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Easy Sudoku for 3/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning everyone!
03/Oct/15 12:01 AM
03/Oct/15 12:02 AM
Dang...missed it!
03/Oct/15 12:02 AM
Happy Friday!
03/Oct/15 12:08 AM
I see you too.
03/Oct/15 12:12 AM

1. a neat beat
2. a small ball , a mere sphere
3. a humble fumble / a humble stumble
4. a mouse house
5. a thistle whistle / a stinger singer

In the todat we have Judy, Kathy, Wombat, and Joyce. Balls for all.
03/Oct/15 12:14 AM
Two letters are missing from each of these descriptions. They are initials. Find a star's name that matches both the initials and the description.

Example: Un*eils letters on *heel of Fortune-VW-Vanna White

1. W*s in the Spy Kids mo*ies
2. Was the singer *f 'Mr. Cr*wley'
3. Is More...
03/Oct/15 12:14 AM
03/Oct/15 1:34 AM
Where are my manners? Ahem . . .

03/Oct/15 1:35 AM
03/Oct/15 1:53 AM

I'm envious that Sue and Sacky have their new vehicles. I have to start thinking about buying a new one, but have no idea what's even out there anymore. I try hard not to look until I'm willing to spend the money to get a new one. I decided I'll get my next car next year instead of this fall so I don't subject the new one to road salt while it's still new.
03/Oct/15 2:12 AM
Hi All,

Has something changed with the site? I can no longer see the links to Easy/Medium/Hard/Tough/16x16 versions. Nor the clock. Not that all that is essential. I'm just wondering whether there's something wrong with my browser (or Java settings)?
03/Oct/15 2:31 AM
OTOH, Dottie, prices on current year models are lower in the fall, when the next year models come out.
03/Oct/15 2:38 AM
The site looks same as always to me, Jyrki.
03/Oct/15 3:20 AM
Good afternoon to all! Another quiet day on the site. Hoping all are well!
03/Oct/15 4:34 AM
Phantom, the baseball finals were called the World Series back in the days when only Canada and the USA had professional baseball teams. Just an FYI.
03/Oct/15 4:45 AM
Thanks for the reply, Keith. The problem disappeared after I restarted my browser. Everything's fine again :-)
03/Oct/15 5:05 AM
1:29. Good morning everyone.
03/Oct/15 5:18 AM
Time for a run.
03/Oct/15 5:24 AM
03/Oct/15 5:24 AM
03/Oct/15 5:25 AM
03/Oct/15 5:25 AM
Morning all, Lizzy will love this pic of the greyhound.
03/Oct/15 6:37 AM
all. Back home from Charlotte. Disney on Ice was cute but probably more fun for the younger-set.
03/Oct/15 7:07 AM
next 3 days. Cheers 'til later.
03/Oct/15 7:23 AM
Quick hello from Winton Queensland, where dinosaurs were found.🐉
03/Oct/15 7:26 AM
The dinosaur stampede is fantastic. We saw something unusual on our way out, an echidna inside a termites nest (also called an ant hill) .
03/Oct/15 9:02 AM
CP will be right at home in Winton.
03/Oct/15 9:49 AM
1:50 Good morning one and all!

GO EAGLES! (Should be Dockers)
03/Oct/15 12:45 PM
It's been a long day...
03/Oct/15 12:54 PM
Good afternoon..
Grand Final day.. it's going to be noisy around here if the Hawks romp home with a win..
03/Oct/15 1:24 PM
Good morning all in Sudokuland. Very quiet today...not even on page two yet.
03/Oct/15 1:57 PM
I think everyone has left WA for Melbourne to watch the footy grand finals.
03/Oct/15 1:58 PM
Grand Final Day! Never mind West Eagles, there's always next time!
03/Oct/15 4:32 PM
It is going to be a long cheerless trip across the Nullarbor for the Eagles supporters. It was not to be this year, but remember you finished ahead of 16 other teams, and there is always. Of course no other team could be better losers than the Dogs, we have had more practice than anyone else.
03/Oct/15 6:21 PM
I left out a 'next year' there.
03/Oct/15 6:23 PM
Congrats to the Hawks, although I certainly was not barracking for them.
03/Oct/15 6:24 PM
Cats next year, Wombat.
03/Oct/15 7:23 PM
And the Wallabies tonight.
03/Oct/15 7:24 PM
BOP. I'll support you on No. 2 Peter, but no chance on No. 1.
03/Oct/15 8:24 PM
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