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Easy Sudoku for 27/October/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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2:18... getting slower by the day. Good Morning, all!
27/Oct/19 12:03 AM
1:24 Gee, one of my quickest times ever.
Good night all.
Sorry Tom, but you have well and truly beaten my on 'medium'.
27/Oct/19 12:25 AM
tom & all who follow!! Sleep well Anne!
27/Oct/19 12:48 AM
27/Oct/19 12:49 AM

I will have to wait to try the Team Wombat poozle. I am off to a pumpkin patch with the family. Probably a muddy excursion in store with the rain we've been having. I'm sure the kids won't mind, and I am wearing my crummiest More...
27/Oct/19 2:27 AM
Speaking of apparel.....

What do you call a royal goat wearing denim?

Billy Jean King

27/Oct/19 2:29 AM
No sun predicted or seen today.
Hope your day is better!
27/Oct/19 2:41 AM
For Shosho!
27/Oct/19 2:41 AM
As you may be hearing, Northern California has lost power twice now to prevent fires. I've been lucky and have not lost mine. I live in the city of Napa. If I was anywhere in Napa county, I would likely be without power.
Later today they are expecting the highest winds in several years. Again blackout for a large portion of N. California. Again, I am supposed to be okay.
27/Oct/19 2:54 AM
27/Oct/19 3:02 AM
Thank you, Shiela!! Here's flying your way!!
27/Oct/19 3:03 AM
Today, I'm going to my first Polynesian yard sale! I've been to yard sales before but not one where the clothes and paraphernalia were Polynesian dance stuffsies!!
27/Oct/19 3:06 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
27/Oct/19 3:08 AM
And a CP!!!
27/Oct/19 3:08 AM
Shosho - Are you taking a U-haul with you???
27/Oct/19 3:09 AM
We were supposed to go to a MSU college football game (Go Green/Go White) this afternoon, but a torrential downpour is expected at game time. Luckily, the couple we planned to go with called to cancel. Since hubby is not fully recovered from the flu/cold, I was thrilled! He's coughing enough just watching football on TV!
27/Oct/19 3:19 AM
27/Oct/19 4:12 AM
Denny, I don't think we're going to be so lucky. Our power is predicted to go off this afternoon, and could be off more than 48 hours. Not looking forward to it.

If you haven't yet, you should read about Peter's Schnauzer at the end of yesterday.
27/Oct/19 4:25 AM
This was me in my bearded lady costume. I went and taught in it (dress included) one Halloween. My students were blown away.
27/Oct/19 4:26 AM
There's no way I can be this close and not go for it.
27/Oct/19 4:27 AM
27/Oct/19 4:27 AM
27/Oct/19 4:27 AM
Kate for this photo. I'm having a hard time to,locate the memorial. Is it the white statue in the middle of the photo?
27/Oct/19 5:30 AM
27/Oct/19 5:30 AM
Morning all, good one Kathy.
We have a birthday party to go to at the local animal farm this morning, Summer turned two last Thursday.
27/Oct/19 6:34 AM
Still laughing at Peter's joke yesterday!
27/Oct/19 6:50 AM
Jackie, The memorial is quite difficult to pick out from the background. The white object is a carillon, which entertains us occasionally. The War Memorial is towards the left of the picture and looks just like a stick in front of a building and is the tallest structure there. In fact it is a More...
27/Oct/19 7:43 AM
27/Oct/19 7:50 AM

It is never a good idea to fight Destiny.
Because then you'll have to fight the other strippers and the bouncer too.
27/Oct/19 7:52 AM

A young mechanic...
A young mechanic was working on a car when the lift broke, and the car fell and severed his arm. Now severely depressed because he had one arm, loved to golf, and couldn't afford a prosthetic arm, decided 'well, this is it. This is More...
27/Oct/19 7:57 AM
1:38. Speedy Anne!! Good morning everyone.
27/Oct/19 10:12 AM
Spot on Wombat, and thanks for spelling 'carillon' correctly, so many are tempted to insert an 'i' before the 'o'!!

There was a typo in the caption though - 'Griffith' should be 'Griffin'.
27/Oct/19 10:14 AM

Sorry everyone, no post today, I not feeling very well. May be a few days before I'm back.
27/Oct/19 10:47 AM
Sorry to hear that, Phantom. Get well soon.
27/Oct/19 10:57 AM
Good morning one and all.

27/Oct/19 10:58 AM
Get well quickly Phantom, life isn't the same without you. I hope it isn't causing you too much pain!.
27/Oct/19 2:01 PM
Thanks for your description of the Australian-American Memorial, Wombat - I found some excellent close-up photos of it, as well as the National Carillon on Aspen Island. How lucky to have Carillon Bells playing nearby ...and a public opening to celebrate its refurbishment in April 2020!
27/Oct/19 2:02 PM
Wombat for your excellent explanation about where the memorial is. As I'm not from Australia ,I needed that.
28/Oct/19 5:43 AM
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