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Easy Sudoku for 27/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates. Here's today's medical daffynition:
Hemorrhoid - A male From outer space

...and here's today's factoid:
Famous storyteller Hans Christian Anderson couldn't spell.
27/Dec/12 12:00 AM
27/Dec/12 12:06 AM
Didn't look at the time before checking in.
27/Dec/12 12:07 AM
Quiet here so far - on site.
27/Dec/12 12:08 AM
Not allowed to use the q word here at work.
27/Dec/12 12:09 AM
Off to do some work, back later maybe.
27/Dec/12 12:10 AM
27/Dec/12 12:30 AM
Just finished another superb meal here in Bali. Padma Resort gets 10/10 so far
27/Dec/12 12:34 AM
I like Hands Crustyann Handyson
27/Dec/12 12:54 AM
Those oranges are gorgeous! There's nothing like the taste of fresh fruit right off the branch. It's 9:27 AM here now. Christmas is over, time to start writing the thank you notes.
27/Dec/12 1:28 AM
from snowy Middle Tennessee. Just a bit cold but above freezing. I am happy about that. I am driving to a near by town for more PT today. I just finished eating an orange. YUMMM!
27/Dec/12 1:57 AM
I have posted three new pictures. A few days ago two new chickens showed up in our chicken yard. One is a rooster and the other a hen.We have no idea where they came from and we don't know what breed they are. They are really cute and smaller than the others. Young? I don't know. Take a look and if anyone knows what breed they are let me know.
27/Dec/12 2:00 AM
There was a magizine here that had pictures of breeds of chickens. Gpa likes to keep things current and orderly so, that one seems to be gone.
27/Dec/12 2:02 AM
and I may as well make a CP.
27/Dec/12 2:04 AM
Margo, I am sending you a personal message.
27/Dec/12 2:04 AM
'Merry Day (or Two) After Christmas' everyone!
(Was away for Christmas & did not have a chance to get to a computer!)
No needed today. Storm a-coming...
27/Dec/12 2:05 AM
GmaJackie, I'm guessing Polish chickens.
27/Dec/12 2:09 AM
Good morning people of the world.
27/Dec/12 2:14 AM
National Whiner's Day
Kwanzaa Begin's
27/Dec/12 2:15 AM
Caz is turning older today, must remember to yell that huge number out.
27/Dec/12 2:16 AM
HalT. Could be. I know over at the Rural King store there is a poster with all the breeds. Next time we get over to Clarksville I will have to look at it.
27/Dec/12 2:17 AM
and I may as well take that most important place.. 22?
27/Dec/12 2:18 AM
After all the merriment of yesterday, someone needs to start putting things to right.

Might do that later.
27/Dec/12 2:19 AM
I couldn't help myself.
27/Dec/12 2:20 AM
GmaJackie, I had a plan.
27/Dec/12 2:20 AM
Hehehehe, funny lady.
27/Dec/12 2:22 AM
Karen, today I am putting away the most of the Christmas decor. Tomorrow I will have my second cataract surgery so I will not want to be thinking about that chore.
27/Dec/12 2:23 AM
All the best to you tomorrow, GmaJackie!
27/Dec/12 2:30 AM
Stretch. Yawn.
27/Dec/12 2:38 AM
everyone!!! Hope you got your heart's delight!
27/Dec/12 2:42 AM
GmaJackie, I think your visitors are Dutch Crested. Polish chicken have an almost hat like crest.
27/Dec/12 2:43 AM
GmaJackie, I can see, (no pun was actually intended), why you would want to put up the decorations now. Hope all goes well tomorrow.

M, came in here just a few minutes ago and asked if we were putting the tree away. She was so happy when I said, we will not put the tree up till next year. Don't think she gets the concept that next year, is actually next week.
27/Dec/12 2:43 AM
Good luck, GmaJackie with your procedure! Now you'll have matching sight!
27/Dec/12 2:43 AM
Keith, are you back home, now?
27/Dec/12 2:43 AM
Ever since I visited an uncle that lived in the middle of an orange grove, I've wished I could have an orange tree in my back yard. Our climate won't allow it, too much frost.
27/Dec/12 2:46 AM
Yes, Karen, and hope to stay put for a good long time.
27/Dec/12 2:47 AM
I agree... fresh off-the-tree oranges are the best!
27/Dec/12 2:53 AM
GmmaJackie... definitely white crested black polish. They're good layers of smaller white eggs. Someone must have given you a Christmas present!
27/Dec/12 2:54 AM
Those oranges look so delicious! Nothing beats fresh, tree ripened oranges right off the tree.
27/Dec/12 2:57 AM
Bye bye page one.
27/Dec/12 2:57 AM
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