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Easy Sudoku for 4/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Yipee Gath has fixed the time. That means that I can get the new puzzle at 10.30pm during Daylight saving- quite a respectable time really.
Am sitting here watching a slideshow of photos from Scotland that my nephew put together backed by a bagpipe track. All the dogs in the street are barking. I can't work out why!!
2:26. Maen all! That's one reason I don't mountain bike.
2:54 Good evening everyone.
Looks like a bit of a rough landing.
Looks like Evil Knievel to me!
3:27 Good morning everyone! 7:15am here!
3:08 Hi to all and have a good weekend!

Thought for the Day:

Gardeners don't get old...they just go to pot !!
I hope he hasn't been drinking!
andré I thought they became compost!
While in cycling mode: Some cycling songs!!
Bicycle Race - Queen
Riding along on a pushbike - Mungo Jerry
Tour de France - Kraftwerk
Bike- Pink Floyd
Pump it up! - Elvis Costello
Daisy Daisy - various Music Hall artistes !
Chain Reaction - Diana Ross
The Chain - More...
Just a last thought on the whole vegemite thing... my hubby is mad on 'promite' and i used to fill my suitcases with jars for him every time I went over to London. Now he's found he can buy it at the Aussie shop in COvent Garden - so my suitcase has been saved from a fate similar to Baz's. They More...
The Pushbike Song - the Master's Apprentices
3:00. Good Maen, There's cycling for excersise, then there's stupidity. The dogs are barking in those slides because they can hear the music.
Andre I reckon that I could put together a song reflective of me on a pushbike -
Wobbly Wheels by Dragging the Chain
Oops sorry - andré
Bill, You're kidding me!
.. .and Bicycle Song by Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Mixtures also sang The Pushbike Song
3.06 Have a nice weekend everyone.
I am certainly not that adventurous!
Le bicyclette de Belsize.Engelbert Humperdinck.
Excuse the spelling,my memory isn't what it was.
How can you send a picture in like that with out a comment?
fraz, interesting that you mentioned Promite in hot water if you're sick. If I'm just starting to eat again after being sick and still having trouble keeping food down, thin Vegemite and margarine on bread with black tea is always the first food I try. My doctor once told me that it's usually the most agreeable thing for people at that time. I don't know what it is in it that makes it that way.
Good night everyone - as usual very quiet on a Friday night.
1:59 Maen
hey all melbourne cup weekend.
any tips on how to pick the winning horse??
Elise - I always pick the jockey who is wearing the prettiest colours, they always look good whether they win or lose...
elise, I go for a name that means something to me. One year as a kid I saw a girl walking with a 'Think Big' tshirt on, put my 50c each way on, and it won. Bedtime for me now, but even later for you.
There was a young Scotsman called Andy,
Went into a bar for a shandy,
When he lifted his kilt,
To wipe what he'd spilt,
The barmaid said'Blimey,that's handy.'
Hi all. New to this! Looking at your times I have a longgggg way to go. Have a good day all! Would like to see the bike guy pic when he landed! Hope it was a safe one! ;-)
good Maen everyone
x-games practice?
Didn't time myself, but it awhile. No comment, again? :)
THE BIKE RIDE by Jill McDougall

I had a bike
I really liked,
It had no brakes,
It had no light
The chain was loose
The Gears were tight
But Hey!
It went like dynamite.

We had a race
From PJ's place,
And I sent first
With heaps of pace
Past the More...
went went went

We had a race
From PJ's place,
And I went first
With heaps of pace
Fi...wonderful poem...Thanks
Off to get some work done on the car. See you later.
Good Friday Maen, all!
Once upon a time,in a nice little forest,there lived an orphaned Bunny and an orphaned Snake.By coincidence,both were blind from birth.
One day,the Bunny was hopping through the forest,and the Snake was slithering through the
forest,when the Bunny tripped over the Snake and fell down.This,of More...
2:13..Good Mean to all!! 9:55am Friday here.
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