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Easy Sudoku for 26/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning people of the world.
26/Feb/15 12:02 AM
What a difference a day makes.
The only thing moving fast this morning was the clock and the yellow limo. It was so hard getting everyone up and moving, much less going.
26/Feb/15 12:04 AM
Being a SAHM, the delayed time yesterday was really nice. The girls had a good breakfast, and I knew they ate, and no was really rushed. We could do that normally, but that required me attempting to get girls out of bed at 5 AM. As it is, I start at the waking process at 5:50 and hope they are More...
26/Feb/15 12:10 AM
Humph. Guess I will go pretend to do something else, since no one else is awake or they are doing their bedtime routine.
26/Feb/15 12:12 AM
Does anyone claim that little cutie?
26/Feb/15 12:13 AM
Going to be gone all day again, not the doctors this time, what a change.
26/Feb/15 12:28 AM
, y'all! 2:30, couldn't get going. Late start again based upon what our district was told the weather was going to be ... and the forecast changed after the late start decision was made.
26/Feb/15 12:35 AM
Silverteen woke up later because of late start and remarked joyfully 'Ahhhh... late start and we don't have any bad weather. It's a beautiful world!'
26/Feb/15 12:36 AM
Up a bit early ... but I'm here.
26/Feb/15 12:55 AM
I think it is strange, that a mere 38 miles away, they have icy conditions, with Texas snow, (ice or sleet, that is thick and looks white), and delays all over.
We are just wet. I thought it was lightly raining, but it is just the ice melting.
26/Feb/15 12:58 AM
I am so happy Keith you are up and here, the world would just not be the same. Though a little early, I think, for a race.
26/Feb/15 1:00 AM
Oh, my stars!
It is snowing in my back yard and nothing in the front yard.
Actually really snowing! That is snow.
Look, snow!
Gotta go watch it, before it disappears.
26/Feb/15 1:01 AM
Still chilly! (8 F degrees)
But... the sunshine makes all the difference!
26/Feb/15 1:04 AM
Karen, the novelty has worn off up here!
(But, take your pets out! Dogs & cats not used to snow can be hilarious in snow!)
26/Feb/15 1:09 AM
A bit chilly here (frost), but dry.
26/Feb/15 1:11 AM
It is beautiful, but nothing to get excited about. Yes, I know I did, but it is not sticking. I took pictures to show the girls.
Actually went outside in warm-ups, thin t-shirt and flip-flops and was fine, but wet.
26/Feb/15 1:12 AM
I remember one of my cats in snow for the first time springing around all over the deck trying to catch snowklakes and then discovering its new track-making ability. Soooo funny!
26/Feb/15 1:12 AM
Well, now ya'll do not have worry about me filling up the pages for a while, because I seem to not be able to stop watching the snow fall.
26/Feb/15 1:12 AM
Hmmmm.... Keith's here....
26/Feb/15 1:13 AM
It's nearing that number...
26/Feb/15 1:14 AM
26/Feb/15 1:14 AM
(I've waited long enough!)
26/Feb/15 1:15 AM
Shelby Lou is my shadow. When I opened the door, she took one look outside and said, 'Now way.'
The kitties, had already ventured out one door into the cold garage and had no interests in going out another. I tend to not wait on them when they go into the garage and leave them. After 5 minutes they were pawing at the door.
26/Feb/15 1:15 AM
They probably have not had time to grow their winter coats!
26/Feb/15 1:18 AM
Well, I would have given you a challenge, if my eyes would stay on screen and not wonder to the window.
M has been begging for snow. She should be changing buildings about now, hopefully it is snowing, less than 10 miles down the road.
26/Feb/15 1:18 AM
& I missed it, by going over to TOS and doing my early morning pokes.
26/Feb/15 1:18 AM
I should email the Kinder teacher. Can you imagine 20 little noses, pressed against the one window in the classroom?
26/Feb/15 1:20 AM
Oh, I got a poke!
What a thrilling day. Snow, pokes and I do not have to leave the house.
Life is good.
26/Feb/15 1:21 AM
A walker and his dog just passed by, the dog is having fun prancing around and catching snowflakes.
26/Feb/15 1:22 AM
Wonder if the school would excuse my girls, if I went and got them, so they could play in the wet snow?

OK, brain lapse.
26/Feb/15 1:30 AM
I have been trying to paint watercolors a bit 'looser'. I must have internalized that thought, because last night I dreamed I was painting with a tennis racket!
The painting actually turned out quite good... and then I ate it!
(Ate the painting, not the racket!)
I love dreams like that where complete reason goes out the window!
26/Feb/15 1:31 AM
The answers I had for yesterday's poozle:
1. Why should a living man be buried?
2. No, it is not legal to get married if you are dead.
3. If you take 2 apples, then you have 2, of course
4. The dog can run into the woods More...
26/Feb/15 1:51 AM
And for today.....

Each of the following sets of letters can be made into a real word by adding three letters to the beginning, and the SAME three letters in the SAME order to the end.
For example, ANGLEM can have ENT added at the start and the end to become ENT + ANGLEM + ENT = More...
26/Feb/15 1:57 AM
26/Feb/15 1:57 AM
Oh Shiela, love your dream.
Are you thinking about painting with a tennis racket today?
Hopefully, you will not eat your painting.
26/Feb/15 2:00 AM
OK, it is confirmed, I am not entirely crazy. My page on TOS, is filling up with excited Texans taking pictures and posting them. And I am not the only one who has made it to this advanced age and never seen it snow like this.
26/Feb/15 2:03 AM
Kathy, you're questions reminded me of a programming logic class I used to teach. All of the exams included two or three 'extra credit' questions. I used several of your questions on those exams.
26/Feb/15 2:03 AM
I had emailed my Kinder teacher and bless her heart, she is a gem. She took the kids outside and let them dance around in the snow. She said she is able to email me, because all 20 of them are squished around the window.
Hope my third grader is getting the same thrill.
26/Feb/15 2:05 AM
'You're' = 'your'.
26/Feb/15 2:05 AM
Hello page two.
26/Feb/15 2:06 AM
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