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Easy Sudoku for 27/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning people!
27/Jan/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland!
27/Jan/09 12:00 AM
You are a faster typist, Rose. Must be all that practice you have had recently. Congrats on sending off your work.
27/Jan/09 12:01 AM
Good Maen to everyone from a very cold Michigan this morning!
27/Jan/09 12:02 AM
Hope all you Aussies enjoyed your holiday!
27/Jan/09 12:02 AM
I see we still haven't heard from GMo. I do remember her saying she was setting a fire in the wood burner and staying inside (not the campervan) for the storm. I will add my prayers for her safety.
27/Jan/09 12:04 AM
27/Jan/09 12:04 AM
AWWWW! What a cute little girl!
27/Jan/09 12:05 AM
2:46 A cutie!

You wouldn't believe how fast my fingers can go, Jill! And how quickly I hit the backspace button, as well!

Today I finished Personality; Health, stress and coping; and I am part way through Psychological disorders. Who said you More...
27/Jan/09 12:09 AM
The cafeteria is closed at school for a couple of days of inventory. So they have the parents come in to the gym at lunch time and have a picnic with the kids. I am off to the "k" room (Karen's favorite) to make a batch of cookies. Nothing fancy today, so I won't need a spatula Shiela. More...
27/Jan/09 12:16 AM
Hmmmm, I think your backspace button sucked up a "will" from my last sentence Rose!
27/Jan/09 12:19 AM
Awwww, Jill! Are you SURE you don't need a spatula???
27/Jan/09 12:22 AM
Yummmm, Jill. I'll be waiting for one of those cookies!!!!!!!!!
27/Jan/09 12:23 AM
I am off to do laundry - Have a great day everyone!
27/Jan/09 12:24 AM
2:18 Rose, I missed that you sent it off. Woo-hoo. Congrats!
27/Jan/09 12:31 AM
Okay, who was it that mentioned "The Book Thief"? Read it yesterday. Was lukewarm at first, sobbing by the end. The poetic language grew on me and the (purposeful) chronological disjoint wasn't as hard to follow as in some other novels I've read.
Oftentimes More...
27/Jan/09 12:47 AM
Okay, fixing the typo and setting the quote off alone since indenting doesn't work [again, Death, the narrator, is speaking]:

"They say that war is death's best friend, but I must offer you a different point of view on that one.
To me, war is like the new boss who expects the More...
27/Jan/09 12:53 AM
Good COLD morning. Cuddling time
27/Jan/09 1:16 AM
1:47 Maen! Hi, cutie!
27/Jan/09 1:16 AM
Mornin' all. Been awhile since I've been here. Wish me luck and pray for my sanity today. I have a meeting at the school to discuss the results of the educational testing they did on middle child. His father, who hasn't shown up for anything (yes, that's right, he's been to nothing) in 4 years, has decided to be at this meeting. Should be interesting.
27/Jan/09 1:17 AM
Someone has to get #22
27/Jan/09 1:21 AM
27/Jan/09 1:21 AM
could it be me?
27/Jan/09 1:21 AM
momofm3 - you sneaky thing!
27/Jan/09 1:22 AM
Woopie, I scored #22! Without even trying!
27/Jan/09 1:26 AM
For those thinking about GannieMo:
News says that 680,000 homes are still w/out power in SW France and that 10% still may not have power at the end of the week. ABout 300,000 have had phone lines cut (wonder what kind of i'net service GMo has?). More rain may be coming their way. More bad news: More...
27/Jan/09 1:27 AM
And I actually have work to do this morning, so I ought not be milling around in Sudokuland too much, lest someone wonders about this work I should be doing I'm grateful to have the work to be doing.....
27/Jan/09 1:28 AM
everyone! It's off to see my little darlings, all 40 of them! See you later!
27/Jan/09 1:31 AM
Good morning Worldly People. It is a wet one layer day today. Rumor has it by mid week the iceman will visit us.

It is the 26th today so does that mean the Assies can still celebrate?

Poor Jill, having to go to that room, but while there could you make some peanut butter cookies? I have had a craving for them for a while.
27/Jan/09 1:47 AM
water class day today and then lots of errands to run - take care Angie -- I fully understand your situation
27/Jan/09 1:51 AM
Prayers going out to GannieMo, and you hang in there, too, Angie!
27/Jan/09 1:57 AM
Just popped back in to respond to messages and saw the post about GMo. Hang in there!! I have said a prayer for you and those around you.
27/Jan/09 2:13 AM
Warm cookies fresh from the oven. Bring your own milk!

Angie - Husbands, When will they learn to shut up and do as they are told?

Karen - I usually don't have trouble with cravings. But lately it has been Potato Chips and Dill Pickles. Go figure. Drs told me to lay off the salt!
27/Jan/09 2:15 AM
OH Jill pickles sound great too. Dill or sweet will work for me.
27/Jan/09 2:19 AM
Jill, he's an ex husband, no biggie, just wanted to make sure that was out there! I'm more worried about what he might say than I am about the test results!
27/Jan/09 2:28 AM
Stop it, you two! If you keep this up, ALL of us are going to empathize with you and suffer from pregnancy symptoms!
27/Jan/09 2:28 AM
Karen and Jill - Pickles, yuck! My kids could eat an entire jar in one sitting though.
27/Jan/09 2:29 AM
Judy, I'll join in the empathizing when they start craving ice cream
27/Jan/09 2:30 AM
Hehehe--I was going to mention ice cream which of course is calling me from the freezer but I thought it sounded so pregnant.
27/Jan/09 2:32 AM
Peanut butter cookies, dill pickles and a bowl of ice cream really does sound really good right now.
27/Jan/09 2:34 AM
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