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Easy Sudoku for 3/March/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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03/Mar/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland friends. A brisk sunny start to the day at 8 degrees F (-13 C). Brrrr! Is it REALLY March?
03/Mar/09 12:00 AM
03/Mar/09 12:00 AM
Hey... home today with a snow day....up to 12 inches expected. At least I made the first page before I go to shovel snow.
Good morning from Boston.
03/Mar/09 12:03 AM
2:09, the test in South Africa's almost over - they just lost their 8th wicket.
03/Mar/09 12:04 AM
Good morning. A brisk 7 degrees here but very sunny.
03/Mar/09 12:05 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland!
03/Mar/09 12:06 AM
That is 21 roses planted. Now need to go find 8 climber/ramblers.
03/Mar/09 12:09 AM
6" of snow this morning and still coming down.
03/Mar/09 12:11 AM
Not quite Tulip Time here in Ohio, but I do see the tips of my crocuses peaking out of a thin layer of snow!
03/Mar/09 12:11 AM
Red tulips! I can't wait!
I planted about 150 red tulips around the outside of our new room last autumn!
03/Mar/09 12:13 AM
Hi Chris, Shiela, Heidi, Betty, Nancy, Jill, GannieMo, and Lee!

03/Mar/09 12:14 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Judy!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

03/Mar/09 12:14 AM
All of GMo's recent gardening has inspired my to do some of my own. Due to the frozen conditions outdoors, I settled for gardening on my page. It is of course a Rose theme, with my favorite rose picture and rose song - "Raindrops on Roses". Enjoy!
03/Mar/09 12:37 AM
Chris, Shiela, Heidi, Betty, Nancy, Jill, GannieMo, Lee and Shosho! Chilly and overcast this morning, but I'm off to play tennis in an hour. Hope it warms up a bit by then.
03/Mar/09 12:37 AM
After all my hard work gardening, I probably should be getting dressed! I do have a Dr. appointment in 1 hour!
03/Mar/09 12:43 AM
I was expecting the race to fly by me while I was putzing around.
03/Mar/09 12:44 AM
Well . . . you know what they say. If you want something done . . .
03/Mar/09 12:46 AM
. . . you should do it yourself.
03/Mar/09 12:46 AM
Really! I didn't eat the kids cereal today! I had a nice bowl of oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon and a speck of brown sugar.
03/Mar/09 12:47 AM
Hmmm . . . Still trying to stall here.
03/Mar/09 12:48 AM
03/Mar/09 12:48 AM
Bummer. The race really is more fun when you aren't racing yourself!!! I'll take this as my cue to go get something done today! TTFN
03/Mar/09 12:50 AM
Jill, you really have got your name on the page. lol
03/Mar/09 12:52 AM
2:06 this looks like a photo from XP. I'm feeling almost better, but Little Plum is still feeling bad, my hubby is trying to fight off a threatening sore throat, my oldest daughter is in much pain with her dislocated knee injury, my middle daughter is nursing a sore wrist ganglin and NOW, this morning, we must take the DOG to the vet because her paw may be broken. Oy. Pray for us.
03/Mar/09 12:58 AM
Good Morning Worldly People--A beautiful day to wake up, but not excited about the events of the day. It is the first of the month and those people are going to make me get on two scales today. Since it seems I was in that room all day yesterday, continously putting stuff in my mouth, I really am not looking forward to that part of my day.
03/Mar/09 1:03 AM
Plum, our thoughts are with you all. Sound like your family is in a Plum jam.
03/Mar/09 1:04 AM
Let's all do the "Happy Made it to 22" dance with Jill.
Plum are you beating yourself and your family for all the aches and pains? I do have a vague, memory from a couple of weeks ago, when hubby and the girl were revealing the contents of their tummies and I was doing my feet moaning bit all of us at the same time. But fortunately we did not include our pets.
03/Mar/09 1:06 AM
I do have some good news, my ankles are starting to look like ankles again. There are nice curves and intentions where there should be curves and indentions. And the most exciting part was to be able to wear tenny shoes again, yesterday. I am hoping to do it again today.
03/Mar/09 1:09 AM
Good morning all! The big storm on the coast missed us because our cold air pushed it away. Now if we could just melt the snow we have, maybe we could get our Christmas lights down! Have a great day!
03/Mar/09 1:17 AM
Oh Stella, do not rush to take down the lights. We only have 8 more months till Christmas.
03/Mar/09 1:19 AM
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03/Mar/09 1:28 AM
Good morning girls. (and good morning to the lurking boys) It's nice to have a field of tulips to look at on this bleak morning.
03/Mar/09 1:40 AM
Gorgeous photo! No gardening in California today. We're getting much needed precipitation. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
03/Mar/09 2:05 AM
Good Maen all! Same for us up the road from you, Linda!
This picture reminds me of Debby's avatar (and Danstell's)
I planted about 300 tulips this fall - their green is showing, but no color yet. Like you Shiela, I can't wait!
03/Mar/09 2:26 AM
Jill - good work on 22...even if it wasn't much of a challenge.
Plum - keeping your family in my thoughts...hoping everyone is back to good health soon.
03/Mar/09 2:27 AM
Aussie Judy!
03/Mar/09 2:28 AM
to Judy from Oz! Celebrate your day with gusto!
Sunny and cold here. We've still got our Christmas lights on our everygreen outside, but at least we haven't lit them, unlike a few in our neighbourhood; there are still a few wreaths on doors around here too. Sheesh.
03/Mar/09 2:37 AM
03/Mar/09 2:40 AM
Love the tulips
03/Mar/09 2:52 AM
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