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Easy Sudoku for 29/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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29/Jan/12 12:01 AM
I don't believe it !! Me first!!
29/Jan/12 12:02 AM
Looks like I am ALL ALONE here. Might as well go to bed
29/Jan/12 12:04 AM
Night Meg.
29/Jan/12 12:17 AM

29/Jan/12 12:18 AM
Time for bed as well.
29/Jan/12 12:22 AM
WON'T need today.
Vici would like my weather today - it's snowing!
29/Jan/12 12:23 AM
1:54 Good evening one and all!

What a lovely sunset. They probably have a lot lately with the hot sunny weather. Very warm and humid here today.
29/Jan/12 12:38 AM
Lovely sunset, Wendy!
We have seen a lot of sunsets and sunrises on these pages? But there is something about sunrises and sunsets... we never seem to tire of them!
29/Jan/12 12:38 AM
(The question mark was a mistake, period!)
29/Jan/12 12:40 AM
Good Maen friends!
Good going old chap (Mr. Cee) - smooth grab of #5!
Oh Shiela - I'll be right over. Our ski resorts are really suffering because of the lack of snow here in California. Bizarre weather.
29/Jan/12 12:48 AM
Nearly there!
29/Jan/12 12:49 AM
BINGO! 13!
29/Jan/12 12:49 AM
What a gorgeous sunset, Wendy!
29/Jan/12 12:51 AM
Yay Annie! Your day is complete!
29/Jan/12 12:51 AM
Good morning. Another lovely sunset.
29/Jan/12 12:52 AM
I'm off to bed too. It's been a very hot day and I've been very busy. I hope I can sleep as it's still quite warm.
29/Jan/12 12:52 AM
Yes, Vici - thanks for leaving it for me.
29/Jan/12 12:53 AM
Hard to imagine, Anne... I'm shivering in my heaviest robe!
29/Jan/12 12:55 AM
29/Jan/12 12:55 AM
29/Jan/12 12:55 AM
29/Jan/12 12:55 AM
(Hello, Keith!)
29/Jan/12 12:56 AM
Met, Jane on her vacation skiing in Colorado. We made several runs together and enjoyed some good snow conditions at Steamboat.
29/Jan/12 1:51 AM
Dave - that is so cool! So glad you guys could hook up. Hopefully I can come ski with you someday, too!
29/Jan/12 2:38 AM
What a magnificent golden sunset!
29/Jan/12 2:48 AM
I'm delighted that you could meet up with Jane, Dave. She's an "awesome" person.
29/Jan/12 2:50 AM
29/Jan/12 3:20 AM
A very busy day ahead. My oldest great nephew turns 13 today.
29/Jan/12 3:23 AM
Have fun being a great teen!
Hope you have a wonderful birthday!
29/Jan/12 4:38 AM
29/Jan/12 4:52 AM
Today is clean out the outside refrigerator day. I threw out all the food yesterday, today I scrub the inside. I seems to work backwards in the wintertime...the freezer just cools, while the refrigerator section freezes. It is in the garage, but the garage is not well insulated.
29/Jan/12 4:55 AM
29/Jan/12 4:55 AM
Bright sunny day today, but a cold front came through yesterday, so temps only in the 40's. Still pretty mild fot January.
29/Jan/12 4:56 AM
for = fot
29/Jan/12 4:57 AM
4 sleeps til I leave for Colorado. I am going to start packing today...an unusual move for me. I want to leave early on Wednesday.
29/Jan/12 4:59 AM
at 10 AM it was still 24° and fog, it's now 28° and clearing. There is blue sky somewhere out there.
29/Jan/12 5:47 AM
Sunsets are so beautiful - especially over the ocean. Living on the West Coast, haven't seen too many sunrises over the ocean.

29/Jan/12 5:49 AM
When I sing the God Bless America, the words "purple mountains magesty" reminds me of the beautiful sunsets we experienced in So. Cals' San Gabriel Mountains - especially when there was a forest fire. When down south for the holidays, there were a couple of days - crystal clear and the mountains had that purple tinge during sunset.
29/Jan/12 5:53 AM
Let's take it over the top.
29/Jan/12 5:54 AM
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