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Easy Sudoku for 5/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning to all!
Good morning all.
1:54 that was very easy.
Good evening everyone. Hey, Greg, what are you doing beating me on here.
1:37 - the easiest ever, straight through from 1 to nine.
just sitting here watching the leaves fall, no one else up yet and the peace is incredible.
Had to sneak in before I did the puzzle. The first time I ever posted first I think. Do you get some sort of reward? Anne in Albany, you should know. Did't you go eight or nine times straight one day?
Come on...own up...who is this at his pc doing sudoku???
Actually, Greg, I did it twice. I'm still waiting for my reward!! The first time you interrupted me.
Good Maen everyone. I agree with Deb. Who is this?
This is a good-looking gentleman. Good day all - it's a chilly 32 F here this morning, but no snow in this part of the state.
2.02 Hi all - yep who is it?
4:04 first time to submit. been enjoying this site a few months.
2:16 - just can't ever get under two minutes!
Judy - enjoy the peace while it lasts! Here in the Chicagoland area, most leaves are gone already.

NO green grass, No blue sky,
No bare feet going by.

No baby birds, No bees,
No leaves on trees.
Check out Laura in her christening gown on the Parents Page!
Good Morning everyone! Woke up to 6 inches of snow here! Not supposed to stay long though! Wow, I can't believe you can do these puzzles so fast and here I thought 5 minutes was pretty good!LOL Oh and can someone tell me what maen means?
Just spent the evening in a bar in Subiaco watching replay of Aus v GBR, eating Roo, drinking Shiraz and generally enjoying (what I assume is)the usual Aussie saturday night - loud music, large T V screen 'happy' atmosphere.
Think I will finish this glass and drag myself off to bed, (before the snores start)
something went rong when i was playing so i didn't finish it
GannieMo - so nice to find comments from you yesterday & today!! Glad you are having a good time traveling around Oz. Are you taking lots of pictures to post on Flickr when you get back? I will look forward to seeing them, expecially some of our Sudoku gang! Are you the oldest? Just teasing - a month from today I'll be as old as you!
Sunny in PA:

M - morning
A - afternoon
E - evening
N - night

Capitalize the time of day where you are when you post.
goognight all, too easy tonight.
nice man very kind looking.
sunny, i'm wondering what maen means as well...
oh now i see it thanks Canuk Greg
Yikes I must be having connection problems...my early post didnt go through...I forget my time but morning everyone!
2:04 Maen
Anne and Chris, I agree, a very easy one today, but I never got under 2 min yet. Windy and cloudy here today. Had an unexpected trip to the airport today (7:00AM) - my husband's ride was late. He is going to Korea for a week, maybe he'll bring some interesting photos.
Thank you Greg! Now that makes sense! Have a great weekend all.......stay safe and warm and free from harm! :-)
quick and easy tonight. What a lovely face!
Sunny, it does NOT make sense. It is silly, non-sensical and annoys me. Never maen me!
So far Kathy I have taken 1000 pictures. Unless someone has visited this part of our planet they cannot believe the beauty yet sometimes harshness of this country. I just love it. Only seen one live kangaroo (not in captivity) but several emus. The birds are fantastic but I draw the line at reptiles and spiders.
GannieMo - it sounds like you are really enjoying our wonderful little part of the world. I'm so glad you are having a good time.
What a spunk! Someone has a cute grandad. It's still raining here, gotta be grateful for that.
Morning all
GannieMo, if you visit Perth, go to Pinnaroo Cemetery, it is a wildlife haven about 20 minutes north of the city via the freeway!
BAZ: What's your definition of MAEN???
Reminds me of a school principal.

It's 28 degrees F here, and I have to sit through 2 soccer games. I still haven't defrosted from the one last night.
2:53. Easy one today. I just wish my old, aching fingers worked as fast as my eyes.
Hey Baz, would you be at Normanton north of Mt Isa?
Hey y'all...feels like forever since I have been able to come Sudoku! I will do pretty much ANYTHING to avoid doing report cards...this is just the first step! :o) Have a good one!
Not a problem for me Baz!
Good night everyone. Past my bedtime.
2.30 mAen all.
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