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Easy Sudoku for 28/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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28/Mar/15 12:01 AM
Hi Hal.
28/Mar/15 12:19 AM
I bet Millie gets brushed daily.
28/Mar/15 12:21 AM

1) AT

In the today we have Judy, lonewoof, and Sarah. for More...
28/Mar/15 12:27 AM
As I get closer, my tail grows longer;
As I leave, my tail leads the way.

What am I?

Answers to my ‘’Tail me about it’’ inbox please.
28/Mar/15 12:30 AM
One week into Spring and we are getting snow. Easter is my cutoff for snow. Unfortunately Mother Nature doesn't always agree with me.
28/Mar/15 12:31 AM
Good morning people of the world.
28/Mar/15 12:47 AM
That is a breed I have not personally seen in a long time. At one time, my big family had collies, but now, I think only one aunt has one. Ours was Cricket and he was a protector. My BFF and I were playing hackey sack and Cricket did not care for Anna kicking a ball at me. Poor Anna would not go around Cricket ever again and I don't think Cricket ever felt sorry for scaring her.
28/Mar/15 12:51 AM
Cheers to you, Shosho.
28/Mar/15 12:51 AM
Today's drama, rattle snakes.
MIL wants my girls and informs me of this information, after I learn that BIL and their neighbor, have been killing rattle snakes all week. I think their total together is 10 and that is just around their house and MIL's. This morning I learned there is a brush More...
28/Mar/15 12:55 AM
Now, they want me to send my darlings out there! My darlings who, zoom all over the pasture on 4 wheelers. My darlings who, run out and play in the sandbox and swings. My darlings who dwell in both homes, BIL's and MIL's. My darlings, who walk or ride bikes between the two homes.
I don't think I like this idea.
28/Mar/15 12:58 AM
Man's suggestion to protect our little darlings, was to tell them to carry a shot gun.
Though he has been teaching how to handle guns and knives and fishing poles, since the day they were born, they are still 8 and 5 years old.
28/Mar/15 1:01 AM
No shadows to paint.
We hang our watercolor class art show today.
(Being coordinator of the show, I hope everything goes up easily.)
28/Mar/15 1:02 AM
You said 'rattlesnakes', Karen?
(Maybe I won't visit Texas right now!)
Is this invasion a 'spring thing'?
28/Mar/15 1:09 AM
Cockers are beautiful animals, but they were a bit too popular in my parent's generation. I think they became overbred, if I remember correctly.
28/Mar/15 1:15 AM
Shiela, I have always said, or for at least 25 years, my MIL lives in a rattle snake pit. But with the lovely weather we have been having, cool/cold mornings and warm, sun shiny afternoons the slithering, jumping things are coming out.

The grandson, of one of my neighbors has also killed one this week. Though I do not know if it was here or where ever he lives.
28/Mar/15 1:36 AM
Knock on wood.
Personally, I have never come across a rattle snake or any other snake, at my MIL's, in the last 25 years. Though they insist on showing...chasing me, with their findings.
28/Mar/15 1:39 AM
Oh, should I or shouldn't I?
That is the question.
28/Mar/15 1:40 AM
Silly me.
There is no question.
28/Mar/15 1:41 AM
I am procrastinating today. There was this wild thought of cleaning out the fire place. A cleaning to last till next season. Man loaded it up, the other day, for our last cold days, yesterday and today, so need to unload, before getting in there and cleaning it out.
28/Mar/15 1:44 AM
I really do not want to get in there and clean it out.
28/Mar/15 1:45 AM
Cheers to Keith.
28/Mar/15 1:45 AM
& cheers to you, too.
28/Mar/15 1:46 AM
, y'all, for a few more minutes. Millie looks a little bored with having her pic taken!
28/Mar/15 2:51 AM
Silverteen came through her wisdom tooth extraction fine, no complications during the surgery. It was over before 9am - not even an hour. Recovery was funny... she was snap-chatting friends, and of course her typing was so atrocious AutoCorrect couldn't make sense out of it. Some of her typing More...
28/Mar/15 2:56 AM
She's to stay in bed all day. Ibuprofen is the main med with a Percocet generic to be taken as needed, one tonight to enable her to sleep. She has one of those over the head jaw wraps with ice packs in them. The wrap is like a long open ended compression tube sock. Stuffing ice in there is like feeding cooked spaghetti through a rubber straw. Sheesh.
28/Mar/15 2:57 AM
Silvergal - I think after surgery treatment for wisdom teeth has progressed since I had mine done decades ago!
28/Mar/15 3:51 AM
28/Mar/15 3:53 AM
You are a real beauty , Millie. Cockers are such great pets.
28/Mar/15 3:53 AM
Thank you, Karen! Here's flying your way!
28/Mar/15 3:56 AM
Had a nice parent night meeting but the turn out was low. What happened was the middle school nearby was also having their parent conference night. Hence, many of our parents were caught trying to make both but the middle school won out because it was their child's progress report.
28/Mar/15 3:59 AM
But the parents I did get were very interested. I taught visualizing math was extremely important. But due to the test performance crunch teachers end up having the kid memorizing the table rather than understanding the math concepts. Then years down the line they wonder why weren't our kids going into higher level of math?
28/Mar/15 4:01 AM
I just finish reading Dr. Michio Kaku's book, Einstein's Cosmos, which tells of Einstein process of writing the theory of relativity, special relativity, general relativity, gravity. I just thought there was just the theory of relativity but found there was more! Anyway, he could think of this because he could picture it in his head.
28/Mar/15 4:05 AM
He got help from others for the math formulas but he did come up with his famous E = MC(squared)
28/Mar/15 4:07 AM
I showed how my top fifth grade math team couldn't illustrate dividing by fractions. They could solve it with the usual algorithm but didn't understand division enough to draw a model. I had to go back to third grade math to help them understand division, then move them post haste to fifth grade level applying it to fractions.
28/Mar/15 4:11 AM
The other problem is that in schools, we push individualism so much that our kids don't know how to work as team. You can't have a group of prima donnas prancing about shouting out their ideas and not listening to others. They don't know how to build on other people ideas, especially if they don't know how to listen in the first place!
28/Mar/15 4:13 AM
Then when they graduate and go to work, we have to teach them to work together! A big waste of time! Okay I'm stepping off my soap box so you all can relax!
28/Mar/15 4:14 AM
But now I'll work on turning the page . . .
28/Mar/15 4:15 AM
Getting there . . .
28/Mar/15 4:15 AM
28/Mar/15 4:15 AM
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