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Easy Sudoku for 28/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's medical daffynition:
Intern - One after another

...and here's today's factoid:
Sotheby's auction house sold a 200-year-old piece of Tibetan cheese for $1,513 in 1993.
28/Dec/12 12:00 AM
What did it taste like?
28/Dec/12 12:11 AM
Perth word find today: http://www.dailywordsearch.com/
28/Dec/12 12:19 AM
really really old cheese, I imagine.
28/Dec/12 12:20 AM
Hi Kayo and Wolf!
28/Dec/12 12:23 AM
Oooh, didn't realize I took your number, Vici. Well, it's dedicated to you!
28/Dec/12 12:24 AM
Now onto mine . . .
28/Dec/12 12:24 AM
28/Dec/12 12:24 AM
And a CP as well!!!
28/Dec/12 12:25 AM
28/Dec/12 12:25 AM
Absolutely stunning stained glass.
28/Dec/12 12:35 AM
Hello, everyone!
No this morning.
Sun may come out later!
We've got about 3 inches of snow, Vici!
28/Dec/12 12:36 AM
Hi CG,

Most people that I know pronounce ORANGE as oraInge. You will find a few rhyming words for that pronunciation (if it doesn't make you whinge).
28/Dec/12 1:06 AM
Good morning people of the world.
28/Dec/12 2:13 AM
It Is About Time Day
28/Dec/12 2:14 AM
Keith, care to comment on today's Hard picture?
28/Dec/12 2:25 AM
Sorry, Hal. I'm drawing a blank. We'll have to wait for Kate to clear this one up.
28/Dec/12 2:33 AM
Good day to all!
28/Dec/12 2:34 AM
Karen, are you up for a good old fashioned race?
28/Dec/12 2:34 AM
I'm into it.
28/Dec/12 2:34 AM
Are you?
28/Dec/12 2:34 AM
28/Dec/12 2:34 AM
Guess not.
28/Dec/12 2:35 AM
Sorry, Keith. You know, I would have done it,if it weren't for my lovely darlings. They have cabin fever. Their demands are supposed to be done 5 minutes before they ask. I am so ready to throw them out the door, which I plan to do this afternoon, when it is warmer.
28/Dec/12 2:39 AM
Wow! I'd love to see those windows in person!
28/Dec/12 2:41 AM
There are days, I do wish, I was one of those parents, that believed children should be on behavioral drugs. Thankfully, I love to listen and watch my girls play.
28/Dec/12 2:42 AM
Easy straight 1-9 puzzle today, with a gorgeous window as a reward!
28/Dec/12 2:52 AM
Karen.... I am appalled at the number of children that are on behavioral drugs. All that does is give a cop-out for bad parenting and teach the children that drug use is perfectly acceptable for solving their problems.
28/Dec/12 2:58 AM

In Canada, women own and manage 26% of all farms.

28/Dec/12 2:59 AM
BTW.... your avatar is hypnotic! I find myself watching the second hand go around.
28/Dec/12 3:00 AM
Behavioral drugs wasn't around for the first son. And by the time the second one came, I thought the problem was with me being tired all the time! So hubby and I got them involved with sports to tire them out!
28/Dec/12 3:00 AM
That doesn't surprise me, Daplap.
28/Dec/12 3:01 AM

Change of avatar to one that Keith found for me. Thanks, Keith!

I love stained glass! I looked at that one for awhile until the figures came into focus for me. Beautiful!
28/Dec/12 3:14 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: exasperate (1. paste 2. Tex 3. sap 4. re)

Because the Holidays can be a tad overwhelming and lingering, I have arranged for winners, Captain J, Greg, HalT, Heidi, and Serena, to attend a seminar on ''How to Deal With and Relieve Stress'' by the world More...
28/Dec/12 3:24 AM
Where's Jerry?
28/Dec/12 3:29 AM
Heidi, You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy.

Sorry, could not resist.
Is this one better.
28/Dec/12 3:32 AM
Again, while Jim looks for the elusive Jerry....try this:

Which one of the following words does not belong?


Answers to the ''Should we call Jerry, Waldo?'' inbox, please.
28/Dec/12 3:33 AM
Colo Jim, you needing some ?
28/Dec/12 3:34 AM
For the record, I will not put my girls on behavioral drugs.

I throw them outside, where they can play in the dirt, well today, they can play in the mud. Both them and their clothes are washable.
28/Dec/12 3:34 AM
Well Karen, it's a race to BOPP and TOPP
28/Dec/12 3:34 AM
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