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Easy Sudoku for 26/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Frost on my car windows this morning after 80+F a few days ago.
26/Mar/16 12:01 AM
2:07 Lovely photo.

Good night one and all!
26/Mar/16 12:28 AM
Wolf, Anne & everyone stopping by here!
A bit gray out there right now.
Supposed to be 'partly sunny'.
26/Mar/16 12:39 AM
26/Mar/16 1:38 AM
Lovely photo to see on a cool, dreary Good Friday in Carstairs.
26/Mar/16 1:47 AM
Good morning to all! A beautiful photo as the day arises and Easter draws near.
26/Mar/16 2:10 AM
We have the same, Shiela. It's supposed to be partly sunny, but it's raining. Have yet to see the ''sun'' part.
26/Mar/16 2:16 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: 1. stop 2. cheese 3. foot 4. top 5. hand 6. slow

The 1/2 price ''Easter Chick Crown'' goes to winners Judy, Lizzy(4/6), Aileen, Sarah(5/6) and Joyce.
A reminder: Those Easter chicks grow mighty fast. Buy early.
26/Mar/16 2:25 AM
I was reading about Jane and Sacky's adventures in Australia on FB. Jane mentioned that she left a pair of flip flops in a hotel. I told her the flip flops could look up a down pillow I left in a hotel in Sydney. They could become friends with all the other items forgetful tourists have waltzed More...
26/Mar/16 2:39 AM
Good morning.
26/Mar/16 2:46 AM
Our rainy showers day yesterday turned into a beautiful day.
26/Mar/16 2:47 AM
Which was lovely since we had a family oicnic in the park organised.
26/Mar/16 2:49 AM
oicnic = picnic
26/Mar/16 2:50 AM
Quiet day planned for today, hoping for more sunshine.
26/Mar/16 2:51 AM
26/Mar/16 3:02 AM
Gorgeous sunrise photo to see, on a very grey day here.
26/Mar/16 4:24 AM

CP-hope you enjoyed your oicnic yesterday!

Little overcast here but with a warm breeze!
26/Mar/16 5:19 AM
Is 'oicnic' when you make a pig of yourself at a picnic?
(oink + picnic = oicnic)
26/Mar/16 5:26 AM
My hubby is supposed to wear an 'Easter-colored' shirt for singing in the Easter cantata this Sunday...
His choices are: a lavender shirt and a robin-egg blue shirt.
Which do you think is more 'Easter-y'?
26/Mar/16 5:31 AM
everyone from very wet Hawaiian!!!
26/Mar/16 5:42 AM
Last we had the loudest thunder I ever heard! It was like someone setting off bombs near by. I think I got a little shook up, okay a lot!
26/Mar/16 5:45 AM
Where's Keith?
26/Mar/16 5:49 AM
Oh well, hr missed out today.
26/Mar/16 5:49 AM
Shiela, I think the robin egg blue would be lovely.
26/Mar/16 6:02 AM
Happy Friday day off!
Been to the hairdresser's, now off to have lunch with Mom since I'm working this weekend
26/Mar/16 6:32 AM
Ah well ... came back just a little too late.
26/Mar/16 6:37 AM
Morning all,beautiful sky but where is this place , never heard of a town called ''second floor apartment ''.
26/Mar/16 6:57 AM
Shosho, didn't know you had gone to Hawaii; remember guessing that you might be there because of the name of the river you had kayaked.... Must have missed your departure; hope you're having a grand visit!
26/Mar/16 7:51 AM
...and good afternoon folks; happy Easter to those who celebrate it!
26/Mar/16 7:54 AM
Kathy, I'll keep an eye out for your pillow.

26/Mar/16 9:17 AM
Good afternoon all and no sunshine in Ottawa...maybe for Easter Sunday?
Have a great weekend!
26/Mar/16 9:28 AM
Morning everybody
26/Mar/16 9:31 AM
Big game tomorrow Peter. Will you be up watching it? The Dogs play at a more civilised hour.
26/Mar/16 9:32 AM
Based on yesterday, oicnics are very enjoyable.
26/Mar/16 10:12 AM
Very strange. A few minutes ago, I took a picture of a sunset that looks almost identical to today's picture of a sunrise.
26/Mar/16 11:05 AM
When I showed Barbara both of the pictures, she thought I had uploaded mine to the site.
26/Mar/16 11:16 AM
So, no one else here?
26/Mar/16 11:17 AM
Am I going to have to do this myself?
26/Mar/16 11:18 AM
Might swell take a CP.
26/Mar/16 11:20 AM
26/Mar/16 11:20 AM
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