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Easy Sudoku for 30/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Finally a real break from the ship….I’m on leave and loving it…woke up late and enjoyed it!...enjoying a Cable internet connection. Much better than the ship! how is every one today?
Hello everyone!
another great day in the making

thanks for the nice start
Oh and my time was 2:58 my second sub 3 min time.. today will be a good day!
Hi sweta!
morning everybody
it is great to be alive

almost under 3 min

2:13 Cute kitten. Enjoy your leave there Dennis and goodmorning to you Sweta in India.
OOPS sorry about the blank post...i got key happy... how is the land of OZ today?
Ahh! Kitty picture! 7:02 min. Dennis I am well thank you - Happy New Year and a very happy time on you leave! :+>
6:17 Good morning, all! What IS it about kitties that makes them want to jump inside every container they find?
Good Morning, all.

Dennis, welcome back to real home. Have a really great day.

Good Morning,Sweta.
Boo to me 5:53, but I'll get better. Happy Leave Dennis, enjoy!!
2:45 have been enjoying our first Christmas with Liam.
I saw a commercial last night from OZ and it was so funny have any of you all ever seen the ad for Carlton Drought Beer?.. I was laughing so hard.
Morning all - 3:05. It's 12:15am here, so time to get myself off to bed.

Cheers, Chris
Dennis : Feel jealous that you r on leave and sound
thoroughly relaxed
Hello Jeanette! It's 6.50 pm here. What about where
you r?
Can someone good at English preferably with mother
tongue English tell me what the plural of mouse as
used as a computer accessory not a rodent is? Mice or Mouses?Had a bet over this with a friend.
top game. I'm addicted
Hope you enjoy your leave Dennis,It is probably well earned, Lisa so glad you had a grat chritmas with Liam, they are so cute. We had a wonderful christmas. The snow is almost all gone because of all the rain we are having, but at least we dont have to shovel rain. Have a great day all
3:20 Morning to all stateside. Have a good day from us in Oz. Hope you enjoy your leave Dennis, will you be travelling or fixing up around the home? (Will catch up news later in day when I get up). Hope the sheep are surviving in this heat jcv. Now I'm off to bed as its 12.30pm here. Nite all.
Hi all
Lisa, glad you enjoyed your first Christmas with Liam. Next Christmas will be even more fun 'cos he'll be in awe of all the presents, wrapping paper, tinsel, etc.
It is 7:30am here. The plural of mouse is mice.
Mice is plural for mouse

this begs the question what is plural for Moose?
There's a whole series of Carlton Draught ads - all equally whacky. Which one did you see?
Hi Sweta,

There isn't a correct term for the plural of the computer-type mouse as far as I can tell. Both mice and mouses are used interchangeably.
Sorry, I should have read your question completely. In computer terms, it is mouses.
I saw the really big ad

here is a link to it


What are the others?
my vote is still Mice...but I could be wrong

according to this web site both are inncorrect...use instead 'mouse devices'


Hope this helps
Is the kitty guarding a book of Sudoku puzzles, maybe?
The plural of moose is still moose.

Mice is plural for mouse, regardless of the type (i.e. computer, field, caged, etc.)
3:41 without coffee yet. Good Morning Sweta and everyone else. Sweet dreams to those heading to bed.
Dennis, have a wonderful leave, I have a freeby day myself, I got called off from work and got to go back to bed.
Lisa, I bet Liam is getting big . . is he sleeping thru the night yet?
Coffee is ready!
The coffee is brewing and will soon be ready

Did you know the single largest consumer of coffee in the world is the US Navy?
(my lil bit of trivia for the day)
04:00 in a hurry to complete under three messed up.mmmm.better luck next time
Just into this craze and did first one no mistakes. Cute kitten.
Look up www.carltondraught.com.au
go to advertising - press ads
It talks about 'made from beer', 'made in big drums', 'sold in pubs'
The TV ads are done in a documentary style, but state the bl..dy obvious
I'm not sure if you can play any other video footage, my PC's too old to cope with fancy graphics
Didn't know that coffee fact Dennis. I do know that nurses run on caffine and hocolate!
After reading Col's posting about Paul/Spellmaster being absent from our pages I noticed that Fiona is too. Hmmm.... How can we party without you Fiona?
So are you in fact a nurse?
Some of my best friends have been nurses...(not to mention those outfits..purrrr!)
I went ot the site....ROFL...some of those are great!!! I love a really funny and well thought out Ad campagin... I can't wait for the Amercian Superbowl because they usually have some of the best ad's you will see all year on then.
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