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Easy Sudoku for 30/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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30/Jun/15 12:00 AM
Right now, anyway.
There's a possibility of a stray storm.
(Just what we need... more rain!)
30/Jun/15 12:01 AM
Good Morning.
30/Jun/15 12:02 AM
Hubby retires tomorrow afternoon!
Hubby bought me new golf clubs for his retirement!
(I guess we're going to start playing golf together!)
30/Jun/15 12:04 AM
Wish I had that avatar Keith.
30/Jun/15 12:04 AM
My old clubs were 45 years old!
30/Jun/15 12:04 AM
Wooden shafts Shiela? I had a set like that.
30/Jun/15 12:07 AM
Reminds me of when my grandmother bought my grandfather a mink stole for Christmas.
30/Jun/15 12:09 AM
Not quite THAT old, Kraken!
30/Jun/15 12:10 AM
So funny, Keith!
(Actually, it's a good sign, Keith. Hubby has worked for 46 years and I'm a bit worried about him adjusting easily to retirement.)
30/Jun/15 12:13 AM
Reminds me of a quote from some bard about golf spoiling a good walk.
30/Jun/15 12:14 AM
We've got this year covered with lists of things to do, overseas visitors and trips planned, but next year, I'm not so sure. Maybe by then, it'll be 'old hat'.
30/Jun/15 12:17 AM
I worried about how hard it would be to let go of my job (and identity). Getting busy with travel and all the fun things I'd always wanted to have more time for, took care of that.
30/Jun/15 12:17 AM
30/Jun/15 12:18 AM
I've got assurances that he won't try to instruct me. Several years ago I vowed I'd never play golf with him again! (Let's just say that he is not a natural-born teacher.)
30/Jun/15 12:19 AM
Self inflicted or posed?
30/Jun/15 12:20 AM
That's very good to hear, Keith. Luckily, he's pretty resilient, but he's always had his identity with his job.
30/Jun/15 12:21 AM
A little of both, Serena!
30/Jun/15 12:22 AM
Keith.... it's getting close!
30/Jun/15 12:22 AM
I'm trying to be patient, Keith...
30/Jun/15 12:25 AM
Hi there.
30/Jun/15 12:25 AM
30/Jun/15 12:26 AM
When hubby retired he filled his calendar with ''to do'' things so he wouldn't be bored. He even took a language class. After awhile he decided perhaps he should go back to work so he would have some spare time.
30/Jun/15 12:26 AM
Yikes! I almost got gallumped on!
30/Jun/15 12:27 AM

A function table is a table of order pairs that follow a rule. A rule tells how one number is related to another. In this brainteaser, I will give you a function table (sometimes called an input-output table) and you need to figure out what More...
30/Jun/15 12:29 AM
A fast run to the prize this morning. Thanks for all the help. As they say, Kathy, look before you gallump.
30/Jun/15 12:29 AM
I have heard that, too, Kathy! Several people we have talked to said they were busier after they retired!
30/Jun/15 12:31 AM
Cat seems quite relaxed on his high perch!
30/Jun/15 12:33 AM
Thanks for the advice, everyone!
(Now I'm off to exercise!)
30/Jun/15 12:33 AM
I echo that, and have said more than once that I don't know how I ever found the time to work.
30/Jun/15 12:35 AM
, y'all, for a few more minutes!
30/Jun/15 1:50 AM
Without further adieu (because I want to get this in before a page turn), the answers to the Weekend Rebus!

hop up and down
work in progress
one foot in front of the other
in every cloud a silver lining
poison ivy
point blank
beginning of time
rounds of More...
30/Jun/15 1:55 AM
Funny Kathy - I guess the want of spare time comes from working and not having much!
30/Jun/15 1:59 AM
Kitty had better hope no one closes that closet door! REEEEAAAAAWWRRrrrrr!
30/Jun/15 2:02 AM
Sweet cat! She seems to be very comfortable on her perch.
30/Jun/15 2:22 AM
I KNEW ''beside the point'' was wrong! OF COURSE it's ''point blank''! There is head slapping occurring here. Yeah, #6 had me feeling Funny how I can get hung up on the obvious....
30/Jun/15 2:36 AM
Spoiler -

Ever wonder about movie 'sound effects'?

http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/movies/the-most-famous-movie-sound-effects-explain ed/story-e6frfmvr-1227420887958
30/Jun/15 3:03 AM
imbus More...

n ag ag s
a ag ag s
ltus cumulu
=in every cloud a silver lining? Hummm ... bit of a stretch, and anyway, isn't the real saying, ''Every cloud has a silver lining.'' which makes it clear that the silver bit is on the outside.
30/Jun/15 3:16 AM
It would be interesting to see the cat 'assume the position'.
30/Jun/15 3:41 AM
So close.
30/Jun/15 3:42 AM
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