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Easy Sudoku for 27/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
27/Jan/12 12:00 AM
1:49. Good night all.
27/Jan/12 12:03 AM
everyone! Chris...
WON'T need today.
27/Jan/12 12:10 AM
and many everyone have a happy day.
27/Jan/12 12:11 AM
Hello Shiela, I will not need sunglasses today either. I sure would like to be at that beach! We just returned from Florida. I do miss the sunshine.
27/Jan/12 12:12 AM
We are having rain and cool temps here in Middle TN. No flooding in our county.
27/Jan/12 12:14 AM
The spring flowers are showing their green little leaves. They are coming up early! But snow will not kill them.
27/Jan/12 12:16 AM
Speaking of flooding (as GmaJackie was), I hope G-H and all our other sudoku friends from Queensland as safe and dry.
27/Jan/12 12:17 AM
I may get some pansies to plant this year. Have a wonderful day everyone.
27/Jan/12 12:17 AM
Ah, I am just a little too slow. Missed it by that much!
27/Jan/12 12:18 AM
(Today is our state of Michigan's 175th 'birthday'.)
27/Jan/12 12:22 AM
Good evening one and all!
27/Jan/12 12:24 AM
and the number 13!
27/Jan/12 12:24 AM
I always enjoy a walk along the beach - bowling day today !!
27/Jan/12 12:26 AM
2:25 Just couldn't get it right tonight. Had a very busy day then went to the Australia Day picnic this afternoon/evening.
27/Jan/12 12:28 AM
Shiela - with there be cake ??? I'll always go for cake !!
27/Jan/12 12:28 AM
off to check my other sites and begin my day - once again, I am having my house to myself - at times --- been a long time coming - older son has a new job, younger son off to school -- house is basically clean --- now able to start that deep cleaning - or maybe my quilting project --
27/Jan/12 12:31 AM
of course, this all starts - after my girls outing at bowling !! Thursday is my Mental health day !!
27/Jan/12 12:32 AM

Thanks Chris it's dry here at present. The weather guessers have predicted a flogging for us on Saturday. Hope they are wrong but doubt it.
27/Jan/12 12:34 AM
Hmmmm.... What kind of cake should Michigan have, mymare?
Hopefully not fruitcake served with 'Rocky Road' ice cream!
27/Jan/12 12:38 AM
27/Jan/12 12:38 AM
27/Jan/12 12:38 AM
(Hello, Keith!)
27/Jan/12 12:38 AM
27/Jan/12 12:39 AM
I like Michigan.
27/Jan/12 12:40 AM
Mr. Cee!
27/Jan/12 12:52 AM
Only been to Michigan one time - when UCLA there. That was when Bo was Michigan's coach - it was a beautiful autumn day (except for the rain).
27/Jan/12 12:56 AM
forgot to say from rainy So. Oregon. Warm over night in the 40's. Clearing forecasted. VV - looks like the rain is headed your way.
27/Jan/12 12:58 AM
Eve - Even though I live closer to the University of Michigan, I'm a Michigan State fan!
27/Jan/12 1:13 AM
Good Maen all!
Busy on the other site and the time got away from me.
Thanks for the forecast, Eve...wish it were snow, but rain is very welcomed, too!
27/Jan/12 1:16 AM
HI all! And happy birthday to Michigan. What does the word mean? Where does it come from? I'm sure someone from the state will be able to tell me.
27/Jan/12 1:16 AM
Yesterday's poozle brought in lots of answers from Greg, Mr Cee, HalT, Grasshopper, Peter, Heidi, Mads, Eve and (almost all) Meg and June. I was looking for John, Brow, Post, Crew and love.
27/Jan/12 1:19 AM
Australia has miles and miles...make that kilometers and kilometers of gorgeous beaches!
27/Jan/12 1:19 AM
Oooowwww...got 33 on a lark!
27/Jan/12 1:20 AM
Here's today's one - answers to the NO Way José inbox please!

What is this rebus?

27/Jan/12 1:20 AM
Good Maen to all! This may be my last chance today to get here.
27/Jan/12 1:20 AM
Done Fiona's poozel.
27/Jan/12 1:29 AM
Maen Jamie
27/Jan/12 1:29 AM
Is Karen a Lurkin?
27/Jan/12 1:30 AM
Or HalT or is it too early for them?
27/Jan/12 1:30 AM
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