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Easy Sudoku for 27/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning people of the world.
27/Mar/15 12:00 AM
all! Rather swift 9 ->1 puzzle if you ignore #7 until the end! tee-hee
27/Mar/15 12:07 AM
Seems Winter is trying to hang on, though not quiet making it. Coo and very breezy this morning. My windows would still be wide open, but girls complain it is cold. So I compromise and shut a few windows and leave a few windows partially open.
27/Mar/15 12:21 AM
If you have not noticed, I am not doing very well with Man working over night. I hear every night noise, of course most can be explained, kitties going through their bedtime exercise routine, ice maker, wind chimes...Well, last night, if there had been a gun close at hand, I would be a daughter short today. Horrible thought. Worst than a horrible thought.
27/Mar/15 12:24 AM
Poor girl is suffering from a nagging cough, which seems to only occur when she is in a horizontal position. From 8:30 till 12:30, I tried everything I could think of to help her sleep easier. Overdose on medicine, rubbing vapor rub on her feet and chest, turning on fan, inclining her pillows, stripping her and covering with cool sheet...the list was endless.
27/Mar/15 12:28 AM
So, as I was going through my bedtime routine, I was preparing my bed, for a much need slumber, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement at bedroom door, which quickly disappeared. Not good. Not good at all. Since, the kitties were helping me prepare my bed and Shelby was waiting for me to More...
27/Mar/15 12:32 AM
Now, my heart rate is racing, and the coughing is going full blast. Finally, get her cooled off again. She seemed to sleep better without her jammies on, and just the sheet covering her upper body. So, I lay there, eyes wide open, identifying the rest of the night time noises wondering if I should More...
27/Mar/15 12:37 AM
Thank goodness the night is over and I can look forward to my daytime nap. Strange, I can stay up all night without any problems, but send me to bed and all the boogies come out.
27/Mar/15 12:38 AM
To our wild and crazy friend.
27/Mar/15 12:39 AM
On a different topic.
We have our first Spring flower blooming. A beautiful, white iris. I showed the girls yesterday and their first instinct was to pick it. I gave the lecture of how it will just die if they pick it and then the lecture, 'If you cherish your life...' I still have a pretty flower this morning. Plus a lovely bouquet of dandi lions on the counter.
27/Mar/15 12:43 AM
Good morning, Karen and Joyce!
27/Mar/15 1:06 AM
27/Mar/15 1:27 AM
Orchids are such pretty flowers, but I've not figured out how to make them survive ... let alone bloom.
27/Mar/15 1:29 AM
I can't tell if that's a blue sky in the background or something like a cloth or paper.
27/Mar/15 1:38 AM
Beginning with the word 'at,' add one letter from the given pool to create a new word until you get a seven-letter word meaning 'up to a particular standard or level of knowledge of recent developments'.

Note: The existing letters don’t change order. The new letter can be placed anywhere More...
27/Mar/15 1:52 AM
27/Mar/15 2:34 AM
Ah, the phalaenopsis orchid! I know them sooooo well, I've only murdered several already. Right I had two healthy ones, one getting ready to bloom again. I've had the white butterfly ones, small yellow ones, polka dotted pink ones, and even a couple of blue ones. Now my big yellow one just finished with its blossoms and the mystery one is taking its time to show its colors!
27/Mar/15 2:37 AM
Oh, thank you Karen! Here's flying your way!
27/Mar/15 2:38 AM
Tonight I'm teaching parents of K-1 students how to help their kids in math. My premise is math visualization and how to work with their kids anywhere like in the doctor/dentist office with what you have in your pocket!
27/Mar/15 2:40 AM
27/Mar/15 2:43 AM
Shosho moved us right along.
27/Mar/15 2:43 AM
27/Mar/15 2:43 AM
shosho, what can I do with pocket lint? That's typically what I have in my pocket.
27/Mar/15 3:29 AM
Ah, I was hoping you had coins in your pockets!
27/Mar/15 3:42 AM
Serena - you can wad it up into little balls and then count them!
27/Mar/15 3:52 AM
... and then make a math puzzle about them.
27/Mar/15 4:03 AM
Checked my pockets, the cell phone and a shoe.
27/Mar/15 4:37 AM
Pocket lint makes a very good wood fire starter! A few years ago, friends of ours gave us an egg carton containing a dozen neat balls of it! Once we pulled ourselves back up off the floor, we thanked them! Although we DID accuse them of collecting their belly button lint ... Some people really do need more to do ...
27/Mar/15 4:40 AM
Morning all, lovely orchid , just wish I could keep them alive.
27/Mar/15 4:41 AM
Hello, everyone!
Not sunny.
I also kill Orchids, Shosho.
I painted a very lovely phalaenopsis orchid and it still looks as good as ...the day I framede it!.
(It's the only way I can have an Orchid in the house!)
27/Mar/15 4:42 AM
Instructions ... http://www.instructables.com/id/Waterproof-Dryer-Lint-Fire-Starter/
27/Mar/15 4:42 AM
Actually, I love painting Orchids. They are such an interesting flower. I have 7 Orchid paintings and I sold two others.
27/Mar/15 4:44 AM
framede = framed!
27/Mar/15 4:45 AM
Beautiful Orchid today.Kudos to the grower.
27/Mar/15 5:00 AM
, y'all! A bit too much to do at work this morning. I get a break before stuffing envelopes (bill paying today).
27/Mar/15 5:18 AM
Chunky Cooking poozle answers!


Yep, y'all noticed the common thread of cooking. I hauled out a favorite cookbook and flipped through it looking for More...
27/Mar/15 5:23 AM
Good afternoon to all! Flower power!
27/Mar/15 6:29 AM
Judy, lint balls. My grandfather said ear wax balls work just as well if not better!
27/Mar/15 6:30 AM
Busy day here on the home front. Appointments this AM and some shopping this afternoon. Finally time for a rest.
27/Mar/15 6:32 AM
And finally time....
27/Mar/15 6:32 AM
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