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Easy Sudoku for 28/June/2007


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28/Jun/07 12:01 AM
I received this in an e'mail today.
The newspaper, 'The Australian', over a period of weeks sought entries for The Great Australian yarn.

This was the winner:

Two cattle drovers standing in an Outback bar.
One asked, 'What are ya up to, Mate?'
'Ahh, I'm takin' a More...
28/Jun/07 12:02 AM
What beautiful color of flowers! Cute!
28/Jun/07 12:03 AM
2:28 Maen! Ribet!
28/Jun/07 12:06 AM
where ever you are in this wonderful world of ours.

Frankie Avalon - 'Venus'
28/Jun/07 12:06 AM
2:39 good evening all.
28/Jun/07 12:07 AM
I'm going to cat-sit (visit each day for a bit and feed cata and fish and such) for a friend
starting Friday and now he's bringing to my
house a 2 gallon aquarium with about 1000
tadpoles, because he's feeding them 4 or so times a day. Might be a relative of the one in the picture because they mated in his FLA pool.
28/Jun/07 12:07 AM
28/Jun/07 12:09 AM
2:08 Big-eyed frog. Another scorcher here today.
28/Jun/07 12:10 AM
We are off to have lunch with our oldest son. It is another hot and humid day here today. We are looking forward to some rain this afternoon and hoping it will cool it off some.
28/Jun/07 12:24 AM
great pix. the flower looks like a bougenvilla (or however it is spelled!)
28/Jun/07 12:26 AM
Good morning all - back from a FABULOUS cruise in Alaska - off to the hospital to check on my mother who had a bad morning after surgery.
28/Jun/07 12:32 AM
Good to have you back, Jamie, and I'll keep you and your mother in my thoughts. Take care.
28/Jun/07 12:37 AM
Hello Jamie - good to see you back and that you had a fabulous time.
28/Jun/07 12:44 AM
Welcome back Jamie, glad the cruise was fab. Hope your mom and rest of the extended family will fare better quickly now that you are back. Hope stomachs are full, and hearts are brimming over with love. Have a wonderful day/night where ever you may be. Peace!
28/Jun/07 12:44 AM
28/Jun/07 12:50 AM
I think I'm back from all the hassles that have been keeping me away. Jamie, hope things go well with your mother. I wish I had been checking back here. Everytime someone goes to Alaska I try to get them to bring me back a genuine Eskimo Pie, but nobody has yet.
28/Jun/07 1:04 AM
Good Wednesday Maen, all!
28/Jun/07 1:09 AM
We've missed you, BILL! I guess that asking for an Eskimo Pie is a little safer than, ''If you're ever in Alaska stop and see my cute little Eskimo!'' (Ricky Nelson)

Glad you made the decision to go, JAMIE. Prayers for Mom.
28/Jun/07 1:26 AM
ROSEMARY ... an answer to your question yesterday ... the Padres are the Major League Baseball team for San Diego, California's most southernly big city. Arch division rivals are the Los Angeles Dodgers (100 miles to the north) and the San Francisco Giants (way north). Evil teams ... evil cities ... LOL
28/Jun/07 1:33 AM
28/Jun/07 1:34 AM
Bill, glad you're back and what's an Eskimo pie?
Jamie, ok now you're back home, got any pics of Alaska to share? I'm sure whatever your mom has to face, you're ready because you're rested and energetic. What outcome may be, you will be able to make the best decisions. God bless you.
28/Jun/07 1:42 AM
Ah, Judy, I don't think we even have a baseball team. The Dodgers are out at Anaheim and the god only knows where the Angels are. I mean how nutsy can you get... the Los Angeles Dodgers in Anaheim or was the Anaheim Dodgers of Los Angeles? Whatever!!!
28/Jun/07 1:45 AM
28/Jun/07 1:48 AM
Jamie - Glad you're back & had a great time in Alaska. Now it's catchup time at home for you. Eventually, I hope we'll get to see some photos. Bet your Mom will feel lots better after she sees you safely back!!
Nicki, what does your friend feed his tadpoles? My More...
28/Jun/07 1:49 AM
Rob came home from NC yesterday so we are back to being a twosome again. Grandchildren are wonderful, but they sure are tiring (and/or sometimes very trying!). It has been 98 degrees here the last two days. has been joining us in the pool. At More...
28/Jun/07 1:54 AM
My time was 2:20. I see the caption says 'Florida's wildlife' and note the frog shown is a Cuban Tree Frog, originally not native to Florida but now are well established. Exotic animals like Cuban Tree Frogs, Green Iguanas, Bahamian Curly-Tailed Lizards, and even big snakes like the Burmese Python More...
28/Jun/07 1:59 AM
everyone from beautiful So Oregon.
Bill, I used to get Eskimo Pies from the Ice Cream truck that came around the neighborhood (before they all became perverts).
28/Jun/07 2:02 AM
Here's a serves-him-right story from my Earthlink news tickler today!

Ex-Marine Teaches Pickpocket a Lesson
June 26, 2007 10:11 PM EDT
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Bill Barnes says he was scratching off a losing $2 lottery ticket inside a gas station when he felt a hand slip into his More...
28/Jun/07 2:14 AM
hello everyone! cool, no sun, some rain...when oh when is summer going to really arrive?? This weekend I hope...we have birthday party number two coming up...groan!
28/Jun/07 2:29 AM
wow, vicious old guy
28/Jun/07 2:33 AM
Thanks for that uplifting story Kathy...brought a smile to my lips to know that we can still take care of many a situation...first by being aware of whats going on around us. This man had seen the guy hanging around looking for what he hoped would be an easy mark...boy did he make a bad choice!
28/Jun/07 2:34 AM
Mike Cross on fiddle 'Whisky 'fore Breakfast' on YouTube. Brilliant fiddling.
28/Jun/07 2:42 AM
That's ''former marine,'' not ''ex-marine.''
28/Jun/07 2:58 AM
We had a major storm sweep though our area in the matter of mintues - flash floods - just before rush hour - It did cool off. Humid again today but a chance to cool off again for the weekend before that heat wave out west comes to visit us for the 4th. Ribfest is getting ready to More...
28/Jun/07 3:01 AM
Hi Chesty! Maybe there's no such thing as a ''former'' OR ''ex'' Marine. It seems like those guys (& gals!) have the mentality of ''Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine''! Were (are?) YOU one? They are definitely a special breed of people!
28/Jun/07 3:06 AM
Mary, check out my page on Friday morning. I'll have just what you are looking for. Be ready to HOWL.
28/Jun/07 3:13 AM
Chesty Puller would know better. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Sempre Fi.
28/Jun/07 3:20 AM
Gd Maen - Daves right - another beautiful day in So. Oregon.

Kathy that story makes me happy - he'll probably be good at 92.

Jim Thanks for the info on the Frog

Yes that looks like a bougainvillea - had a honeysuckle & bougainvillea arbor when living down south.

I More...
28/Jun/07 3:23 AM
Welcome back Jamie and Bill. Good thoughts for your Mom, Jamie.
Happy to see your post, Jano. Stay safe.
You go, Bill Barnes!! 'Easy mark', indeed!
Hot, hot, hot, here! Another day of dragging the hose around the yard
28/Jun/07 3:38 AM
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