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Easy Sudoku for 31/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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31/Jan/17 12:02 AM
2:08 Another slow time.
Hello Hal! Good night all.
31/Jan/17 12:15 AM
Reminds me of my great niece Charlotte, it's cookie time here
31/Jan/17 12:21 AM
It's amazing how much more cheerful a dreary day looks when there is snow on the ground!
(Yep! It's still a 'no sunshine' day here.)
31/Jan/17 1:57 AM
Think I'll have to move to Seattle to see the sun!
(But then, I love that area of the country anyway!)
31/Jan/17 1:59 AM
Good day all!!
31/Jan/17 3:11 AM
31/Jan/17 3:12 AM
Happy Monday!
31/Jan/17 5:05 AM
Good afternoon to all! 'Ma, fetch my teeth for me. The photographer is here.'
31/Jan/17 5:09 AM
Yup! she's six, as we can see, with those two missing front teeth. CUTE!
31/Jan/17 5:17 AM
I have received two limericks so far.
31/Jan/17 5:30 AM
Home at last, even though I have to go get Harry a little later.
31/Jan/17 6:07 AM
Morning all, it's a long time to Christmas to get new teeth.
31/Jan/17 6:08 AM
Is Every one busy today?????
31/Jan/17 6:10 AM
Wombat, missed seeing your second puzzle on Saturday.
Will try the new one !
31/Jan/17 6:25 AM
Sue, isn't it true that when you have time to play everyone else is away.
31/Jan/17 6:28 AM
Quiet today - washed the floor and waiting for it to dry - so came over to see what's up
31/Jan/17 8:26 AM
πŸŒžπŸŒ€πŸŒžπŸŒ€β›…οΈβ›…οΈβ˜οΈπŸŒ₯🌞🌀πŸŒ₯☁️this our day here - sun is shy but it is up there
31/Jan/17 8:27 AM
South Florida eagle cam - if you like wildlife - they have 1 baby - month old today
31/Jan/17 8:29 AM

all. Whilst I appreciate Shiela's love of snow its not something I have to deal with. Suspect we live too close to the ocean
31/Jan/17 8:29 AM
Also am enjoying the explore live cams - takes you the world over - yes, I do have homework to study - my rewards
31/Jan/17 8:30 AM
It is half an hour since anyone has posted. Where are you Keith? Don't worry I'll reserve it for you. We Wombats have to stick together.
31/Jan/17 9:01 AM
Good afternoon all! Do not recall a day of limericks; would someone refresh my memory or tell me when this happened, please!
31/Jan/17 9:01 AM
I need to apologise to the poozlers for items two and three on Monday's puzzle. My reasoning in number 3 was, find an Australian State (SOUTH AUSTRALIA), give its abbreviation (SA) and reverse it, hence AS. Some people, quite reasonably, interpreted the BACKWARD as referring to the state. There More...
31/Jan/17 9:11 AM
I thought I had come up with a puzzle that would stump most people, but with still a day to go 9 people have come up with an answer, close to a new record. Hal had his answer in after 37 minutes.
31/Jan/17 9:17 AM
Joyce, I don't remember what day it was. Actually, there were not that many limericks, maybe four or five.
31/Jan/17 10:58 AM
As long as a Wombat gets 22, we're OK.
31/Jan/17 11:31 AM
Sorry Wombat but these days I only seem to do things that are quick and easy. Yesterday got to 39*c here and today was supposed to be a bit cooler. It is, my thermometer is saying 38*c at the moment.
Saw the oncologist today after my treatment and he is happy with how I am coping with the More...
31/Jan/17 12:21 PM
I have 3 more limerick entries... all from Joyce.
31/Jan/17 2:11 PM
I may need to give you a hint... but it will have to wait until tomorrow.
31/Jan/17 2:15 PM
Because now it's my bedtime.

Night all.
31/Jan/17 2:17 PM
I might wake up early
and go running. I also might
wake up and win the lottery.
The odds are about the same...
31/Jan/17 2:20 PM
I put some Whiskey
in my coffee because
It's Ireland
31/Jan/17 2:22 PM
Thinking of you, June, and dear Sharon. Love to you and Laura.
31/Jan/17 2:29 PM
June, Thank you for wanting to help set a new record. I certainly want you take on more challenges given what is happening in your life at the moment. The puzzles are meant to be fun, and I'd hate to think that people felt they had to do them.
You have not had an easy life, no-one should have to lose a child.
31/Jan/17 2:41 PM
That should have been 'don't want you to take on more challenges'.
31/Jan/17 2:52 PM
When I was submitting the first message to June, machine told me I needed to open Java Script and all of the messages disappeared. After lot's of other efforts I opened Sudoku.net.au again, and all was well
31/Jan/17 2:57 PM
My sister-in-law rang me a few days ago to remind me it was her 65th wedding anniversary, and that she and I are the only members of the bridal party still alive. All the parents (not surprisingly) and all the siblings on both sides of the newly weds families have died.
31/Jan/17 3:03 PM
We are getting to the bottom of the page, but not quite there yet.
31/Jan/17 3:05 PM
Bottom of the page and a CP.
31/Jan/17 3:06 PM
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