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Easy Sudoku for 26/March/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, good people.
26/Mar/18 12:00 AM
2:01 Good night all. Had a long drive today so feeling rather weary tonight.
26/Mar/18 12:32 AM
Sleep well, Anne. I finally had a full night's sleep last night and woke up feeling human again.

Houstonia is the species name of today's bluets flower.
26/Mar/18 1:05 AM
G'day Plum & g'night Anne - cheers to all who follow later!
26/Mar/18 1:19 AM
26/Mar/18 1:27 AM
TftD: Drive carefully. It's not only cars that can be recalled by their maker.
26/Mar/18 1:29 AM
I can't wait for my own bluets to appear. I'm still waiting for snow to melt, but snowdrops and snow crocuses are appearing in the bare places. There's hope!
26/Mar/18 1:38 AM
Keith - thanks for the probable ID on yesterday's bird picture. I looked up the mockingbird and discovered that it is rarer in SW MI than in OK or coastal CA. It also prefers urban and suburban environments to the forested rural area in which I live. They also don't tend to come to bird feeders, More...
26/Mar/18 1:56 AM
26/Mar/18 2:07 AM
I am loving the jokes and Hal's Thought For The Day. Thanks, guys!

I have family coming for dinner......maybe lunch, too. I haven't heard if they are coming before or after lunchtime. I guess I should be prepared for either contingency. ''Shrimp on the barbie'' time! See ya!

26/Mar/18 2:13 AM
26/Mar/18 2:51 AM
26/Mar/18 2:59 AM
everybody. Plum wow, great commentary on Mockingbird in SW MI. Very interesting
26/Mar/18 4:02 AM
Good afternoon to all! Sunny but still on the colder side here today.
26/Mar/18 4:12 AM
Morning. When I started typing, we were on 12, so in case this lands on 13 ... for Anne.

Not an engineer joke today, but I do have a personal memory from my childhood. I made a box trap in my dad's workshop, and caught a mated pair of chipmunks. My dad provided a 6'x3'x3' cage to keep them More...
26/Mar/18 4:24 AM
I thought these flowers were forget-me-nots Guess I was wrong.
26/Mar/18 4:30 AM
Rage, I've always figured mockingbirds were more in the Southern US because of cultural references ('To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee, 'Listen to the Mockingbird' and 'Hush, Little Baby, Don't Say a Word'). When Keith suggested the name and I realized Sue submitted the photo when she was in OK More...
26/Mar/18 4:45 AM
Keith - I like your story. Thanks.

We like chipmunks but we had a dog who was a hunting breed who made it her personal mission in life to keep chipmunks (and ground squirrels) away from the house. She even learned the word 'chipmunk' and would start sniffing around the More...
26/Mar/18 5:02 AM
Morning all,this place is very windy and I very much doubt we will see the sun before we head home.
26/Mar/18 6:46 AM
I like your chipmunk story too, Plum.
26/Mar/18 7:14 AM
26/Mar/18 7:14 AM
26/Mar/18 7:14 AM
1:40. Good morning everyone.
26/Mar/18 7:19 AM
G'day to everyone. After a very windy start to the day it is now quite sunny, but still breezy. Since Goulburn it less than 100km from Canberra Amelia will have much the same weather, so she should get some sun.
26/Mar/18 10:35 AM
We called Chipmunks 'One a Day Vitamins' at our house when we had our cat Fred - unfortunately for obvious reasons. Now that we have no cats we are becoming overrun by them.
26/Mar/18 1:55 PM
We had cold sunshine all day.
26/Mar/18 1:56 PM
Here are the answers to last weekends 1&4 poozle. Ten people submitted answers almost completely without fault. They were Judy, Devil or Angel, Plum. Sarah, Chris, Peter, Arachnid, Joyce,Kathy and Snowbird. Ten is a record number!

Adequate - More...
26/Mar/18 3:43 PM
Shiela - love your 'One A Day Vitamins' chipmunk story.
26/Mar/18 11:26 PM
You've got quite the following, Wombat.
for the 1&4 poozles.
26/Mar/18 11:29 PM
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