne is a darling ballerina, that's for sure.
25/Feb/15 3:55 AM
Anne, no email yet.
25/Feb/15 3:57 AM
beautiful day in OK.
25/Feb/15 3:58 AM
Off to get a massage, hope she can work out the kinks.
25/Feb/15 4:00 AM
25/Feb/15 5:10 AM
Hmmm, no one's here. Oh well, might as well . . .
25/Feb/15 5:11 AM
Getting there . . .
25/Feb/15 5:11 AM
And we're getting set . . .
25/Feb/15 5:11 AM
25/Feb/15 5:12 AM
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