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Easy Sudoku for 29/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone
not first then
I'm second and forgot to set the timer. that's what I get for being gone for 5 days to CO.
am addicted to this game. havent timed myself yet and don't intend to start now.
2:01 moving back to Hawaii, hate this cold weather!!!!
That looks scary!
Just dropped in over lunch - what an ace pic! Whose is it? Wish I'd been there!
2:02 It's going to be a wonderful day. Enjoy.
Big hurry to get the coffee and to sit down and start playing, I forgot to set the timeer - but it seem under 10:00 min.

Timer 00:07:43
Well I go on leave today but I will still check in here as often as I can I hope all have a wonderful and joyus new year!!!!!

Ladies don't forget the mistletoe!!!!!
Great wave shot. No timer today--just as well, since I couldn't get the 1's to fall right.

As if we would! See you at the party....;)
5:17 Love these puzzles on-line! So much easier than on paper. Can't wait to tackle one each morning (but then of course I have to go to the archives and work on the ones I've missed!) Happy New Year!
4.24 going backwards oops!!!!
3:29 Wonderful being on vacation and able to complete the puzzle first thing in the morning!
0:57, using NinDigi which is optimized for this type of solution. Surf's up!
Ahhh Can't wait... looking for the lil black stringy dress ...YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!
2:09 Awesome shot
5:57. A little slow today, but love the picture. Seen it before, but enjoyed it anyway.
Beautiful picture. I would have loved to be the guys on the boards as long as what was coming at me were friendly.
4:52 - pretty slow today for an easy - had to fill in more possibilities than usual - think we've seen this picture before, but it's a fun one
5:04, oretty acerage for me - - marveling at the 57 seconds time with software assistance - - i am curious - - in what sense is the human solving the puzzle, using that?
3:09! Maybe this means things are going my way today... lovely photo. Looks like fun (if you like the ocean!)
To Dennis From the ship: Try placing the 9's first. I started doing this, and my time is now below 3 mins. (well, 3:03 today!) Hope that helps..
rex from bickers
I agree with you entirely. What fun is it?
Hello! 4:34 today. Better than other days! Nice PIC! :)
First time under 4 min! Going to be a great day...
Hello to all my Sudoku friends! It's taken me hours to catch up on all the comments I missed the past few days. Grandchildren kept me too busy playing with them so I had no time to play sudoku. And when they were asleep, they were in the room where computer is. One of our new adult 'toys' from More...
Speaking of New Year's Eve, I'm with Amber & Cathy when it comes to difficulty with writing in rhyme. And I'm not bilingual or good at clever & mysterious flirting! But I'd still love to come to the castle party in my tartan plaid & be a witness to the rest of you carrying on with such great fun. Think there's going to be a big crowd - what a great group you are!
Now a morning ritual to sit down with great cup of Saxbys Coffee and play the game.
So sorry about your missing pendant. Don't give up on finding it. Many years ago I noticed, as I was baking a cake, that the diamond in my wedding ring (not a big one, but so precious to me) was missing from the setting. I thought we would never find it. But, lo & behold, my next door neighbor More...
Sudoku is fun
I'm into it daily
Snail pace or not
I tackle it gaily

A grandma in Georgia USA
Someone sent me that picture yesterday. Sure hope those are dolphins! It's warming up nicely this morning.
Actually what I do now is spend just a few seconds at the begining looking for any numbers that have 5 already posted and start with them. that usually makes it easier for me...
Welcome, Ann. Are you a newcomer? There seem to be quite a few Floridians in our group. What city are you in? Hi to Ed from Lithia, Jim from Jupiter, & nal from Miami. Nal, I noticed all your comments about your daughter, can tell you really miss her. She must be in college somewhere? More...
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