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Easy Sudoku for 28/October/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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2:08 Good night all. Cute photo.
28/Oct/19 12:12 AM
1:50. Good Night Anne and Good Morning, everyone!
28/Oct/19 12:13 AM
28/Oct/19 12:47 AM
Hope you're feeling a bit better, today, Phantom. Get well, soon!
28/Oct/19 12:54 AM
Tom and all to follow. 'Night, Anne.

Our pumpkin patch excursion yesterday had to be cancelled. Our little guy is back in the hospital. I've had no word yet this morning on how he's doing, but the shunt surgery may be necessary now. The More...
28/Oct/19 1:04 AM
I hope you are feelimg better today, Phantom.
28/Oct/19 1:09 AM
Our love, good wishes, and prayers, little Wally ... to you and to your entire family.
28/Oct/19 1:32 AM
Kathy, you might enlist hubby to follow the corgi around and catch the offending substances on a pooper scooper before they hit the floor!
28/Oct/19 1:49 AM
28/Oct/19 2:19 AM
Not sunny. Dreary, in fact!
Hope your day is filled with sunshine!
If not, figure out a way to make your own!
28/Oct/19 2:39 AM
Hoping that everything works out well for little Wally & family.
28/Oct/19 2:41 AM
Prayers for Wally, his family, and the medical staff involved in his care!
There are plans to expand the local Ronald McDonald House to accommodate more families
28/Oct/19 3:09 AM
Wally's brain surgery will be this afternoon. Thank you all for your love and concern. It certainly helps to have all the support from around the world. What an amazing group of people you are.
28/Oct/19 3:34 AM
Judy, hubby's ''help'' with poopy dog is, ''Tucker left you a little present....again''. Like it's my birthday gift or something.
28/Oct/19 3:38 AM
28/Oct/19 3:40 AM
Oh Kathy! I have some strong feelings that Wally is going to come out of this in good health, albeit with a few obstacles to overcome but he'll do it with flying colors.
28/Oct/19 3:42 AM
I put a photo on my page. Sorry it's so large. I've forgotten how to size them.
28/Oct/19 4:04 AM
Day one of Two Joyce

Enjoy your next trip around the sun...
28/Oct/19 4:06 AM
Hey'all, Plum has made an appearance on Joyce's page.
28/Oct/19 4:22 AM
(((( HUGS )))) to Kathy and family.
28/Oct/19 4:46 AM
Funny napkin cartoon!
28/Oct/19 5:18 AM
Oh Kathy, Set backs in recovery can be so distressing, especially when the patient is so young, but there is a great team supporting Wally. Best wishes for a continual recovery
28/Oct/19 5:44 AM
1:30 after a slow start. Good morning everyone.
28/Oct/19 6:21 AM
2.23 Morning All.
28/Oct/19 7:43 AM
Here's hoping for the best for little Wally.
28/Oct/19 7:45 AM
Morning all, great photo. LOL
Best wishes for Wally ,Kathy.
Summer's party wore me out yesterday spent the afternoon in the recliner asleep.
Sorry to hear Phanty isn't well, best wishes coming your way too.
28/Oct/19 8:23 AM
28/Oct/19 11:57 AM

(Change of avatar - HMAS/M Otway's crest.)
28/Oct/19 12:02 PM
28/Oct/19 12:23 PM
28/Oct/19 12:43 PM
Don't know what The Phantom is suffering through, but last night I had a 'tickle' in my throat, tonight it's sore. We shall see what tomorrow brings.
28/Oct/19 4:36 PM

Monday 28th October

Thanks everyone for the good wishes, a bit better today and on the road to recovery.
Time to get the show on the road.

Anne and Tom – Goodnight and good morning!
Mr Cee – Morning to night and nothing in between. More...
28/Oct/19 4:38 PM

A bottle of rum and sweat it out over a hot body, DoA.
28/Oct/19 4:39 PM
My neighbor came over, today, with his excavator and dug about 50 meters of trench for a new water line. Now all I have to do is place sand in the bottom to bed the pipe, lay the pipe, install the farm hydrants, test for leaks and back fill the trench. At least I have a no rain weather window in which to accomplish the project.
28/Oct/19 4:41 PM
That recommendation brings back happy memories...
'nuff said.....................
28/Oct/19 4:44 PM
Best wishes and good luck to your and all your family Kathy. I trust this will put young Wally on the road to well being
28/Oct/19 7:05 PM

And the Lord said unto Fred 'Come forth and recieve eternal life'

Fred came fifth and won a toaster
28/Oct/19 10:26 PM

God asks a programmer to decide between eternal life and bliss or a cheese sandwich.
The programmer says he must think about it for a bit which confuses god a bit since it’s a no brainer and more of a joke question, but he agrees.

After a More...
28/Oct/19 10:31 PM
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