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Easy Sudoku for 27/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning all. I'm just staying up to watch the dogfight between Henman and Moya at the moment then I'm off to bed.
27/Jun/07 12:00 AM
27/Jun/07 12:00 AM
Good morning all! Gorgeous day at the moment but it is supposed to get HHH later. (Hazy, Hot and Humid) Have a great day!
27/Jun/07 12:00 AM
Good Maen hot one today
27/Jun/07 12:01 AM
2:44 - a very ordinary time today.
27/Jun/07 12:03 AM
2:30 good evening everyone.
27/Jun/07 12:03 AM
2:40 Maen! SD is a lovely place...
27/Jun/07 12:04 AM
If you visit my page, Willie Nelson puts 'Funny How Time Slips Away' to bed...with feeling. The man has soul. You might want to watch and listen twice.
27/Jun/07 12:07 AM
In Chicago - we say 'Hey Hey Hey' when the Cubs are playing. Stella - it's lazy hot and humid in my house .

Word to the wise - check your pockets before diving into the pool or tossing your pants into the washer - my son's cell phone went into the pool and Thank More...
27/Jun/07 12:10 AM
Chris from Canberra - how is the Henman match going. I'm usually interested in his games but my TV is disconnected due to renovations at present.
27/Jun/07 12:15 AM
Heading to bed - goodnight all!
27/Jun/07 12:15 AM
Hi Anne - Henman is up 12-11 in the 5th at the moment, having just survived a nasty scare on his serve.

I'm picking Henman 13-11 so we'll soon see if I'm right.
27/Jun/07 12:26 AM
Thanks Chris - that sounds like a very long game.
27/Jun/07 12:30 AM
Yep, I was right Anne. Henman ended up winning 13-11 in the 5th, on his 8th match point (he had 4 last night as well).

Good night all.
27/Jun/07 12:31 AM
Go Pads!
27/Jun/07 12:32 AM
I need some suggestions on how to use hot curry paste. Hubby bought it and I don't know how to use it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
27/Jun/07 12:32 AM
everyone! Going to be hot, hot, hot here today. Already 82F!

Becky, I hope you like spicy food! I have a great recipe for Singapore Noodles that I got when we lived in Hong Kong. Let me know if you want me to post it.
27/Jun/07 12:38 AM
Thanks a lot Chris.

good night all.
27/Jun/07 12:42 AM
Becky, try frying say 2-3 tsps in a little oil till fragrant then add meat of choice. Toss till meat just cooked then add a small tin of coconut milk and any veg if desired and simmer for a few minutes. Serve with rice etc. Hope this may help. We use chicken, beef, prawns, pork or lamb for our curries.
27/Jun/07 12:43 AM
No idea on Curry Paste - possibly a curry soup?

About a dozen years ago, people watching a Padres game got to see the roll of an Earth Quake across the outfield. I saw it happen a Dodger Stadium once, and thn of course there was the World Series Opener in San Francisco, where they had more than a roll.
27/Jun/07 12:45 AM
2:06 I'm back! Utah was terrific! Took a peek at some of yesterday's comments and see Glenn is still in fine form with the jokes. Nice holiday, but great to be back with the feline famiy and all of you.
27/Jun/07 12:50 AM
Hot curry paste is easy to use. I learned this one in England. Start by sauteing onions and garlic, then add a couple tbsp of the curry paste and vinegar. Add a large can of stewed tomatoes. You can add any meat and potatoes, carrots, celery. Serve on rice and have plenty of mango chutney. Remember that sour cream or yogurt will kill the hotness in your mouth. Water makes it worse. MMMMM
27/Jun/07 12:55 AM
PS if you like it really hot add some chili garlic paste too.
27/Jun/07 12:58 AM
Good Tuesday Maen, all!

Jeb: thanks for the Willie Nelson Youtube--I didn't realize what a great guitar player he is!

Country music is not a genre I've explored, but now I've heard Big & Rich (thanks to Glenn's page)and a little bit of Willie, I see that it spans a wide spectrum...
27/Jun/07 1:30 AM
Linda, I would like to try your recipe for Singapore Noodles. I'll check the Recipe Page for it. Post at your leisure. Thanks.

Gail and Tina, thank you. I'll give your suggestions a try too. Thanks for the tip on the sour cream. He likes it real hot. I like hot, but not tastebud More...
27/Jun/07 1:36 AM
Becky - will get the recipe (find it first) and post it. May have to make it for the family too, been a long time since we have had it.
27/Jun/07 1:52 AM
Oh! Looks like fun! Nothing like a Pall Park Hot Dog and 'doing the wave' on a Summer day!
27/Jun/07 2:08 AM
We are suppose to have a Hazy, Hot and Humid day here, also.

Have a great day everyone!
27/Jun/07 2:11 AM
Whatever else you do, Padres ... just beat the Dodgers!!!
27/Jun/07 2:14 AM
Mornin' Judy - How ya doin'?
27/Jun/07 2:19 AM
27/Jun/07 2:22 AM
Top o' the mornin' to you, Linda Dear! Just enjoying the leisure and doing a few puzzles before two weeks of company arrive ... family ... and then a special sudokuholic guest!
27/Jun/07 2:27 AM
1:50; wishing you all a homerun today!
27/Jun/07 2:33 AM
Judy - now you are just teasing us , a hint please, would I know him/her?
27/Jun/07 2:45 AM
Becky, you can use the curry paste in a lot of dishes to spruce up the flavor. Had a friend who put it in the tuna salad for our sandwiches. Yummy, just don't eat before doing a sailboat race!
27/Jun/07 3:11 AM
Oooh, oooh who, Judy?
27/Jun/07 3:12 AM
Comeon, Judy, I'm with Linda on this one, no fair. We need a full report including Hollywood type professional color glossy photographs with red circles and arrows and a discription on the back explaining each one. A live telecast with Johnny Miller in the booth giving a play by play analyses with commentary and a live interview by Dick Cavett. Did I leave anything out, Linda?
27/Jun/07 3:16 AM
I agree with everything jeb just said!
27/Jun/07 3:18 AM
Glad you enjoyed Willy and had your horizons broadened Aileen.
27/Jun/07 3:21 AM
been off and on lately with the puzzels, will get back into it now, before we go home to michigan for a couple of weeks. taking our 7 year old granddaughter on the big road trip.looking forward to meeting a new very wonderful friend, you know who you are!! More...
27/Jun/07 3:22 AM
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