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Easy Sudoku for 31/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Oh no! TV died last night!
31/Jan/16 12:00 AM
Good morning people, and I am about to say 'Goodnight'.
31/Jan/16 12:00 AM
Have to go out immediately and buy a new one!
31/Jan/16 12:00 AM
Kate from Sydney around?
31/Jan/16 12:01 AM
Wolf, sent you an Email. Sorry about your TV. We have been watching the tennis.
31/Jan/16 12:01 AM
We have two Kates in Sydney. I think the one you are asking about now lives on the Hawkesbury River and I think she may have had a few storms that way tonight.
31/Jan/16 12:03 AM
Good morning to all! Time to post the weekend puzzle.
31/Jan/16 12:06 AM
Busy early.

31/Jan/16 12:08 AM
For those who are not familiar with my puzzles, they are a 'behead or curtail' puzzles. for each set of clues, the answer to the first clue should be either beheaded (remove the first letter of the answer) or curtailed (remove the last letter of the answer) to get the answer to the second clue. Have fun!
31/Jan/16 12:10 AM
Your puzzle. you have two days to answer. Send answers to my 'A Puzzling Puzzle' inbox please.

1. Talk rapidly and constantly about silly, trivial matters –> this character in Lewis Carroll novels enjoys tea parties
2. A New Zealand actress was the star in the 2006 movie ‘Suburban More...
31/Jan/16 12:12 AM
Back later to do the Sudoku puzzles and jigsaws. Cheers!
31/Jan/16 12:14 AM
Good morning.
31/Jan/16 2:01 AM
I'm feeling very proud - and very dumb at the same time.
31/Jan/16 2:04 AM
I just worked out I can highlight the text I want, (Greg's puzzle) and print directly from this page.
31/Jan/16 2:05 AM
I have been copy and pasting to a Word document and then printing.
31/Jan/16 2:06 AM
You learn something new every day!!
31/Jan/16 2:06 AM
Sunny & mild (mid-40's F) today!
And no hammering, sanding, paint smells, etc on the weekend. Ahhhhh!
31/Jan/16 2:10 AM
a beautiful day inOK
31/Jan/16 2:10 AM
(Hope I didn't goof up a CP!)
31/Jan/16 2:11 AM
I got distracted by Greg's poozle. Have got a few of the answers.
31/Jan/16 2:11 AM

Yes, it is easier that way, CP.
31/Jan/16 2:12 AM
Wonder if Keith is lurking and getting ready to galump???
31/Jan/16 2:13 AM
Got to get ready to go to Kansas. It really isn't that far from us the state line is about 20 miles but we are going a little further into the state.
31/Jan/16 2:13 AM
Too late!
31/Jan/16 2:14 AM
Thanks for the tip, CP. Makes things a bit quicker. Will have to try it myself!
31/Jan/16 2:16 AM
31/Jan/16 2:41 AM
CP and Shiela. That's how I post my puzzles, but in reverse. Saves all the typing on the site.
31/Jan/16 3:14 AM
Happy Saturday!
Working this weekend, but will try to come up with some answers to CG's poozle. (although I think he means Heath Ledger, not Keith Ledger in #11)
CP: Thanks for the printing tip! Will try it next time, if I remember by then...
31/Jan/16 3:31 AM
Gallump ... oh ... what did somebody say?
31/Jan/16 3:41 AM
Yes Aileen and others. Number 11 should read Heath Ledger, not Keith. My bad!
31/Jan/16 3:52 AM
I guess you snoozed this morning, Keith. So others gallumped all over your 22!
31/Jan/16 3:55 AM
I'm looking forward to working on your puzzle, Greg. Thanks for all your effort.
31/Jan/16 3:56 AM
oops - started to write good morning but I'm too late, sooo
31/Jan/16 4:39 AM
What sort of work are you having done, Shiela?
31/Jan/16 4:41 AM
31/Jan/16 4:43 AM
Saw Tracy, the head naturalist at the Marsh this morning as I finished my run. I finally found out how the coyotes were getting in and out of the marsh! Through the big storm drains on the east and west side of the marsh! Puzzled over that for months because the marsh is fenced off so that even dogs can't get through.
31/Jan/16 4:45 AM
But evidently the coyotes will be off soon because the storms coming up will fill the underground drains to allow the trash to sink and allow the cleaner water into the marsh. And I found out about the loud squawking geese who are vying for the alpha position of the flock! I told Tracy that I had been observing the posturing between two big geese for a week now.
31/Jan/16 4:49 AM
Seems foxes are smarter, shosho.
31/Jan/16 4:49 AM
Someone is challenging papa goose! An outsider! Good grief another wrong way Corrigan?
31/Jan/16 4:50 AM
31/Jan/16 4:50 AM
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