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Easy Sudoku for 28/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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28/Jan/12 12:00 AM
Very straight-forward puzzle - 1:14.
28/Jan/12 12:02 AM
Good Morning. That looks rather forbidding in the early morning light.
28/Jan/12 12:09 AM
Chris, June, ...everyone!
WON'T need today.
We're having a rain/snow mix today.
28/Jan/12 12:16 AM
1:41 Good evening one and all!

I thought it was Katherine Gorge as it was coming up. Very pretty place to visit.
28/Jan/12 12:20 AM
I forgot to change my green and gold kangaroo.
28/Jan/12 12:21 AM
That's better. I've got my black and white magpie back.
28/Jan/12 12:22 AM
Good Maen to all! This may be my last chance today to get here.
28/Jan/12 12:26 AM
28/Jan/12 12:43 AM
That is REALLY weird - my first comment is the same one I wrote early yesterday. How in the world did it show up again this morning?
Pretty picture, by the way.
28/Jan/12 12:45 AM
It was obviously the last chance I had to get to the site yesterday - ditto for today.
28/Jan/12 12:46 AM
I must CP and get the day started.
28/Jan/12 12:47 AM
28/Jan/12 12:58 AM
Good morning. Raining hard.
28/Jan/12 1:10 AM
HI all! Cold day here today and even some snow expected.
Only Peter, Greg and Mr C got yesterday's puzzle solution which was "'its' out of the question". No apologies for the grammar.
Here's one for the weekend...unless anyone else wants to cover for batty away on her boat...!If you More...
28/Jan/12 1:17 AM
Wow! More than 1 1/2 hours in to the day and only 15 posts?
Is everyone with Kathy on holiday?
Or sleeping in!
Or watching bear or eagle cams.
Or on another web site???
28/Jan/12 1:44 AM
I agree, Shiela!!
Yes - I was tending to email and generally goofing off. Now I really have to get to work.
28/Jan/12 2:02 AM
Maybe Karen, HalT, or Keith will show up to nab some special post numbers.

Later all.
28/Jan/12 2:02 AM
Good morning people of the world.
28/Jan/12 2:03 AM
Fun at Work Day
28/Jan/12 2:03 AM
28/Jan/12 2:03 AM
22. Hello Kieth.
28/Jan/12 2:04 AM
We had an evening yesterday, I do not ever want to repeat. It was a parent could not help her child in pain, thing. What a horrible feeling. Thank goodness I have healthy girls, I would be a total basket case, if we had anything more serious than an ear infection.
Also, thank goodness our pedi office is open late.
28/Jan/12 2:07 AM
Nope! Karen got it!

Forgot one possibility:
Or is everyone 'Having fun at Work'???
28/Jan/12 2:08 AM
No, Karen, kids in pain are not what you want to be having. Hope she's better now!
28/Jan/12 2:09 AM
After all the tears, and screaming of yesterday, Thing I woke up this morning like nothing ever happened. I was a good parent and shipped her off to school.
Was a good parent and let the teacher know what was going on, and left a packet of Lifesavers, so if there was any problems Thing I has, she could suck on the Lifesavers until I could get to her.
28/Jan/12 2:10 AM
Because the teacher gave me a strange look about the Lifesavers, the pedi said, if the rubbing behind the ear thing did not work, then suck on something, a milkshake, would be good.
28/Jan/12 2:12 AM
Thing II was so sweet to her sister. Held her hand when walking to the car, put Thing I's car blanket around her and snuggled Bunny up next to her. On the way, Thing II sang Twinkle, Twinkle to her, at the doctor's office, she tried to lift her sister out of the car and kept telling her everything More...
28/Jan/12 2:16 AM
28/Jan/12 2:28 AM
28/Jan/12 2:28 AM
I WILL wake up! I WILL wake up! I WILL wake up! I WILL wake up!
28/Jan/12 2:29 AM
Have errands to do this morning, I should have already gone but........
28/Jan/12 2:30 AM
I have a new picture on my page. This beauty has been in the process of trying to bloom for almost a month.
28/Jan/12 2:32 AM
Better go since talking to ones self can be bad.
28/Jan/12 2:32 AM
since I am so close
28/Jan/12 2:35 AM
I really have to try
28/Jan/12 2:35 AM
I know Karen is here
28/Jan/12 2:36 AM
now many more???
28/Jan/12 2:36 AM
will keep trying
28/Jan/12 2:36 AM
can I make it???
28/Jan/12 2:36 AM
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