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Easy Sudoku for 26/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
26/Nov/19 12:00 AM
2:17. Good Morning, Wolf and everyone!
26/Nov/19 12:06 AM
2:15 Good night all.
26/Nov/19 12:27 AM
Jeez Judy! Haven't you heard of this thing called the internet? Ya know you can download all kinds of stuff, (I was going to say shít, but thought better of it), from the internet, specially movies and tv shows.
Just remember, Big Brother and your Internet Service Provider are watching because More...
26/Nov/19 12:45 AM
Wolf, Tom, and From! Sleep well, Anne. How nice that you got to meet up with Billy. It would be nice if she dropped in to say ''Hi''.

I am off to do some Thanksgiving shopping. With things so up in the air here, what with the More...
26/Nov/19 1:34 AM
I have put a rather amusing photo up on my page. Than heavens we finally have something to laugh about!
26/Nov/19 1:58 AM
26/Nov/19 1:59 AM
than???? Thank! I really must start proofreading before hitting submit!
26/Nov/19 2:01 AM
all. Cute picture, Kathy.
26/Nov/19 2:36 AM
Morning. Off to our daughter's house for Thanksgiving.
26/Nov/19 2:48 AM
Like your bats Kathy!
26/Nov/19 3:46 AM
26/Nov/19 4:27 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
26/Nov/19 4:27 AM
I've been busy trying to shampoo the carpet for my allergic niece and rug rats coming. Plus shopping for stuffsies to fill up my 20 or so crowd. Always that 'Auntie, can I bring ???' dishes or guest, I say welcome!
26/Nov/19 4:30 AM
And if my middle bro doesn't get back from Dubai on time I might be stuck with Christmas brunch as well! Argh!
He sent me a video of the shopping mall there. It has a skiing slope in the mall in the middle of the desert!!
26/Nov/19 4:32 AM
all. Shoshone, My sister & brother in law have skied on that slope. He is a former Olympian, so it wasn't a challenge but just something to say - I skied in the desert!
26/Nov/19 5:51 AM
Auto correct interferes again!! Sorry Shosho.
26/Nov/19 5:53 AM
Beautiful flower nice photo
26/Nov/19 6:27 AM
Morning all, beautiful geranium ,love that shade of red.
We had a lovely light and noise show last night with lots of rain , everything looks so fresh this morning.
26/Nov/19 6:31 AM
26/Nov/19 6:37 AM
Wendy for the photo of the beautiful red geranium
26/Nov/19 6:56 AM
Kathy, you could disable 'auto correct'...
26/Nov/19 7:14 AM
Great photo Kathy. I'm sure things are on the improve ......
26/Nov/19 10:49 AM
I think Thanksgiving day is the 28th? Hope all the transatlantic people have an enjoyable day celebrating
26/Nov/19 10:52 AM
I often think about running away but by the time I put my teeth in, my glasses on and find my keys I can't remember where I was going
26/Nov/19 10:53 AM
A bit of trivia. 154 years ago today Alice in Wonderland was published. Not a lot has changed since the original Mad Hatter's Tea Party
26/Nov/19 10:57 AM
Now I'm off for breakfast. Wonderful day here, sun is shining and blue skies all around. All is well in the world
26/Nov/19 10:59 AM
Good morning all.

26/Nov/19 12:25 PM
Bushfire started up about 7-8 Ks north of us. Plenty of news helicopters plus fire bombing planes going overhead. Trust they get it out soon and that it wasn't the work of a firebug
26/Nov/19 1:07 PM
Hi Arachnid. And we've got about 40 acres burning right now in the hills above us (about 10 km away) in Santa Barbara. It's becoming too regular an occurrence these days...!!
26/Nov/19 2:02 PM
Arachnid, Tom, and everyone else who is being threatened by wild fires, we hope that they are quickly extinguished and that you stay safe.
26/Nov/19 2:14 PM
Thanks, Arachnid. We'll personally be fine, but we are concerned for friends and others who live below the fire. There is an evacuation order and, given our recent history here, I'm sure everyone has now learned to evacuate when told.
26/Nov/19 2:37 PM
Sorry, I meant thanks, Wombat!
26/Nov/19 2:38 PM
We're all good at the moment thanks but the fire warning has changed as the fire has changed direction. Luckily we have the golf course as our barrier. I have friends who are in the volunteer bush fire brigade - I dips my lid to them and the time they give up for incidents like this
Thanks Wombat. Tom keep safe
26/Nov/19 3:05 PM
With all this going on lets defer 33 to 44 for a cold one which will be much appreciated as we cool down
26/Nov/19 3:09 PM
Great Photo, Kathy! What a wonderful Thanksgiving it will be with sooo very many joyful & thankful folks surrounding you!
26/Nov/19 3:12 PM
Yay - Amelia finally had her rainstorm!
26/Nov/19 3:13 PM
Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating this time of year!
26/Nov/19 3:14 PM
We're flying to NC for Turkey-Day with 2 of our daughters & their families - should be milder weather there!
26/Nov/19 3:16 PM
Apologies to all the POOZLERS who coped so well with a puzzle riddled with errors, and to my fellow POOZLE Setters who correct all the errors that were in the original poozle. I just didn't incorporate all their excellent suggestions in the first version I posted, nor even in the second one. More...
26/Nov/19 3:23 PM
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