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Easy Sudoku for 4/March/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone
04/Mar/09 12:00 AM
04/Mar/09 12:00 AM
Hello Mo.
04/Mar/09 12:00 AM
04/Mar/09 12:01 AM
Hello CP, GMo... How's everyone today?
Chilly & bright here.
04/Mar/09 12:06 AM
Hello everyone, popped in to see what you are all up to. Having my first competion game of golf tomorrow since we moved back here so must toddle off to bed will let you know how I went if its printable. ' border=0>
04/Mar/09 12:11 AM
Hi GannieMo, CP, Shiela, and Amelia!

04/Mar/09 12:13 AM
Happy Girls Day! everyone!
A happy day to honor girls. Another name for today is Ohimesama - Princess. And what girl is not a princess? To be loved and cherished all her life.

04/Mar/09 12:13 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland! It is sunny here, but single digit temperatures with a wind chill of 0. I think that is internationally understood as bone chillin' cold! And my coat has decided it can no longer cover both of us. So when I go out, my poor little belly gets cold!
04/Mar/09 12:13 AM
Gee can't even get the smilies to work properly.
04/Mar/09 12:14 AM
Sign me up for Ohimesama! I would happily accept a little pampering today!
04/Mar/09 12:15 AM
Thank you for the girls day wish Shosho now its off to bed goodnight all.
04/Mar/09 12:16 AM
Amelia, I sometimes get those red x's in e-mails.
Anyone know why?
04/Mar/09 12:17 AM
Morning Shosho! I'll look for my tiara!
Jill, we had 8 F.
04/Mar/09 12:20 AM
I wish I'd never done the puzzle!
But they WERE colourful/colorful!
04/Mar/09 12:23 AM
5:43 Wow what amazing fashion accessories they would make shoes and bag
04/Mar/09 12:23 AM
Oops 3:45 but still slow How are Eastern Yankees coping with the snow?
04/Mar/09 12:25 AM
I am off to drop son at Preschool this morning. I am determined not to be late as usual this am. Followed by a Retail Therapy session. I am on the hunt for Tart Pans today. Along with a few tasty ingredients to put inside!
04/Mar/09 12:30 AM
Thanks, fii! A new way to look at snakes!
04/Mar/09 12:30 AM
Well Gee. Who can leave at post 18? Maybe one more minute!
04/Mar/09 12:31 AM
Good morning. I feel so good today. Is it because is it girls day or the fact that Crystal is comming to dinner?
04/Mar/09 12:31 AM
04/Mar/09 12:32 AM
Devestating floods in Karumba and Normanton. I guess Baz is no longer in that area.

Victoria on high fire alert and in NT the chief minister suggests that the rumours of children being in danger from croc infested waters is a "great Territory yarn". It's actually truer than most of the territory yarns.

04/Mar/09 12:32 AM
Thanks Dorthea! I was trying to be subtle and not repeat yesterday's performance! Now I can say TTFN. Good Day to All!
04/Mar/09 12:33 AM
Are colored snakes poisonous? I prefer the brown ones.
04/Mar/09 12:38 AM
Hi CP, sending you some gentle persistent rain. Been warm, humid and wet. Its on its way to you.
04/Mar/09 12:41 AM
These are not poisonous by the looks. They have a larger python head. I would definitely prefer these to the brown which are definitely poisonous.
04/Mar/09 12:44 AM
I'm sure some herpetologist is out there desperate to inform us of what these guys are.
04/Mar/09 12:45 AM
Greetings, fellow Sudokologists!
04/Mar/09 12:50 AM
Dorthea - have a wonderful time with Crystal. And give her my regards. It was such fun being with you both in SF!
04/Mar/09 12:51 AM
Good Morning Worldly People

Are we doing the Happy Made it to 22 Dance with Jill or Fi? I could count back or even forward, but that would require brain function.
04/Mar/09 12:52 AM
Good Day to all of you.
04/Mar/09 12:58 AM
Good day everyone. Interesting snakes, glad they aren't in my backyard.
04/Mar/09 1:06 AM
04/Mar/09 1:11 AM
HI all! Jill is on the lookout for tart pans...and interesting things to put in them...I imagine the only thing to put in a tart pan is a tart, but why on earth does she want to cook a female for tea?? I have never heard of a tart pan before. Mo, André, what do we call them??
04/Mar/09 1:14 AM
the above was not today's riddle. yesterday's ditty brought in lots of correct answers - either you've all been to Barcelona, or it was just too obvious! Couldn't reply to all of you as I don't get more than ten private messages a day, not being the fully paid-up member sort! Shame on me!
04/Mar/09 1:16 AM
here's today's one, which I think is a bit more complicated; bet I don't get 20 answers today! Answers to the paëlla pan inbox please.

I am a set of three words, all with the same six letters. First I am a kingdom, though not royally so. Then spell me backwards, and I become a thin More...
04/Mar/09 1:20 AM
Plum - Most tart pans are metal and have a removable bottom.
04/Mar/09 1:38 AM
Sorry - meant to say "Fiona" instead of "Plum". I'm not awake yet.
04/Mar/09 1:39 AM
They look like Green Tree Python, Morelia viridis. They are native to Cape York, New Guinea, and the surrounding islands. South America's Emerald Tree Boa looks very similar. Both snakes are nonvenomous constrictors which live in the tropical rain forest.
04/Mar/09 1:41 AM
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