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Easy Sudoku for 1/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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01/Jul/15 12:00 AM
I am off to run errands, so let me find a poozle for you before I go......
01/Jul/15 12:02 AM
Here you go!

Combine the word fragments below to produce pairs of words that have opposite meanings. There are 9 pairs of words, one pair on each line. Example: USE REF EPT ACC becomes ACCEPT-REFUSE.

4. More...
01/Jul/15 12:06 AM
Was sunny a minute ago. Now it's not.
Last day of work for Hubby!!! He didn't even wear a suit or tie!
01/Jul/15 12:48 AM
No, he didn't go in to work with nothing on!
He wore a golf shirt & slacks! (That's a big step for him!)
Reminds me of an old New Yorker cartoon captioned 'Businessmen on vacation' - all the men were wading in the sea with the pant legs of their suits rolled up! Funny, but true!
01/Jul/15 12:56 AM
Morning. Heading out. Take care of my spot for me.
01/Jul/15 12:59 AM
Happy Retirement to your husband, Shiela, and Happy Rest-of-Your-Life to both of you! It doesn't sound like the two of you have TOO many adjustments to make. The biggest change for me, and for many other women, was, during the day when your home has been generally silent, having your husband walk More...
01/Jul/15 1:35 AM
01/Jul/15 2:29 AM
01/Jul/15 2:30 AM
WOW! Now that's a rare sight. First time I've seen the beginning of a volcano.
01/Jul/15 3:05 AM
It never occurred to me that a Volcano would have a starting point.
01/Jul/15 3:12 AM

Here is the given answer:

The rule to this function table is multiply A by 3, and then divide that number by 4 or (Ax3)/4=B.

There were quite a few correct mathematical variations that Iā€™m not going to take the time to write More...
01/Jul/15 3:20 AM
, y'all! Interesting pic today. I always think of explosions rather than oozing, even for a neo-volcano.
01/Jul/15 4:03 AM
01/Jul/15 4:03 AM
Congrats to your guy, Shiela! I do hope he gets a much deserved send-off from the office.
01/Jul/15 4:04 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world, and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
01/Jul/15 4:57 AM
CP, hope you have a great day doing what you love best.
01/Jul/15 4:58 AM

Shiela, my you and your husband enjoy many good years together now that work will no longer be a consideration in what you are doing next.
01/Jul/15 5:00 AM

Im afraid I don't have time for Kathy's poozle today, have to be at work at 9am instead of 10pm today (a one day workshop everyone has to do Back to regular times tomorrow
01/Jul/15 5:03 AM

Time to head back to bed for another hours snooze before getting a lift with hubby to the station
01/Jul/15 5:05 AM

Seeing Im close enough
01/Jul/15 5:05 AM

May as well take care of 22 for Keith
01/Jul/15 5:06 AM
Good afternoon to all! Keep that volcano there. We don't need one here.
01/Jul/15 5:08 AM
Happy Canada Day to all Canadians celebrating in the other time zones. Tomorrow is the big day here.
01/Jul/15 5:10 AM
1:57. Good morning everyone.
01/Jul/15 6:26 AM
Morning all, aww a cute baby volcano.
01/Jul/15 6:28 AM
CP ,have a great celebration today. šŸŽ‚
01/Jul/15 6:33 AM
Hello all! After being without a computer for three weeks I am finally back on-line and able to play Sudoku again. It's a big jump from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 - steep learning curve. Maybe in about 100 years I'll have this new system down pat.
01/Jul/15 7:03 AM
, CP. And cograts to Shiela's hubby.

To celebrate, I think I'll have a glass of wine. Maybe two. Cheers.
01/Jul/15 7:33 AM
DotCom I can relate about Win changes. We went from Win98 to Vista (skipping XP) on our home laptop, which eventually became mine when the other two residents got their own higher powered laptops. At work, I went from XP to Win7 a few years ago, which made me long for new laptop with Win7. When the old Vista laptop finally died, I opted for Win7 rather than Win8.
01/Jul/15 7:42 AM
A friend of mine who tests Betas and hates Windows admits that the Beta of Win10 he had was 'Sweeeeet!' Big change of song for him.
01/Jul/15 7:43 AM
Have a glass for me, Hal. For the next few weeks, I'll be saving the vino for the weekends. Starting Friday nights of course!
01/Jul/15 7:44 AM
Gee S'gal, I don't know. Three glasses of wine before dinner? Maybe I'll have one with dinner.
01/Jul/15 7:53 AM
it's a special day for CP.
hope you have a lovely day.
01/Jul/15 9:39 AM
I have been busy this last few weeks making plans for a vacation. Yes, I get 2 in one year.
01/Jul/15 9:43 AM
Thx for taking care of business, Lizzy.

Back from my cardiologist. Not the best of news. I'm back in A-Fib, which means the cardio version didn't work for very long. Oh well. It just means we go on to the next procedure.
01/Jul/15 10:25 AM
Happy Canada Day (tomorrow for topsiders),
and CP.
01/Jul/15 10:27 AM
Well Happy New Financial Year at least if you are in Oz.
Wombat is squirrelling away (pardon the mixed metaphor) fodder for the even worse winter days ahead. There still isn't much snow around but wombats are more provident than grasshoppers.
01/Jul/15 10:33 AM

Happy birthday CP........Canberra's Golden Oldie.
01/Jul/15 11:45 AM

I think there's a TR missing from No 6 in Kathy's poozle.
01/Jul/15 11:46 AM
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