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Easy Sudoku for 30/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
30/Jan/17 12:06 AM

Time to head off to bed and see if I can sleep. Its 26c/ 80F at midnight. and we wont mention the humidity
30/Jan/17 12:08 AM
Good Maen - I would enjoy this view- right now - if I could see from the comfort of my bed
30/Jan/17 12:15 AM
all. Where ever you are.???
30/Jan/17 1:13 AM
Good Maen, Lizzy, mymare, and HalT! Just finished putting some test scores in the computer. I have several that need to get REAL busy. Ugh.
Now it is time to get ready for church (maybe after I work the Easy).
30/Jan/17 1:15 AM
That picture was worth waiting for!
30/Jan/17 1:18 AM

Wombat, as far as your question about making up your puzzles....I think you should do whatever letter combinations you want and we'll figure it out. That's half the fun!

....and, thanks for the extra puzzle this week. I'm looking forward to another.
30/Jan/17 2:23 AM
What a beautiful view in the photo! Hawaii is such a gorgeous place. We rented a car and drove ''off the beaten track''. I'll see if I can find a photo I took of where a lava field met the ocean. It was spectacular to see.
30/Jan/17 2:38 AM
I posted the aforementioned photo on my page. There is no shortage of lava in Hawaii. There are posted warnings about removing any.
30/Jan/17 2:45 AM
Late morning hellos to Lizzy, mymare, Hal, Jamie, & Kathy; yes I agree: puzzling the puzzles is part of the fun/challenge!

You're the creator of them, Wombat - do what pleases you!
30/Jan/17 2:47 AM
This definitely is a 1->9 puzzle... just requires some determination to not veer off the course!

-and that photo is worth it too!
30/Jan/17 2:50 AM
Throw whatever you want at us, Wombat! Let the spirit move you! You see, we welcome the puzzles for YOUR sake! I have long believed that puzzle CREATORS put more effort, sweat, time, and thought into a puzzle than do the SOLVERS! You are benefiting from the creative calisthenics and brain cell stimulation even more than we are! So carry on!
30/Jan/17 3:21 AM
Boy did I oversleep this morning! Bright sunshine, rain again later this week. Finally seeing drought go away. At least for this year!!
30/Jan/17 3:44 AM
30/Jan/17 3:53 AM
The rain here is highly welcomed but the cold it brings, is highly unwelcome!!! Gads, it's down in the low 40's!!!
30/Jan/17 3:54 AM
I'm having to wear tights and long sleeve shirts with a hoodie!!! Good thing that I usually save older (in good shape) sweaters so I have plenty.
30/Jan/17 3:56 AM
Since I've only been to two islands of Hawaii, Kauai and Maui, haven't really seen lava flows. BUT I've seen the luscious greens and red dirt!
30/Jan/17 3:58 AM
Happy Sunday!
30/Jan/17 4:12 AM
Morning, all.
30/Jan/17 4:22 AM
Going for it.
30/Jan/17 4:22 AM
30/Jan/17 4:23 AM
30/Jan/17 4:23 AM
Morning all,looks like a nice place but not for me ,the humidity and I don't get along. My niece is having a Bali wedding in June, this Aunt won't be attending.
30/Jan/17 4:32 AM
Keith, you are so lucky , if I hadn't looked up to check the golf scores I would have ...
30/Jan/17 4:36 AM
Beautiful photo today.
30/Jan/17 6:12 AM
A week or so ago, we had a day of limericks. It reminded me of a puzzle that I thought you might like to try.
In my photo gallery there is a picture of a math equation. (This is not a math puzzle, the equation is already solved. )
Your task is to write a limerick that describes the More...
30/Jan/17 8:41 AM
Morning all here is the tough up and down puzzle I promised. A lot of answers require cryptic solutions rather than being straight synonyms. For example TURNS BED INTO SHINY GLASS OBJECT would be A. A shiny glass object is a BEAD, and A is required to turn BED into bead.
Today's puzzle asks More...
30/Jan/17 9:02 AM
We finally have snow! It's still dreary, but the snow brightens it up a snitch!
30/Jan/17 10:29 AM
Fun puzzle, Wombat! Keep them coming, keep 'em coming....!
30/Jan/17 2:01 PM
Wombat's puzzle definitely brings a smile.
30/Jan/17 2:37 PM
Here are the answers to Saturday's puzzle:
30/Jan/17 3:23 PM
Now here's the answer to Sunday's puzzle.
PA -.- DAD
PALE -.-.-.- WAN
AMPLE -.-.-.-.- PLENTY
MAPLES -.-.-.-.-.-TREES
SAMPLED -.-.-.-.-.-.- TASTED
PLEADS -.-.-.-.-.- BEGS
LEAD More...
30/Jan/17 3:42 PM
1:20. Good evening everyone.
30/Jan/17 8:13 PM
Got the second two thirds of the puzzle still working on the start
30/Jan/17 8:31 PM
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